Mario Kart 8 DLC Wishlist

If you didn’t know, there was tweet that sparked rumors about possible DLC coming. Though still not confirmed, it’s still fun to make a wishlist on what I would like as DLC. So the possible inclusion of Kalimari Desert being included, here are my choices for DLC I would like to see.


ZeldaWhy wasnt she included in the LoZ Pack? Would’ve been a better choice than Cat Peach! Dafuq?! 

Captain FalconThe game already has the Blue Falcon and two F-Zero but not the main protagonist? Include him please, I don’t even like him but would find it cool.

InklingSplatoon is popular still and the Inkling was a pretty popular choice in the Smash Ballot. Would be great to have a male and a female version (like Villager), plus would be cool if there was a track based on one of the maps.

SonicWith Sonic and Mario being friends nowadays, would make sense to include him in MK8? Racist Mario included him and he even had Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed. Would be cool to have a track based on Green Hill Zone.

Dry BonesI love Koopa Troopa, but would’ve preferred Dry Bones instead. He’s cuter and has a kooky personality, well in Mario Kart Wii it seems like he did. He’s a bit of a fan favorite as well. Please bring him back.

Bowser Jr.How was he not in the game? All the Koopalings, but not the Prince of the Koopas?! When it came to the previous DLC, he should’ve been in top of list, who uses or asked for Tanooki Mario? Dafuq?!


Moonview HighwayTwo night time city courses are already in the game, why not included another one? Though it’s basically Toad’s Turnpike, there is terrain in the beginning to fly off of. Plus it’s fun racing along with hazardous cars.

Daisy CircuitIt’s my favorite track of Mario Kart Wii. There isn’t a track associated with Daisy in this game, though I love Daisy Cruiser, it was in MK7 so doubt it will even be considered.

Maka WuhuA great mountainous track. I love a long continuous race course. Awesome music and very adventurous as well.

Airship FortressSo thrilling and cool. Took them a long time to make a track off of an airship, just need a 1080 HD remake.

Rosalina’s Ice WorldSurprisingly there is no track associated with Rosalina and if Nintendo is gonna keep shoving her in our face, they should include this track from the 3DS.

Ghost Valley 3The best Ghost Valley in the SNES version. Very challenging and would be great to see another Boo inspired track in the game.

Riverside ParkGreat music and a simple but very well designed course layout. It’s a track the well blend perfectly in MK8. Would look beautiful.

Sunset WildsThe best track in Super Circuit, so very unique and fun. Being attacked or not by the Shy Guys can really determine a race and make things interesting. The whole progression of the sun setting will look stunning in HD.

Vanilla LakeThe game needs another icy track and one is the best retro one. Unlike the other version, this one is not a big lake and can be better transitioned to MK8. Love the music as well. The best and my favorite, definitely want this one in MK8. Fingers crossed.

Though not confirmed, what characters and courses would you like to see in MK8? Comment below.


Pokemon Moon and Sun Wishlist


Last week it was announced Pokemon Moon and Sun will be the next installment for the Pokemon series and they will be released sometime in the holiday season. I was a bit disappointed by X and Y, as were others, so hopefully this one will be better, since it’s been two years since X and Y‘s release, this one better have more features and improvements. I’ve made a list on wishes that I personally would like to see.

Harder Difficulty

The last two releases were very easy, especially X and Y. What made the games easier was the EXP Share giving experience points to every Pokemon so all your Pokemon would be overlevled when facing Gym Leaders and Elite Four. I really hope they make Sun and Moon a bit tougher, in terms of Gym Leaders and Elite Four and get rid of the EXP Share new feature.

Different Type Starter Pokemon/Diverse Pokemon

Would love to start out with a Psychic, Fairy, Fighting or a Ghost than the same old Water, Grass, or Fire. If they keep with the original starter types, at least have their final evolutions have a different type that hasn’t been used before i.e Fire/Ground, Water/Dragon, Grass/Psychic. Also the rest of the Pokemon should be diverse, remember how limited the first two generations were with different type Pokemon and Diamond/Pearl only having two Fire Pokemon, that was unacceptable.

End Game/Pokemon World Championship

Usually after you beat the Elite Four, there really isn’t a strong or no end game. There’s usually a small quest but usually isn’t strong. The strongest/best endgame was the one in Gold/Silver/Crystal since you went to a previous region and had a proper endgame. (This would be explained in the next wish) if not included, it would be awesome if the game had a Pokemon World Championship in which face the strongest trainers (Elite Four member, gym leaders and Champions) and you actually become the world’s strongest trainer.

Two Regions

Only in Gold/Silver/Crystal and the remakes you are able to visit another region, but again they are connected. That doesn’t matter, it would be cool if you can visit another region in the past and face the gym leaders and Elite Four there, like by boat (Hoenn or Sinnoh) or even cooler, aircraft (Unova) I would prefer Unova because I think their gym leaders and the Elite Four were the best, plus would be cool to be picked up Skyla and be taken to Unova.

