Merry Christmas + Top 10 Favorite Christmas Movies

Merry Christmas!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and hope yogot what you wanted and gave someone a gift that made them smile. Every year on Christmas and the holiday season, my family and I watch Christmas movies to celebrate the holiday. Now we watch one everyday until Christmas so we watch 25 movies and well some aren’t as great as others but we still watch them to get in the holiday spirit. Throughout the years there are 10 movies that I absolutely love watchin during the holiday season and here they are.

#10. Arthur Christmas

With a fresh take on the premise of Santa Claus delivering presents, this funny animated film is a joy to watch. With a heartwarming plot line about delivering a missed Christmas present to a girl in order to save her Christmas, it was pretty hard not to shed a tear.

#9. Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas  This Christmas is sequel is fun and beautifully animated. Cut into five shorts with each having a different plot and theme, the movie teaches morals and ethics during the holiday season. It’s enjoyable entertainment for both children and adults.

#8. A Charlie Brown Christmas Might just be a special, but it’s a classic and very good. With the story reminding the viewers on the meaning of Christmas (the birth of Jesus), rather than caring about presents. The Peanuts gang makes light of Christmas stress and brings it home with the most honest recognition on what Christmas is all about.

#7. The Polar Express Visually stunning Christmas film that makes you feel like a kid again. It’s a wonderful story about the spirit of Christmas and the importance of believing. With amusing and touching musical moments, this film touches your heart and also fills it with joy.

#6. The Santa Clause 2  A vast improvement on the previous installment of the series. Very touching and enchanting, this sequel has a better story and more holiday cheer than the first one. All the characters, main and supporting develop and make the movie more touching and relatable.

#5. Christmas With The Kranks  Another Tim Allen Christmas movie. This one is funny and really takes an important look on family, friends and the community during the holiday season and how they can be affected when you do/don’t have holiday cheer. It shouldn’t be taken too serious, it’s still very enjoyable and touches the heart and because of that, I love watching this movie every Christmas season.

#4. Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas Wonderful animated film with great messages in each short. While the first is a little weak, the other two really touch your heart and really gives you a sense of holiday spirit. Perfect for families and really cemented itself as a holiday classic. 

#3. Jingle All The Way A great Christmas adventure full of laughs and mayhem, it ends with a heart warming moment. Mocking commercialism of toys and the shopping frenzy, this film makes light of the situation with humor. Speaking of humor, Sinbad was absolutely amazing and hilarious in the film.

#2. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation  The most beloved modern Christmas classic that is full of laughs and good cheer. There’s isn’t much more to say, but it’s timeless and stays fresh even after all these years. When it comes to watching Christmas movies, this film is one of the first ones I watch.

#1. A Diva’s Christmas Carol Love this movie! Using the Christmas Carol story as the format and using a fresh take on it, the movie has funny and musical moments that get you in a good mood. Also has heartwarming and sad moments that get you testy eyed. Vanessa Williams is perfectly casted and so is the rest of the cast. I watch this movie about 2-3 times around the holiday season and will watch it every year.

So there you go, my favorite Christmas movies that I watch every year. What are your favorite Christmas movies you watch during the holiday season? Comment below.


Top 10 Pop Anthems

When it comes to pop music, there are a few songs out there that cemented themselves in pop history as an anthem. These pop anthems are still listened to this day, it’s because these songs have that ‘wow’ factor which causes people to listen to them, cover them and just love them. This list is more opinion on the ‘best’ ranking of pop anthems than my favorite pop anthems.

Honorable Mentions:

Fantasy by Mariah Carey One of Mariah’s best songs. The song is enticing and has a great summer vibe that can be listened to any day of the year. With a wonderful hook that samples Genius of Love and Mariah’s top notch vocals, Fantasy was a stepping stone in Pop/R&B.

Tik Tok by Kesha Trashy, irritating and derivative in the best possible way. Celebrating the party lifestyle, this pop anthem is a love letter to DJs everywhere. Absolutely fun and dirty, the dance track is so infectious that you can’t help, but love it. 

Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson One of the best Pop/Rock songs released in the 2000’s. Kelly was able to show off her powerful vocal abilities and prove herself as an artist. Full of energy, charisma and intensity, this pop anthem is one for years and years to come you unashamedly enjoy singing in the shower and car.

