Top 10 Overrated Musical Artists/Bands

Have you ever wondered why a mediocre musical artist/bands is so popular and what makes them appealing? We all have wondered that, I’m sure. This list is about musical artists I find overrated.

10. Lady Gaga  Remember Lady Gaga was seen as a musical genius or some shit? Those critics and fans were wrong. Bad Romance may have been a pop moment, but that was five years ago. Yet she is still overexposed even though ArtPop was garbage and bombed. With all the antics and shit, the music should’ve been the thing that should show much of an artist you are, but let’s be real, her music hasn’t and wasn’t anything special. Trying to be Madonna, Grace Jones, Kylie Minogue and Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga was never an original artist.

9. Britney Spears Yes, the Princess of Pop is overrated. Very poor singing voice, she lipsynchs, uses AutoTune and records generic pop songs, Britney never should have been the star that she is now. …One More Time maybe a pop anthem, but it’s still a generic bubblegum pop song. She maybe able to dance and put on a show, but do you really want to enjoy seeing an artist lipsynch through the whole show?

8. Maroon 5  Besides Adam Levine’s hotness, what other appeal is there? Their music has been to eh to ear bleeding. Transitioning to alternative to AutoTune shit, Maroon 5 really went down in quality. Not doing anything revolutionary or special, they just do what other bands are doing, but worse. Relying on sex in their music videos to sell their music, people don’t hear how terrible their music really is.

7. Adele  Just because she can actually sing doesn’t mean she has an album worth listening. Singing in one note and always singing about heartbreak, she is just a plus sized British Taylor Swift. I found it very surprising that people still care about here when she released her newest song. Whatever.

6. Rihanna Umbrella, SOS and We Found Love are fine songs, but the other songs aren’t special and just fillers, not really worth listening or buying. Relying on sex, she tries too hard to sell records. Have you heard her sing live? Terrible and can’t put on a show. Doesn’t belong onstage. Why is she so big?

5. Justin Bieber Of course he was going to make this list. Why did he blow up? Baby is just a terrible song, surprised on how big the video was. I blame the naive little girls who don’t know good music even if it was jammed into their ears. Sure it was cute to see young kid pretend he could be a superstar but to see it happen is a bunch of bullshit. Mediocre singing voice and no songwriting talent, Bieber’s 15 minutes of fame should’ve ended. Thanks Usher -_-

4. Katy Perry  Man, she’s terrible. No innovation in her music, very lame songwriting and terrible singing live vocals, confused on why this one-trick pony is selling millions. Relying on her big boo sand showing skin, Katy Perry is an example on why you don’t need talent to be a superstar which is very sad. Just go away, please.

3. Beyoncé Just because she’s friends with Obama doesn’t mean she should be treated as royalty. XO and Halo might be the only songs worth listening in my opinion but the rest is garbage. Girls (Run The World) is juvenile and not a girl power anthem. Trying hard to be a feminist, but relying on sex and looks, she has no clue what feminism is. Just because it’s Beyoncé, doesn’t mean it’s flawless.

2. Taylor Swift  Time to talk about this overexposed sellout. Remember that she once started as country singer then went to country pop and then straight generic pop. Instead of taking the high road and letting things go, she decides to be a bitch and write songs about her exes saying how she’s the victim when she’s the common denominator in every failed relationship. Only being able to sing in one note, Taylor has overstayed her welcome in the music industry.

1. The Beatles What is the appeal of this band?! Their songs are just so bland and uninteresting. They aren’t timeless and just need to stay in the 60’s. They didn’t have strong vocals, rather indistinctive. Writing simple lyrics and being able to sell millions doesn’t make them musical geniuses, just means they’re overrated. To name them the greatest band of all time is an overstatement, their music is inconsistent and not revolutionary. The epitome of being overrated.

Most of this may come off as ranty but when one of these musical artists is talked about being great, it just hits a nerve since it’s just mostly being overrated. What artists/bands do you find overrated? Comment below


Top 10 Characters I Don’t Want As DLC

Last week, the Smash Ballot ended and would no longer take votes for whatever fighter you want in Smash Bros 4. Not long ago, I posted a list on which characters I want in Smash, this post is about what characters I don’t want as DLC. 
Honorable Mentions:

Chrom Lucina got in, Chrom didn’t, get over it. He makes an appearance in Robin’s Final Smash, it wouldn’t make sense to add him in as a playable fighter.