Strong Plot

The only Pokemon game that has the best plot is Pokemon White and Black because there was big reason to defeat Team Plasma. Other games just have you defeat the villainous team, beat the last gym leader and then face the Elite Four, what the problem is that sometimes the team’s motivation isn’t all remembered or forgotten (Team Flare’s). While in Pokemon White and Black, their motivation was well remembered and the best, it would be great if the team in Sun and Moon (if one is made) has a great motivation for their actions and we have a great climatic ending. It is called Sun/Moon, maybe trying to destroy them or something? We’ll see.

What features/improvements would you like to see in Pokemon Sun and Moon? Are you excited for the game? Comment below.

Top 20 Pokemon I Want To See In Pokken Tournament

Last month, it as announced that Pokken Tournament will be ported to the Wii U and it will probably mean there would be more Pokemon added to the roster and maybe DLC. I’ve compiled a list of 20 Pokemon I would like to see added into the game, either as a fighter or a support. This list is going to be in alphabetical order rather than most wanted and with no description since the mechanics for the game is different than the regular Pokemon games. Let’s begin!






















With over 700 Pokemon, it was very difficult to decide which Pokemon I would want for the game. What Pokemon do you want for Pokken Tournament? Comment below 

Just Dance 2016 Song Wishlist

Just Dance 2016 has been announced and I’m excited for it. The Just Dance series has been one of my favorite because of the pure joy it aims for. While I would argue that Just Dance 2015 is the most disappointing in the series so far, I still have an open mind that this next installment won’t disappoint me. Songs from the next game has been announced and they are as followed:

Want to Want Me by Jason Derulo

Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson Ft. Bruno Mars

All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor

Hey Mama by David Guetta Ft. Nicki Minaj, Afrojack & Bebe Rexha

Animals by Martin Garrix

Blame by Calvin Harris Ft. John Newman

Born This Way by Lady Gaga

Gibberish by MAX

Hangover (BaBaBa) by Buraka Som Sistema

I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas

Ievan Polkka by Hatsune Miku

Let’s Groove by Equinox Stars

William Tell Overture by Rossini

Even though they do accept suggestions for what song they would add, I feel like they don’t actually use any of the suggestions. Anyways, I compiled a list of 30 songs (with some alternates) that I wish will be on. I’m not going to go in any detail on why I want the songs in the game, I just want to dance to them and I feel like they will fit perfectly in the game, that’s it. Here we go, they aren’t in any particular order as well.

You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall and Oates

I Think We’re Alone Now by Tiffany

Mickey by Toni Basil

Spinning Around, Love At First Sight, The One, Into The Blue or Better The Devil You Know by Kylie Minogue

Til Death, Stimela or Still Getting Younger by Wynter Gordon

Rock Wit U (Aww Baby) by Ashanti

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom by Selena

Bad Girls by M.I.A

Big Hoops (Bigger The Better), Say It Right or Night Is Young by Nelly Furtado

Kickstarts or Last Ones Standing by Example

Blind by Hercules and Love Affair

Push Push, Whine Up, Drop It Low or In The End by Kat DeLuna

Call Your GirlfriendWith Every Heartbeat, Show Me Love by Robyn

Paris (Ooh La La) by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

These Boots Are Made For Walking by Nancy Sinatra

Come With Me Now by Kongos

Cameo Lover by Kimbra

Fantasy by Mariah Carey

Tambourine by Eve

We Got The Beat by The Go-Gos

1 Thing by Amerie

Promise, 1, 2 Step or Like A Boy by Ciara

Do You Remember by Jay Sean feat. Lil Jon and Sean Paul

L.E.S Artistes by Santigold

Genie In A Bottle by Christina Aguilera

Forever by Chris Brown

What You Got by Colby O’ Donis feat. Akon

Stop by Spice Girls

Nobody Knows by Darin

Untouched by The Veronicas

I’m A Ruin or Hollywood by Marina and the Diamonds


Nine more songs were announced! None of my suggestions were added, but still have my fingers crossed. Here’s the songs that were announced:

– Fancy by Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX

– Fun by Pitbull feat. Chris Brown

– Lights by Ellie Goulding

– I’m An Albatraoz by AronChupa

– Circus by Britney Spears

– Balkan Blast Remix by Angry Birds

– Stuck On A Feeling By Prince Royce

– Boys (Summertime Love) by The Lemon Cubes

Rabiosa by Shakira feat. El Cata

Like I said, even though they aren’t really taking any songs that are being suggested, I still suggested some for fun. Are you excited for Just Dance 2016, if so, what songs are on your wishlist? Comment below.