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga  Gaga’s best track in her discography. Maybe the best-selling experimental Pop song ever. Lady Gaga recorded an infectious dance song incorporating house, New Wave and techno. With an unforgettable avant-garde hook, this song showcases the endless possibilities of what Pop can be.

Beautiful by Christina Aguilera The most known LGBT anthem about self-empowerment and inner beauty. This breathtaking, stripped ballad really showcased Christina’s strong vocals and how a Pop/Gay anthem can be really emotional and deep.

10. Take On Me by A-Ha  One of the most beloved singles of the 80’s, this New Wave Pop song still sounds fresh and was far ahead of its time. The synthesizer is very recognizable and so unique, it has become a memorable one hit wonder classic.

9. Wannabe by Spice Girls A pure Pop guilty pleasure masterpiece. Exuding personality and charisma, the world was introduced to girl power when this debuted. Showcasing female friendship and female empowerment, the catchy pop song is the number one girl group song of all time.

8. I Want It That Way by The Backstreet Boys  The best boy band song out there. A very lovely Pop ballad that is hard to resist and love. When it comes to songs from boy bands, this genre-transcending classic is the one at the top of the list.

7. Believe by Cher  The Mother of Pop made a reinvention to Pop music with this classic. Being the first commercial recording to feature Auto-Tune, Cher scored a global hit. The song and Cher herself cemented themselves into pop culture.

6. …Baby One More Time by Britney Spears  Teen bubblegum pop at its best. The song changed what Pop music is and was the pioneer for teen pop. It is remembered as one of the cornerstones in Pop music in general and the perfect introduction to the Pop Princess, Britney Spears.

5. Can’t Get You Out of My Head by Kylie Minogue  When it comes to Dance-Pop, this track defines the genre. Kylie made a huge breakthrough in the U.S. and Pop music history and pop culture with this hot unforgettable track. It’s a rare moment in Pop in which the song is extremely catchy, sleek, chic, stylish, danceable and unlike any song in Pop history.

4. Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper  When it comes to feminism anthem and pop anthems, this song is at the top. A fun song that celebrates strong women, it still has been able to stand the test of time.

3. Like A Virgin by Madonna  An undeniable classic that helped define the 80’s and Pop music in general. Catapulting Madonna into a Pop music and pop culture sensation. Like A Virgin is an absolute iconic Pop anthem that defines what a female Pop artists should be.

2. Billie Jean by Michael Jackson  There never will be a song like this one. When it comes to Michael Jackson, this song is the one that comes on top. The recognizable bass line, just the sheer perfection and the eternalness, this song will forever be cemented in Pop music history.

1. Dancing Queen by ABBA A classic that established itself as a Disco, Gay and Pop anthem. The sublime melody, unshameful joy and wonderful harmonies, Dancing Queen is perfect Pop at its best. Undeniably stellar and memorable, the song has its own legacy and it’s, the best Pop anthem in history.

There are many pop songs that come and go, but these songs cemented themselves as a Pop anthem and they will never be forgotten. What songs do you find as a Pop anthem? Comment below.

Top 50 Favorite Kylie Minogue Songs: Part 2

Welcome to the 7th day of Kylie week! It’s the last day of my top favorite Kylie lists. Yesterday I posted the first half of my favorite 50 Kylie songs. Now here’s the last half.

25. Carried Away  A B-side of Wow. This is such an amazing dance track. It’s a fast paced song with power edge that’s perfect for dance floors. A big shame this was only a B-side.

24. Put Yourself In My Place This ballad is very exquisite with Kylie’s emotional, sensual vocals. Kylie’s well known ballad is a fan favorite gem that’s timeless. Very beautiful.

23. Wow  Single off of X. The disco vibe and whooshing synths are great fun and infectious. I love this song, the lyrics are pretty cheesy, but it’s fun and very enjoyable.

22. Your Love A track off of Fever. A very pleasing and warm song that graces your ears. A great summer love dance song. Very questionable that this never been performed live.

21. Dangerous Game 

 A very beautiful ballad from her self-titled album. Her strong, mature vocals, well written lyrics and the unique take on love, Kylie has recorded a standout ballad. What I love the most is the outro being repeated thrice, end the song perfectly.

20. Breathe Her most known song from Impossible Princess. A song about holding emotions when stressed, it’s perfect to listen to when you need to relax. The sensual vibe makes it more beautiful and perfect.

19. I Should Be So Lucky Of course this was gonna make the list. The cheesy classic pop tune is iconic and a highlight in her career. This song just makes you happy. Love it!