  It’s best if he’s just an Assist Trophy. There’s not much that can be done for him to be a playable fighter. Also he hasn’t had any more character added in like Daisy or Wario.

Sceptile  Just because Ivysaur wasn’t brought back, doesn’t mean we need a Grass Pokemon representative. He could have a cool moveset, but a better Nintendo or even a third party character should have the spot.

Banjo & Kazooie  Phil Spencer may have basically gave his blessing to let Nintendo use them, but I myself don’t see them as a good fit. They would look sort of out of place and since Ice Climbers couldn’t be brought back, I’m sure they won’t be considered.

Bayonetta  I love Bayonetta, but she’s just too sexual to be in the game. Also she’s way too tall, and being taller than Bowser would look kinda ridiculous and out of place. If they were to shorten her, it would look more ridiculous since all her proportions won’t look right.

10. Shovel Knight Just having an alright video game shouldn’t automatically qualify as a reason to include a third party character as a fighter. Would be better as a Mii costume, just saying.

9. Snake  I feel like characters who were already in the game series before shouldn’t be added back, wouldn’t you rather have a brand new character than a returning one.

8. Wolf  Another character I don’t want returning especially since he’s an altered clone. Say what you want, but when it comes down to it, Wolf was just a clone, don’t need anymore of them in Smash 4.

7. Ice Climbers  The last fighter(s) I don’t want to return. When it was announced they won’t be returning, I was glad, from their inescapable chain grabbing and wobbling, Ice Climbers ruined the fun.

6. Shadow  

Like Waluigi, it’s best to keep him as an Assist Trophy. He will be similar to Sonic but would probably be an altered clone, no one wants that. He’s not douchey enough to be in the game, he might be a fan favorite, but come on, he’s not all that special.

5. Inkling 

In what way would this even work? The same reason I have for Shovel Knight is the same reason I have for this character.

4. Chibi Robo  He’s way too small and not all that popular. If he got in, it would be very questionable, he’s not that much of an interesting character to turn into a fighting character. He would look like a second rate R.O.B.

3. Ridley He’s way too big! People need to stop trying to make this happen. If he were to somehow make it in, I can already see him being broken.

2. Freddy Fazbear  Seeing that he is a character originating from a video game, it’s unfortunately possible he can be added. That being said, it would be stupid and will not make sense. No possible way of him having a moveset anyways.

1. Any character not originating from a video game  Mickey Mouse? Ummm what? Shrek? WTF? Goku? STFU! GTFO! Smash Bros. is a fighting game with characters crossing over from other video games and yet “fans” still want characters not originating from a video game. If any characters like that were to be added, Nintendo would have sold out and would be fucked.

What characters do you not want in the game? Comment below. Feel free to disagree with any characters I don’t want in the game.

Top 10 Things I Don’t Like In Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS

My last post was about stereotypes on For Glory for Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS, which was basically things I didn’t like about the online play. To continue this trend I decided to make a list of things I don’t really like in the game. I’m not bashing on the game, just pointing out flaws. I absolutely love this game, but there are things that just can be annoying. 

10. Peach’s Final Smash Not Changing

Peach is a character I enjoy to use and when I first saw her Final Smash in Brawl, I was very disappointed. All she does is put her opponents to sleep, that should be Jigglypuff’s job, but she actually has an effective Final Smash. So when I found out that Luigi, Kirby and King Dedede each have a different Final Smash in this game, I was hoping Peach’s would also change, but it didn’t, was even nerfed. Very disappointed.

9. New Assist Trophies

I really loved the idea of Assist Trophies in Brawl and was happy to see them return in this game, however, most of them are just disappointing. With the exception of a couple being effective, most of them don’t really help you. Skull Kid being the worst offender of this, he can make you invisible or change the controls and just makes you frustrated. Also hate the fact that they brought back the Nintendog and the Devil.

8. No Retry Input In Event Mode

The Event Mode can be really challenging and when times get tough, you just wanna retry but in this installment, you have to quit and then go back in. With challenging asking you to pass it in hard difficulty, it can be quite irritating that you have to quit than retry. What can be more irritating is when there’s a challenge in which you can choose your own character, custom or not, if you fail or quit, you have to go back in and choose that character again.

