Top 10 Overrated Musical Artists/Bands

Have you ever wondered why a mediocre musical artist/bands is so popular and what makes them appealing? We all have wondered that, I’m sure. This list is about musical artists I find overrated.

10. Lady Gaga  Remember Lady Gaga was seen as a musical genius or some shit? Those critics and fans were wrong. Bad Romance may have been a pop moment, but that was five years ago. Yet she is still overexposed even though ArtPop was garbage and bombed. With all the antics and shit, the music should’ve been the thing that should show much of an artist you are, but let’s be real, her music hasn’t and wasn’t anything special. Trying to be Madonna, Grace Jones, Kylie Minogue and Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga was never an original artist.

9. Britney Spears Yes, the Princess of Pop is overrated. Very poor singing voice, she lipsynchs, uses AutoTune and records generic pop songs, Britney never should have been the star that she is now. …One More Time maybe a pop anthem, but it’s still a generic bubblegum pop song. She maybe able to dance and put on a show, but do you really want to enjoy seeing an artist lipsynch through the whole show?

8. Maroon 5  Besides Adam Levine’s hotness, what other appeal is there? Their music has been to eh to ear bleeding. Transitioning to alternative to AutoTune shit, Maroon 5 really went down in quality. Not doing anything revolutionary or special, they just do what other bands are doing, but worse. Relying on sex in their music videos to sell their music, people don’t hear how terrible their music really is.

7. Adele  Just because she can actually sing doesn’t mean she has an album worth listening. Singing in one note and always singing about heartbreak, she is just a plus sized British Taylor Swift. I found it very surprising that people still care about here when she released her newest song. Whatever.

6. Rihanna Umbrella, SOS and We Found Love are fine songs, but the other songs aren’t special and just fillers, not really worth listening or buying. Relying on sex, she tries too hard to sell records. Have you heard her sing live? Terrible and can’t put on a show. Doesn’t belong onstage. Why is she so big?

5. Justin Bieber Of course he was going to make this list. Why did he blow up? Baby is just a terrible song, surprised on how big the video was. I blame the naive little girls who don’t know good music even if it was jammed into their ears. Sure it was cute to see young kid pretend he could be a superstar but to see it happen is a bunch of bullshit. Mediocre singing voice and no songwriting talent, Bieber’s 15 minutes of fame should’ve ended. Thanks Usher -_-

4. Katy Perry  Man, she’s terrible. No innovation in her music, very lame songwriting and terrible singing live vocals, confused on why this one-trick pony is selling millions. Relying on her big boo sand showing skin, Katy Perry is an example on why you don’t need talent to be a superstar which is very sad. Just go away, please.

3. Beyoncé Just because she’s friends with Obama doesn’t mean she should be treated as royalty. XO and Halo might be the only songs worth listening in my opinion but the rest is garbage. Girls (Run The World) is juvenile and not a girl power anthem. Trying hard to be a feminist, but relying on sex and looks, she has no clue what feminism is. Just because it’s Beyoncé, doesn’t mean it’s flawless.

2. Taylor Swift  Time to talk about this overexposed sellout. Remember that she once started as country singer then went to country pop and then straight generic pop. Instead of taking the high road and letting things go, she decides to be a bitch and write songs about her exes saying how she’s the victim when she’s the common denominator in every failed relationship. Only being able to sing in one note, Taylor has overstayed her welcome in the music industry.

1. The Beatles What is the appeal of this band?! Their songs are just so bland and uninteresting. They aren’t timeless and just need to stay in the 60’s. They didn’t have strong vocals, rather indistinctive. Writing simple lyrics and being able to sell millions doesn’t make them musical geniuses, just means they’re overrated. To name them the greatest band of all time is an overstatement, their music is inconsistent and not revolutionary. The epitome of being overrated.

Most of this may come off as ranty but when one of these musical artists is talked about being great, it just hits a nerve since it’s just mostly being overrated. What artists/bands do you find overrated? Comment below


Top 10 Pop Anthems

When it comes to pop music, there are a few songs out there that cemented themselves in pop history as an anthem. These pop anthems are still listened to this day, it’s because these songs have that ‘wow’ factor which causes people to listen to them, cover them and just love them. This list is more opinion on the ‘best’ ranking of pop anthems than my favorite pop anthems.