18. Can’t Beat The Feeling  The closing track on Aphrodite. Beautiful song. Great dance vibe and lyrical content. The energy and melody is spectacular. Perfect song to end the album.

17. Confide In Me  One of Kylie’s best songs in her career. A song that sounds perfectly for a James Bond movie, this trip hop song is very unique and was a standout track from her self-titled album. 

16. Heartstrings  A bonus track on Japan’s exclusive edition of Aphrodite. Very hypnotic and cute, this just gives me goosebumps. The lyrical content, while it may repeat, really catches the feeling you get when you have a crush.

15. I Believe In You The first single of Ultimate Kylie. Perfect song for the radio and lay back to. The melody really flows beautifully. It’s an enchanting song that you’ll love when it ends.

14. All The Lovers  The lead single off of Aphrodite. One of Kylie’s best recent tracks. With an euphoric atmosphere, Kylie’s breathy sensual vocals and arms-in-the-air chorus, the song was a sure dance hit. A Kylie classic.

13. Tightrope A B-side of In Your Eyes. The song is just brilliant. It’s a thing of beauty that flows wonderfully. Not only should have been on the album, but also a single. A very angelic song.

12. Spinning Around  The comeback single! Such a fun song. This disco pop song is one of her best and is iconic. I always have this song on when I workout, I wanna look hot in gold hot pants. 😛

11. Get Outta My Way One of Aphrodite’s singles. This sassy number is irresistible to dance to. Right when La Roux and Lady Gaga released pop hits, Get Outta My Way is far superior and shows why Kylie is still the queen.

10. Hand On Your Heart  Ah this 1989 classic is just so lovable. It’s adorably cheesy, but still fantastic at the same time. The chorus is catchy, infectious and fun. I just absolutely this song.

9. Crystallize   A song from the Kiss Me Once era, this was the best song song released. Has sweet lyrics and a glorious production, the song just induces a smile on your face. Singing with uplifting vocals, this pop gem is aspiring than any other modern charity song.

8. Disco Down  An underrated track from Light Years. A modern disco song with a futuristic sound, Kylie sings about sad disco days. It’s one of the best songs from Light Years, should’ve been a single. Excellent dance song. Perfection!

7. Chocolate  A Body Language single. This silky, sexy tracks completely underrated. The lyrics are fantastically well written. It’s hard not to want sex when I listen to this song. My favorite part is the bridge, just brilliant.

6. Paper Dolls  Probably the cutest song I ever heard. Her vocals are perfect, the melody is divine, with a lush production and a refreshing theme of love, the song hooks you into loving it. To my future husband, this is gonna be our wedding song. Too damn cute and endearing.

5. Can’t Get You Out of My Head  Her most iconic song. This nu-disco track is her biggest hit. The la la la hook and synths are hypnotic and impossible to forget. It’s a timeless pop record that will never be forgotten.

4. Dreams The closing track of Impossible Princess. It’s a very thoughtful song about life. This alternative pop gem is one of Kylie’s extremely well written songs. The closing song is very powerful and dramatic that keeps your attention. One of her best.

3. Love At First Sight  Single off of Fever. This dance pop record is one of her best, absolutely appealing. It gives off a positive feel, perfect for the summer and school dances. Such a classic. The ending refrain is a true beauty.

2. Better The Devil You Know  This 1990 classic is just outstanding. The disco pop tune is one of her best songs recorded. It’s a timeless pop masterpiece that’s always a joy to listen to. A perfect gay anthem.

1. The One  Yes I can see the irony. I tried to put Better The Devil You Know as number one to avoid the irony, but The One is my absolute favorite. The song is just pop perfection. It’s one of her best in her career, the lyrics and the music composition shimmers gloriously. The chorus is enchanting and captivating that will keep you singing it. Love it! Just love this song!

So there you go, my favorite 50 Kylie Minogue songs. What are your favorite Kylie songs? Comment below and come back tomorrow for the last post of Kylie week.

Top 50 Favorite Kylie Minogue Songs: Part One

Welcome to the 6th day of Kylie week! Kylie has given great fashion moments, live performances and albums, but when it all comes down to it, the songs are the most important of all. And while it may be Kylie’s 47th birthday coming up, it seems more proper to do this countdown with 50 songs than to use an odd number. This list however will only be from 50-26. Let’s get started.

