Pokemon Moon and Sun Wishlist


Last week it was announced Pokemon Moon and Sun will be the next installment for the Pokemon series and they will be released sometime in the holiday season. I was a bit disappointed by X and Y, as were others, so hopefully this one will be better, since it’s been two years since X and Y‘s release, this one better have more features and improvements. I’ve made a list on wishes that I personally would like to see.

Harder Difficulty

The last two releases were very easy, especially X and Y. What made the games easier was the EXP Share giving experience points to every Pokemon so all your Pokemon would be overlevled when facing Gym Leaders and Elite Four. I really hope they make Sun and Moon a bit tougher, in terms of Gym Leaders and Elite Four and get rid of the EXP Share new feature.

Different Type Starter Pokemon/Diverse Pokemon

Would love to start out with a Psychic, Fairy, Fighting or a Ghost than the same old Water, Grass, or Fire. If they keep with the original starter types, at least have their final evolutions have a different type that hasn’t been used before i.e Fire/Ground, Water/Dragon, Grass/Psychic. Also the rest of the Pokemon should be diverse, remember how limited the first two generations were with different type Pokemon and Diamond/Pearl only having two Fire Pokemon, that was unacceptable.

End Game/Pokemon World Championship

Usually after you beat the Elite Four, there really isn’t a strong or no end game. There’s usually a small quest but usually isn’t strong. The strongest/best endgame was the one in Gold/Silver/Crystal since you went to a previous region and had a proper endgame. (This would be explained in the next wish) if not included, it would be awesome if the game had a Pokemon World Championship in which face the strongest trainers (Elite Four member, gym leaders and Champions) and you actually become the world’s strongest trainer.

Two Regions

Only in Gold/Silver/Crystal and the remakes you are able to visit another region, but again they are connected. That doesn’t matter, it would be cool if you can visit another region in the past and face the gym leaders and Elite Four there, like by boat (Hoenn or Sinnoh) or even cooler, aircraft (Unova) I would prefer Unova because I think their gym leaders and the Elite Four were the best, plus would be cool to be picked up Skyla and be taken to Unova.

Strong Plot

The only Pokemon game that has the best plot is Pokemon White and Black because there was big reason to defeat Team Plasma. Other games just have you defeat the villainous team, beat the last gym leader and then face the Elite Four, what the problem is that sometimes the team’s motivation isn’t all remembered or forgotten (Team Flare’s). While in Pokemon White and Black, their motivation was well remembered and the best, it would be great if the team in Sun and Moon (if one is made) has a great motivation for their actions and we have a great climatic ending. It is called Sun/Moon, maybe trying to destroy them or something? We’ll see.

What features/improvements would you like to see in Pokemon Sun and Moon? Are you excited for the game? Comment below.


10 Favorite Kanto Pokemon

Today is the 20th birthday of Pokemon so Happy Birthday! I remember my dad buying me the Blue version and the Red Version for my older brother. We both were absolutely surprised he bought it for us. I still have many memories of catching Pokemon and battling the Elite Four. I was only about 6 when I got the game and didn’t know everything about type effectiveness and the proper way to train Pokemon. When there was an announcement about the remakes, I asked my parents to get it for Christmas. I was a bit older and much smarter on Pokemon. Whenever I play old Pokemon games, I pick the ones I love over strong ones. This list is all about my favorite Kanto Pokemon. Now in this list, if there is an evolution line, I’m gonna add all the Pokemon in it, but mostly talk about the final evolution since that’s favorable of the evolution. I began nicknaming my Pokemon in FireRed so I will be including the nicknames as well. Now let’s get to it!

Honorable Mentions:

Butterfree (Isabella)
I’m sure everybody who played the original Blue and Red games had their first fully evolved Pokemon chain with Butterfree or Beedrill. Mine was Butterfree and it was an awesome feeling to have a final evolution of a Pokemon in the beginning of the game.

Ponyta/Rapidash (Firecharge)
One of the fastest fire Pokemon out there. With strong attacks like Fire Blast and Stomp, it can cause a whole lot of damage. Also, I love horses.

Psyduck/Golduck (Duckers)
Believe it or not, the dopey duck, Psyduck can evolve into a versatile Pokemon. Look at it, it’s such a cool duck!