7. Fox and Falco’s Voice Change

When Fox and Falco used their Final Smash and I heard them call out, I was quite shocked on their voice change. It turns out they used the voices from Star Fox 64, which really makes no sense. Fox’s sounds very juvenile and Falco doesn’t have that cockiness he had in Brawl. While this doesn’t affect gameplay at all, it’s a flaw that couldn’t be ignored.

6. Classic Mode

On Classic Mode, if you lose both stocks, you not only have to retry, the difficulty drops. It sounds weird complaining about difficulty dropping, but when trying to complete the mode to prove yourself and the difficulty drops, it’s quite annoying, especially when making it to the end and then having to start all over. I get that they are basically wanting you to do it all in one try, but it’s something I don’t personally like. Also need to mention how cheap Master Core is. This final boss make Tabuu look easy. The first form after the hands is the most cheapest especially when he lets out the scream, I’ve died by it when I had only four percent, what is that shit?! To this day, I’ve still haven’t beaten Classic on 9 difficulty. I’m able to actually beat the forms, but when I get to the fortress, that’s when all bullshit happens. From those monsters shooting lasers that rack up a lot of damage, the ones with the swords who can’t be destroyed and then dying by the acid, this inclusion to the final boss is just ridculous.

5. Getting Custom Moves

Introducing custom moves was a cool idea, but it’s very tough to get them all. I have the game for three months already and I still don’t have them all. I’ve done Classic with all characters and only 8 have all their custom moves, some only have three or four unlocked. I’ve been doing Crazy and Master Orders to try to get them but most times I get custom moves I already have.

4. Stage Creation

Adding the feature to make stages in Brawl was brilliant and was happy to see it return in this game and being able to create structures on the Wii U game pad is cool, however, that’s really it. Including a few objects to put in the stage instead of the wide range in Brawl was a huge mistake. I understand that they want you to use your creativity to make your own stages, but eliminating interactive stage elements really limits things.

3. Some 8 Player Stages

8 Player Smash is the best idea they have in this game, however, some of the default stages for this game is just not great. The Great Cave Offensive and Palutena’s Temple are the worst ones, way too huge and plenty of places to hide. The Gauer Plain isn’t great neither. Hate the fact that they included 75mm, very hated that stage. Every time I play 8 Player Smash, I go straight to the rules and change the stage select to Omega only.

2. Clones

Say what you want that Lucina, Dark Pit, and so on all play different, but when it comes down to it, they’re just clones. They might be slightly altered but their move set are the same. Giving Lucina Marth’s Final Smash isn’t helping and giving Dark Pit Zelda and Sheik’s Final Smash isn’t neither. I didn’t mind the clone veterans coming from Melee (Ganondorf and Falco) but now just gets old. Ganondorf is the only clone I can see that should have had a different move set. Come on, he has a speed and can shoot energy beams! Anyways when it comes Lucina, Dark Pit and Dr. Mario (ugh), they should have just been a color swap like Alph is to Olimar. 

1. No New Character For Donkey Kong, Zelda or Kirby Series

When new characters are introduced, most fans want a third party character, I usually want a new character to represent a series. In this game, the Mario, Kid Icarus, Fire Emblem and Pokemon series all got new characters to represent while the Donkey Kong, Zelda and Kirby didn’t. I understand why the Mario and Pokemon series would get new characters, but Fire Emblem and Kid Icarus? I don’t mind Lady Palutena, but Robin and Lucina is just surprising. It’s quite surprising that Zelda hasn’t gotten any new characters since Melee. Donkey Kong and Kirby got new characters in Brawl which is fine, but most fans wanted at least one more in this game. With Mario, Zelda and Kirby having their main villain in the game, very surprising King K Rool wasn’t included in this game. I’ve voted for him to be included as DLC on the Smash Ballot, here’s hoping he gets in.


More Characters With A Counter

Yay! More characters with a counter -_- Give scrubs more advantage by spamming it hoping to get a bullshit KO. There are 5 more characters that have a cuunter attack (Palutena, Lucina, Shulk, Greninja and Little Mac) bringing the total to 9. I always thought this was a bullshit thing in games, there is no skill to use this attack, and can decide the game with a simple hit. Anyone else find bullshit when you lose with a counter?

Hope you enjoyed my little rant. I’m not saying this is a bad game and I do highly recommend this game, just don’t hope for perfection. Any of these imperfections bug you? Do you have any that I have not mentioned? Comment below.