50. Chasing Ghosts   Off of her Kylie + Garibay EP. This song is daring, fresh and very experimental. The reggae fused pop song is very catchy and just great to listen to.

49. In My Arms  Produced by Calvin Harris, the song is sublime and flows very well. Full of rich charm and synths, it’s a song that just captures your attention.

48. Stars  One of her inspirational songs off of X. It’s shimmering with purity and love, this underrated track should have been single. It’s amazing when Kylie sings truthfully.

47. Love, Love, Love (Brokenhearted)  An unreleased track from her Aphrodite era. The lyrics are well written and the melody is very beautiful. This track is cute and I love it to bits.

46. Sensitized  The sexiest song off of X. Kylie’s breathy vocals are seductive and alluring. The pop gem is catchy and unique from the other dance songs off the album.

45. Shocked  Maybe her most underrated classic. The DNA Mix (the one I love) has a rap in the bridge by Jazzi P and shockingly it fits very well. Infused with techno and dance pop, the song is a very danceable track.

44. White Diamond  An elegant gem. The song really touches the soul and just makes emotions take over. It takes the listener into Kylie’s journey through her fight with breast cancer, where you can understand that you need to reach out for help when you need it.

43. Limbo  A standout track from Impossible Princess. It’s quite amazing how a song dealing with powerlessness can be so aggressive, but groovy and fresh. The production is spectacular and perfect for a club.

42. The World Still Turns   Off of her Rhythm of Love album. It has a very nice melody and inspirational lyrics. The sax solo is great and fits very well in the song. It’s a great post breakup song to listen to.

41. Tears  Another great standout track from the Impossible Princess era. It’s quirky, but fits extremely well with the era. The bridge, my god, the bridge is absolutely fantastic, my favorite part of the song.

40. Come Into My World  The last single from Fever. The song is absolutely seductive, especially with the alluring refrain (come, come, come into my world). The song is so amazing, it awarded Kylie with her only Grammy.

39. Obsession  A Body Language track. This track is pretty avant grade pop infused with R&B. It’s an addicting song that will keep you singing to the fading refrain at the end of the song.

38. Timebomb  Fast paced club track that’s fresh and sassy. The addicting ‘wooh’ hook and catchy chorus really made the song absolutely striking. Should have been the summer song of 2012.

37. Did It Again  With the lyrics discussing the themes of self-consciousness and self-hatred, the song is a cunning look at celebrity without mentioning fame. Mixing pop rock and Middle eastern music, the track really stood out from the album and was a great choice for a single.

36. Got To Be Certain  A great classic. This cute cheesy song catchy and fun. It’s anthem about making up your mind before getting with a guy (listen to this song Taylor Swift). One of Kylie’s charming songs.

35. Too Much  A song off of her Aphrodite album. Another Calvin Harris produced track, the song has great lyrics and energetic beats. The sing along chorus is fun and addicting.

34. Jump  The most underrated track on Impossible Princess. A dreamy, moody track with perfect lyrics. Such a shame the she never performed this gem live.

33. I Don’t Know What It Is   A B-side to her 2 Hearts single. A blend of Britpop and New Wave, the song is an absolute delight. Should have been the single instead of 2 Hearts, more appealing.

32. Kiss Me Once  Such a surprise this wasn’t a single. A huge highlight from the album, it’s a radio friendly ballad with passionate vocals, well written lyrics and a powerful melody. Great song for a wedding.

31. On A Night Like This   A hot dance club track from Light Years. With bedroom eyed, seductive lyrics, this timeless song is perfect for clubs, nights outs and sexy dates.

30. Love Affair  A killer track from Fever with a sexy vibe. The medley and production is tight. Absolutely hypnotic!

29. Made of Glass  A B-side to Giving You Up. A pure, unique pop gem. The lyrics are absolutely extraordinary. An absolute crime this was only a B-side!

28. Where The Wild Roses Grow with Nick Cave One of the most unlikely duets ever. The murder ballad is very haunting and brilliantly creepy. This is my favorite Kylie duet.

27. Sexy Love  This disco pop song is absolutely great. Off of her Kiss Me Once album, this sweet and catchy song is extremely appealing. My favorite parts is the chorus and the addictive hook, I love it.

26. Slow  The lead single of Body Language. Kylie’s vocals are sensual and seductive, making the sultry electronic production even sexier. One of her strongest songs to date, the simple approach is an absolute triumph.

There’s half of the list. Come back tomorrow to see number one. 