Vulpix/Ninetales (Amber)
If I didn’t have a Fire Pokemon in my team, I would always get Vulpix and evolve it cause Growlithe wasn’t in Blue and Magmar was rare to find. It’s such a elegant Pokemon, so pretty. Would love to have one as a pet.

Staryu/Starmie (Aquarius)
Take your time to train your Staryu so it can learn Hyrdo Pump. With it being part Psychic, it has a great Special Attack stat and do great damage. So glamorous as well.

#10. Hitmonchan (Punch-out)
To this day, I’d still choose Hitmonchan over Hitmonlee. It was pretty sweet to have him learn Mega Punch, Submission, Strength and Counter and annihilate trainers. But in Gen 3, man it was awesome for him to learn strong Fighting moves.

#9. Oddish/Gloom/Vileplume (Petals)
While I couldn’t get one in Blue, I would ask my brother to trade one for a Bellsprout. He loved Victreebell and I love Vileplume so it worked out great. Was very happy when my Gloom learned Petal Dance and then I evolved into a Vileplume. So glad I could get one in FireRed.

#8. Articuno (Avalanche)
Such a pretty bird! Didn’t have many moves leveling up but doesn’t need much since it has a powerful Blizzard with 90% accuracy and a strong Ice Beam. Would also teach it Fly cause usually Farfetch’d was my Flying slave. Love defeating Lance with it. This is the only legendary Pokemon I would use to fight the Elite Four

#7. Gastly/Haunter/Gengar (Spooky)
The only Ghost Pokemon in the game. I caught a Gastly to fight Sabrina like in the show and used it in the Elite Four but was a Haunter, found it would evolve into Gengar by trading when I traded it with a friend which was ironic cause he traded his Kadabra for my Haunter so we traded back. Their sprites were very creepy but that’s how ghosts should be.

#6. Lapras (Plessie)
Wasn’t it great getting a free Lapras at Silph CO.? If I didn’t use Articuno to defeat Lance, I would use Lapras. Besides Speed, it’s stats were pretty good. Teaching it Thunder as well, I could use Lapras to defeat Lance’s whole team.

#5. Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard (Pyro)
Let’s be honest, with the tough choice in the beginning, you would either choose Squirtle or Charmander. While it might be the number one choice for a lot of people, it isn’t mine but if I would start a game over, I would choose it. Though he has strong attack and speed stats, there isn’t much use for it in a whole lot of the game. But I would say, it’s design is the most badass.

#4. Dratini/Dragonair/Dragonite (Draic)
“Dratini comes first when you choose Dragon, but evolution’s the solution if you’re gonna win!” This evolution is the only Dragon type in the game. You can get one either by using a Super Rod in the Safari Zone or exhange coins at the Game Corner. I did the former and it’s rewarding to catch one and level it up to evolve to Dragonite.

#3. Horsea/Seadra (Oceana)
Seahorses were and still are my favorite animal. So when I saw Horsea, I had to go find and catch one. I actually like Horsea more than Seadra cause it’s cuter but that being said, Seadra is such a cool looking Pokemon and love having one in the later games. When I decided to make Pokemon out of Play-Doh, Horsea was the first one I made.

#2. Eevee/Vaporeon (Marina) /Jolteon (Electro) /Flareon (Fluffers)
Of course the Eeveelution was gonna be high on this list! No question that anybody would use any of them in their team and loved them. The choice on which was much more harder than choosing which starter Pokemon. I usually would choose Jolteon since I already had plans on which Fire and Water Pokemon I wanted in my team. The Eeveelutions are some of the best Pokemon in Gen I.

#1. Squirtle/Wartortle/Blastoise (Aquablast)
Yes, the first Pokemon I ever got js also my favorite which it should be. It’s very rare that I wouldn’t choose Squirtle as my starter. It was my favorite Pokemon from the show as well cause of The Squirtle Squad. Squirtle is so adorable and can be useful during most of the game. When it evolves into Blastoise, it’s such much easier to defeat Blaine and Giovanni. You can teach it Ice Beam and defeat Lance as well. I have loved the Squirtle evolution and always will. There’s so many memories of using it and love making new ones with it.

Happy 20th Pokemon! Thank you for the memories and I will ne with you all the way. So what are your favorite Pokemon from Gen I? Comment below. And expect lists from the other generations as well.