Honorable Mentions:

Fantasy by Mariah Carey One of Mariah’s best songs. The song is enticing and has a great summer vibe that can be listened to any day of the year. With a wonderful hook that samples Genius of Love and Mariah’s top notch vocals, Fantasy was a stepping stone in Pop/R&B.

Tik Tok by Kesha Trashy, irritating and derivative in the best possible way. Celebrating the party lifestyle, this pop anthem is a love letter to DJs everywhere. Absolutely fun and dirty, the dance track is so infectious that you can’t help, but love it. 

Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson One of the best Pop/Rock songs released in the 2000’s. Kelly was able to show off her powerful vocal abilities and prove herself as an artist. Full of energy, charisma and intensity, this pop anthem is one for years and years to come you unashamedly enjoy singing in the shower and car.

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga  Gaga’s best track in her discography. Maybe the best-selling experimental Pop song ever. Lady Gaga recorded an infectious dance song incorporating house, New Wave and techno. With an unforgettable avant-garde hook, this song showcases the endless possibilities of what Pop can be.

Beautiful by Christina Aguilera The most known LGBT anthem about self-empowerment and inner beauty. This breathtaking, stripped ballad really showcased Christina’s strong vocals and how a Pop/Gay anthem can be really emotional and deep.

10. Take On Me by A-Ha  One of the most beloved singles of the 80’s, this New Wave Pop song still sounds fresh and was far ahead of its time. The synthesizer is very recognizable and so unique, it has become a memorable one hit wonder classic.

9. Wannabe by Spice Girls A pure Pop guilty pleasure masterpiece. Exuding personality and charisma, the world was introduced to girl power when this debuted. Showcasing female friendship and female empowerment, the catchy pop song is the number one girl group song of all time.

8. I Want It That Way by The Backstreet Boys  The best boy band song out there. A very lovely Pop ballad that is hard to resist and love. When it comes to songs from boy bands, this genre-transcending classic is the one at the top of the list.

7. Believe by Cher  The Mother of Pop made a reinvention to Pop music with this classic. Being the first commercial recording to feature Auto-Tune, Cher scored a global hit. The song and Cher herself cemented themselves into pop culture.

6. …Baby One More Time by Britney Spears  Teen bubblegum pop at its best. The song changed what Pop music is and was the pioneer for teen pop. It is remembered as one of the cornerstones in Pop music in general and the perfect introduction to the Pop Princess, Britney Spears.

5. Can’t Get You Out of My Head by Kylie Minogue  When it comes to Dance-Pop, this track defines the genre. Kylie made a huge breakthrough in the U.S. and Pop music history and pop culture with this hot unforgettable track. It’s a rare moment in Pop in which the song is extremely catchy, sleek, chic, stylish, danceable and unlike any song in Pop history.

4. Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper  When it comes to feminism anthem and pop anthems, this song is at the top. A fun song that celebrates strong women, it still has been able to stand the test of time.

3. Like A Virgin by Madonna  An undeniable classic that helped define the 80’s and Pop music in general. Catapulting Madonna into a Pop music and pop culture sensation. Like A Virgin is an absolute iconic Pop anthem that defines what a female Pop artists should be.

2. Billie Jean by Michael Jackson  There never will be a song like this one. When it comes to Michael Jackson, this song is the one that comes on top. The recognizable bass line, just the sheer perfection and the eternalness, this song will forever be cemented in Pop music history.

1. Dancing Queen by ABBA A classic that established itself as a Disco, Gay and Pop anthem. The sublime melody, unshameful joy and wonderful harmonies, Dancing Queen is perfect Pop at its best. Undeniably stellar and memorable, the song has its own legacy and it’s, the best Pop anthem in history.

There are many pop songs that come and go, but these songs cemented themselves as a Pop anthem and they will never be forgotten. What songs do you find as a Pop anthem? Comment below.