Top 5 Favorite Kylie Minogue Albums

Today is the 5th day in Kylie Week! It’s Memorial Day and what better way to commemorate this day with a BBQ. And it’s no BBQ without some pop songs to dance along with. Kylie Minogue has released great albums with perfect pop songs for this occasion. So today I’m counting down my favorite Kylie Minogue albums that I enjoy listening to when days like this come along. Or just when I’m bored and want to listen to music. So let’s begin.

5. Enjoy Yourself  Her second album released. While it may have been similar to her first album, it has more memorable catchy songs. It does have some of her classics like Hand On Your Heart, Never Too Late and Wouldn’t Change A Thing. The album also has other great tunes like Enjoy Yourself, I’m Over Dreaming (Over You) and Tell Take Signs. The upbeat songs are fun to listen to and dance to. Sure the songs are bubble gum pop, but doesn’t mean they’re bad, the album lifts up your spirits and gives you a big smile on your face. Favorite Tracks: Hand On Your Heart, Enjoy Yourself, Never Too Late, Wouldn’t Change A Thing, Tell Tale Signs

4. Aphrodite  Kylie’s eleventh album released. Kylie went back to her roots back in Light Years and Fever. With Stuart Price as a producer, the songs are absolutely danceable and catchy as hell. The whole album is cohesive and has many songs that are already considered classics. In the U.S, all four singles released topped the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs chart, which shows that Kylie is still a dance queen here. The album itself also cracked the top 20 on the Billboard 200 chart. Also when it topped the UK chart, Kylie became the first solo artist to have a number one album in four different decades. This is a perfect album for partying and celebrate a great fun time. Favorite Tracks: All The Lovers, Get Outta My Way, Can’t Beat The Feeling, Too Much

3. Fever  Her eighth album released. The production is spectacular, making the album have gorgeous dance songs. There’s no weak track in the album to ruin the groove and consistency. With Can’t Get You Out of My Head’s commercial success, Fever became Kylie’s best selling album. It became so successful, Fever even sold extremely well here in the U.S. Some songs are seductive and some are carefree to party with. What I love the most of the album is how mature it is, it’s not a boppy teen one that were so popular in the early 2000’s. In my opinion, it was the best pop album of 2002. Favorite Tracks: Can’t Get You Out of My Head, Love At First Sight, Tightrope, Love Affair

2. X  Kylie’s tenth album and her comeback album after her fight with breast cancer. In this album, Kylie went down the electro dance route. It may be slightly inconsistent, but doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, just means there’s a song for a different mood you’re in. There’s inspirational songs, there’s electro dance songs and there’s pop rock ones. With the album’s fantastic production, catchy hooks and inspirational lyrics, the album was nominated for a Grammy for Best Electronic/Dance Album in 2009. The album is packed with vitality and flavor, it’s impossible not to love it. Favorite Tracks: The One, Wow, Sensitized, Carried Away

1. Impossible Princess Her sixth album released and her most underrated. The album has an outstanding vision and appeal. Kylie really stretched herself as an artist and really took a risk to make an indie album. Because of this risk, this became Kylie’s worst selling album which is baffling since how experimentally flawless the album is. The public and critics only saw Kylie as a pop princess and not an artist. Her songwriting is very mature and damn impressive. There’s an exuberant feeling when you listen to the tracks, it’s quite hard to explain, but you don’t care since the songs take over and lead you to a surreal world. It’s my all time favorite album and dare I say it, her absolute best one. Masterpiece! Favorite Tracks: Breathe, Dreams, Jump, Tears

So there you go, my absolute favorite Kylie Minogue albums. Which ones are your favorite to listen to? Comment below and come back tomorrow for another Kylie post.

Favorite 10 Kylie Minogue Music Videos

Fourth day of Kylie week! Now this post will be on my favorite music videos. Kylie has made some of the best videos out there. She has made sexy ones, ones focused on videos and fun dance ones. She is an artist I always have anticipation for when she announces a music video. So let’s start this.

Honorable Mentions:

Timebomb – It’s most notable for the heart shaped leather jacket, Kylie looks sexy and sassy as she struts down the streets of Soho.

Wow – I love the white tracksuit! I love the futuristic style of the club goers. The neon strobe lights really makes the video visually outstanding.

Some Kind of Bliss – A nice Bonnie and Clyde themed video. Love the red hair, her outfits and the story of the video. It’s definitely one of her underrated videos.