Top 20 Favorite Color Palettes In Smash Bros. For Wii U and 3DS

Now that all the Smash characters are released and there will be no more, it’s time to make a list. This one will be on my favorite color palettes in the game. Since there are so many good ones, I’m doing one from each character and only doing 20. And I’m just gonna say the color, not the reference it’s based on.

20. Orange Kirby

Nice, deep orange color and Kirby looks so much cuter.

19. Pikachu with Blue Goggles
Evolved Pichu from Melee? Either way, very cute.

18. White Peach
Very elegant and classy.

17. Purple Yoshi
Purple is my favourite colour and Yoshi looks the best in it. The boots are cute too.

16. Gray Olimar
Kinda looks a real astronaut and it looks cute on Olimar.

15. NES Open Tournament Mario
Though overused, I can see why, it looks great. But..why doesn’t Luigi have his?

14. Black and Yellow Little Mac
His skin is lighter, the black, yellow and orange combination look great. He looks very hot too haha.

13. Jigglypuff with Hibiscus
Jigglypuff in Hawaii? Very flirty and looks cute on her.

12. Blue Link
In OoT, I always have Link in the Zora Tunic, the blue looks so good with his dirty blonde hair.

11. Green Megaman
Beautiful deep green and the small yellow brings it all together.

10. Red Female Wii Fit Trainer
A deep red and as a tank top, it looks very badass.

9. White Zero Suit Samus

It’s shiny with silver panels and just looks awesome.

8. Green Roy
Seeing Roy in this makes me swoon, looks hot and courageous.

7. Black and Gold Corrin
Man, she looks like such a badass, the way a protagonist should look.

6. Black Ike
Another Fire Emblem that makes me swoon, so masculine and would want him to fight for me. Wish I was his friend.

5. White and Red Rosalina
Damn, that white and red combination looks the best on Rosalina. The faded red stars look gorgeous as well.

4. Green Samus

On the character sesct screen, it doesn’t look as great, but when fighting, it’s gorgeous. The best green palette in the game.

3. Medusa Palutena
Man, that color is just gorgeous and with Palutena’s pale complexion and light green hair, stunning.

2. Pink Robin
Just amazing. Looks better than the default palette, it’s how she should’ve looked in Awakening.

1. White Zelda
Of course my main would be number one, but with good reasons. It’s just stunning. Beautiful. Classy. The gold with it is great and makes it more beautiful. When you use her Final Smash, lightning kicks and other special moves and pause on her, you’ll see how amazing she looks. Beautiful, wise and sassy, perfect dress for her.

Now what are your favorite color palettes in the game? Comment below

Random Super Smash Bros. Gamplay Video #4 – First Gameplay of Corrin and Bayonetta

I just download Corrin and Bayonetta and decided to just go in and fight blindly. Even though Bayonetta is the one most people (including myself) were more hyped about, I actually enjoy using Corrin more. With Bayonetta, you really need to practice alot with her since she is more combo oriented and I don’t use characters like her. With Corrin while he/she isn’t combo oriented, they do still need to be practiced for precision since of the tipper of their forward smash, side special, up smas, those attacks can KO pretty early if you hit the opponent at the precise moment. I’m definitely gonna do a whole lot of practicing with both characters, I very much enjoyed them. Here are the videos. I have to share the videos through my YouTube account.



I hope you enjoyed the Gameplay videos. What are your thoughts on Corrin and Bayonetta? Comment below.

Play-Doh Pokemon: Squirtle

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Play-Doh Pokemon and so I did one today, I’ve decided to do the first Pokemon I’ve gotten, Squirtle. I absolutely love Squirtle, so cute and the best of the Kanto starters. I decided to make it as he was first shown in the anime, leader of th


Squirtle Squad.


I had a lot of fun making this and I absolutely love this creation. I wish I could this in good condition, but it would crack so I might have to get modeling clay or something and remake Squirtle. Anyways I hope you like the pic.