Better Than Today – Inspired by 80’s video games, this colorful music video is very visually appealing and fun. Gotta love the Pac-Man helmets!

Chocolate – Using old musicals as an inspiration, the video is very sensual and diverse. The ballet routine is classy and fits beautifully in the video.

10. Can’t Get You Out of My Head – Set in a futuristic setting, this video is experimental and glamorous. It’s most famous for her white jumpsuit which made a fashion moment in music video history. The choreography is absolute outstanding and very different. Love it!

9. Flower – Directed by Kylie herself, she was able to illustrate the video in her point of view and did it wonderfully. Shot in black and white, Kylie takes inspiration from her Where Is The Feeling video and makes it more steamy and romantic at the same time.

8. Put Yourself In My Place – Recreating the opening sequence from Barbarella, Kylie makes of the sexiest music videos ever. The sensual song makes the video very intimate and dreamy.

7. In My Arms – Having five different sequences, Kylie looks amazing in each one and neon fantastic. My favorite sequence is her singing in front of the fan. I love her peacock inspired eye makeup and her stylish dress. It’s a video that just puts a smile on your face.

6. Spinning Around – One of her iconic videos and famous for her gold hot pants. She looks absolutely sexy writhing around at the bar. Really love the dance sequence at the end. It’s fun and cute. The guy she dances with is hot as well.

5. Get Outta My Way – Taking inspiration from her Slow and In Your Eyes, Kylie stars in a very sexy video. There’s dancing and hot half naked men, it’s one that you can’t keep your eyes off. She looks absolutely fierce in every outfit she’s wearing.

4. All The Lovers – A very unique video with an eye catching imagery, a pyramid of human lovers, which was inspired by Spencer Tunick installations. It’s a pop music video moment that has been made in a lovely, sensual way.

3. Come Into My World – Considered her best music video ever. Michel Gondry made a mind blowing, complex video that makes you watch it again and again as you get hypnotized by the song. There’s a reason why it has been placed at Number One on Slant Magazine’s Best of the Aughts: Music Videos list.

2. Confide In Me – Having six different sequences in which features Kylie in front of different backgrounds that plays on a social evils such as sex, drug use and war. The focus on these evils make the song even more heartwarming. Many fans say this is one of her worst videos, I don’t see how, it’s a masterpiece.

1. Did It Again – Nothing better than 4 fashionable Kylies. It’s great to see her play tongue in cheek with the reinventions she has done. If you saw my Kylie fashion moments list, you’d see that I love Indie Kylie’s outfit the most. Is it me or does Sex Kylie remind anybody of Romy from Romy & Michele? The four Kylies battle for supremacy in such an amusing way that you can’t help but smile. Indie Kylie FTW!

So there you go, my favorite Kylie Mingoue music videos. What is your favorite music video from Kylie? Which ones do you prefer, her fun dance one, fashion ones or her sexy ones? Comment below and come back tomorrow for another Kylie post. 

Favorite 20 Kylie Minogue Live Performances

Third day of Kylie week! When we Kylie performs, she always puts on a great show. I love rewatching her performances on YouTube, and also got all her live DVDs. She is a great performer and belongs on the stage. I’m gonna be counting down my favorite live performances she has done, this includes from her tours and live performances on tv. Let’s go!

20. Breathe/ Je’tame from Money Can’t Buy

Performed at her one off concert show to promote Body Language. The sampling of Je’tame really makes the performance more sensual. The dance interlude is well choreographed and her kimono is fabulous. A very sultry performance.

19. 80’s Medley from Kiss Me Once Tour

One thing a hardcore Kylie fan loves is when she performed her classics. The dancers’ costumes are wonderfully cheesy, but that’s cause it’s all for fun. Kicking off with Hand On Your Heart and ending with I Should Be So Lucky (recreating the bathtub scene), this medley was fun and silly and the best part of her Kiss Me Once Tour.

18. Slow from the 2004 EMA’s

Using the bird’s eye view in the beginning like I’m the video really makes the performance more original. The dancers with the light sticks really make the performance electric and enticing. Her vocals are great and sensual. Love when she yells out, “I want my MTV!”

17. Aphrodite from Aphrodite Les Folies Tour 

The opening performance. Are your ready for your Aphrodite?! Recreating the Birth of Venus, Kylie emerges from the floor looking absolutely stunning. The underwater projection is wonderfully magical as well.