My Top 10 Anticipated Video Games of 2016

Like 2015, there are going to be great games coming out this year. From indie games to iconic franchises, it’s going to be a great year for gaming. Here are my top 10 anticipated games of 2016.
Honorable Mentions:

Telltales: Walking Dead Season 3

Release Date: TBA


Release Date: October 

Fire Emblem Fates

Release Date:

Birthright/Conquest – February 19

Revelation – March 10

Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus

Release Date: TBA

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst 

Release Date: May 24

#10. Star Fox Zero  Been awhile since we’ve seen this animorphic fox and his team take the sky. Going back to 64 gameplay. I can’t wait to fly an Arwing and control Walkers. We’ve missed you, Fox!

Release Date: April 21

#9. The Last Guardian  Been so long since this was announced and stuck in development hell. So glad to see it reemerge and hopefully have a release this year.

Release Date: TBA 

#8. Telltales: Batman While not much has been shown or been told, just the thought of a Batman game in the way of Telltales is enough to be excited about.

Release Date: TBA

#7. Street Fighter V A whole new chapter in this iconic fighting video game franchise will be released very soon. With new characters, improved graphics and a well received beta gameplay, Street Fighter keeps getting better.

Release Date: February 16

#6. Mighty No. 9  A couple of spiritual successors are coming out this year. With Capcom basically sealing MegaMan away, this game will bring back the old fashion MegaMan gameplay and I can’t wait.

Release Date: February 9

#5. Allison Road  While it’s still upsetting about Kojima’s Silent Hills cancellation, Allison Road will be carrying the spirit, atmosphere and scares into the game. With this being said, this game might be the scariest of the year.

Release Date: October

#4. Cuphead  With indie games getting popular, it can be hard to stand out, but this game got my full attention with its gorgeous 2D action and 1930’s style artwork. I would love to see some DLC with some famous cartoon characters with the ink blot animation like Betty Boop, Felix the Housecat, Popeye, Steamboat Willie, wouldn’t that be cool?

Release Date: TBA 

#3. Shantae: Half Genie Hero With transformations back and being able to play as Risky and Shantae’s friends, it’s going to be a great fun experience to have different play styles. Pirate’s Curse was great, looks like this one might be better. Beautiful graphics and cuter character designs, can’t wait for the next chapter of Shantae.

Release Date: Winter 

#2. Pokken Tournament  When it comes to Pokemon spinoffs, this one might be the most anticipated. With the makers of Tekken as the developers, this Pokemon fighting game looks like the anime. With a nice roster of Pokemon, the possibility of DLC, exciting gameplay and hype , this might be the fighting video game of the year. Would love to see this at EVO or any major tournament.

Release Date: March 18

#1. The Legend of Zelda Wii U Of course LoZ will top the list of anticipated video games. Having a big open world, this will be the biggest Zelda game with long lasting gameplay. The graphics look absolutely beautiful and pleasant, Link’s outfit looks great and perfect for cosplay (just saying). When it comes to LoZ, you just have to be hype for it no matter what.

Release Date: TBA

So those are my anticipated games of 2016, what are yours? Are you gonna buy any of those games? Comment below.

Pokken Tournament Release Date Announced

A few days ago, the release date for Pokken Tournament was announced, it’s being released on March 18th. There was other news regarding Pokken Tournament and it was about new fighters. Standard Mewtwo, Chandelure, Garchomp and Braixon were announced as new fighters.

It’s unknown if that’s all the fighters, or if more will be announced before the game is released, but the roster is now up to 16 fighters which is a nice amount. Here’s the full roster:














Pikachu Libre



Shadow Mewtwo  




And here are the Support Pokemon which come in pairs:

Emolga and Fennekin

Snivy and Lapras

Frogadier and Eevee

Mismagius and Ninetales

 Jirachi and Whimsicott
Croagunk and Sylveon

Farfetch’d and Electrode

Pachirisu and Magikarp

Of the 20 Pokemon I had on my woshlist, I posted last year, these 5 are the ones I want the most and think would make the game have variety.





There’s talk that there will be DLC so there will likely be more than 16 fighters in the game. I really hope there will be more, not a big fan of Pikachu and Mewtwo having a different variation. Also want more four legged Pokemon and no legged Pokemon, it will have more variety than just two legged Pokemon cause I’m sure it changes the play style of the Pokemon if they are two legged or four legged. Anyways, what do you think of the roster? Are you excited for March 18th? Are you gonna buy the game? Do you want DLC? What other Pokemon do you want added? Comment below