16. Cherry Bomb from Anti Tour

One of the few filmed performances that were released. Wearing a Marilyn Monroe shirt and jean hot pants, Kylie does an electrifying performance not only with her vocals but with her sex appeal. Even without the dancers and extravagant outfits, Kylie is still engaging and spectacular.

15. All The Lovers from Germany’s Next Top Model

Recreating the human orgy pile from the video, the performance is very sensual and euphoric. Kylie is wearing a beautiful summer dress and alluring makeup. This is my favorite performance of All The Lovers.

14. Better The Devil You Know from An Audience with Kylie Minogue

A duet with Adam Garcia. Kylie and Adam performed a big band version of the 1990 classic. The two sound great together and is just a magnificent performance. Also love Adam’s tap dancing.

13. Locomotion from Dancing With The Stars

It’s great to see Kylie on a U.S tv show to celebrate her 25 year anniversary in the music industry. Kylie’s energy and vocals are incredible. Wearing a short white dress, Kylie’s legs were showcased very well. The dancers were great as well and yes, Tom, Kylie does makes a great way to start the show.

12. The One from Aphrodite Les Folies Tour

Coming right after Aphrodite is performed. The harp blends beautifully in the song. The minimal choreography in the performance really makes it more elegant. This is a great treatment to this pop gem. Very beautiful.

11. Better Than Today from X-Factor UK 

Wearing a sultry red dress, Kylie does a spectacular performance. Recreating the video with the projection and costumes, the whole performance is a great visual. Also great to see Kylie laugh off when she almost fell.

10. I Should Be So Lucky from Showgirl: Greatest Hits

One of the highlights from the tours. I really love the sign language choreography. The energy she brings to this performance is joyous. Her twirling gives me life, it’s so cute.

9. Flower from KylieX2008 Tour

The debut of this beautiful song. She comes out in a beautiful blue dress, Kylie serenades the audience with her emotional vocals. Can’t help but tear up a little when I see this performance.

8. If You Don’t Love Me from Aphrodite Les Folies Tour

Another touching performance on this list. Sitting on stairs and accompanied with her keyboardist (David Kench) Kylie nailed this performance with her stunning vocals. This is her best vocal performance ever. Gotta love the cheering crowd as well.

7. Get Outta My Way from America’s Got Talent

If you saw my favorite Kylie fashion moment list, you’d see that I love her outfit here. This was a spectacular performance. She owned the stage and showed America why she is known as the Goddess of Pop. My favorite thing about this performance is the videography shown in the back.

6. Heartbeat Rock/Wow from KylieX2008 Tour

The horns playing are just great! I love it! Kylie looks sexy dressed in her football outfit. When Heartbeat Rock ends and Wow begins, it’s a great transition. And yes ladies, Kylie does rock!

5. Can’t Get You Out of My Head from 2002 Brits

An iconic song with an iconic performance. Making a grand entrance, Kylie puts on an epic performance. The mashup with Blue Monday really took the song into a whole new level of awesome. The performance was the best from the awards show, not that I’m surprised.

4. Come Into My World from Fever Tour

Emerging from the stage floor in a cybernetic outfit, Kylie makes another unforgettable entrance. Her vocals are on point and her stage presence is overwhelming. Leave it to Kylie to always give out an unique performance.

3. Can’t Beat The Feeling/Love At First Sight from Aphrodite Les Folies Tour

Any of you like a mashup?! I love this performance! There’s so much spunk and joy when this was performed. She looks hot, her vocals are great and her stage presence is mesmerizing. When the crowd sings for her, I can’t help but tear up a little, there’s just so much love showing.

2. Hand On Your Heart from Showgirl:Greatest Hits

Man, this is a great performance! Always nice to step back in time. The beginning interlude fits well and the dancers look cute as well. The choreography is fun and great to watch. Her singers singing back up sound wonderful and really makes the performance flow beautifully.

1. Dancing Queen from the 2000 Olympics

This was the first time I ever saw a performance from Kylie. My family were watching the Olympics and I walked in when it was about to begin. When the performance was over, I loved her automatically, I asked my mom if she could buy me a CD by her (got Light Years). Rewatching this performance, I’m more amazed today than when I first saw it. When the announcer says her name, you know you’re in for a spectacular performance. She looks great and sings amazing. The best Olympics performance ever!

So there you go, my favorite Kylie live performances. What live performance do you love? What was the first one you saw? Comment below and come back tomorrow for a new Kylie post.