Top Ten Songs That Have Helped Me Through Depression

A couple of days ago I posted about my story dealing with depression and music and art saved my life and helped me turn my life around. These ten songs are the ones I listen to every morning and I remind myself to be strong, love myself and start again and turn it all around. This list is ordered in how many times I listened to it not which one is better or helpful. Let’s begin!

Honorable Mentions:

Obsessions by Marina and the Diamonds

Human by Christina Perri

The Rest of My Life by Less Than Jake

You Stupid Bitch from Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Reborn by Wynter Gordon

#10. Get It Right by Glee Cast

Just the title of the song makes you open your eyes. Filled with so much despair and pain, it helped me fight to make things right. Someday all this pain will pay off and I’ll be ok.

Most empowering lyric: “But if I get stronger and wiser, I’ll get through this.”

#9. Shake It Out by Florence + the Machine

It’s about not being able to live your life with your inner demons haunting you and how you cut them loose and be free. So anthemic and a great song to sing out loud.

Most empowering lyric: “Why the hell did I let it happen to me?”

#8. Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston

“The Voice” giving us one of the most empowering song, a song about loving yourself and spreading that to younger generations and that needs to be done otherwise there would be more depression and suicide. Like the last lyric says, “find yourself in love”, and when I feel down, that’s what I’m doing.

Most empowering lyric: “Learning to love yourself, is the greatest love of all.”

#7. Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

Another anthemic song. A song about living for the future since nothing is written and everything happens for a reason. This song is special to me cause my friend, Will always told me that my future is mine and nothing is set in stone. Every time I hear it, I think of him and the words he told me.

Most empowering lyric: “Live your life with arms wide open.

#6Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson

Honestly I’m not a big fan of MJ but this song has really helped me. Changing yourself for the better is always something that should be done and this dong is the best one to listen to. Looking in the mirror and telling yourself to change and love yourself needs to be done. I’ve lost many friends and I lost the best one and when I did I knew I had to get better and change.

Most empowering lyric: “ Take a look at yourself and make that change.”

#5Through The Rain by Mariah Carey

Wanna give a nod to her other song Can’t Take That Away for also being an empowering song. But this one is the one that has helped me when I’ve been in the turmoil. The song has helped me find my inner strength again and encouraged me to go through the turbulent times in my life.

Most empowering lyric: “I live one more day and I make through the rain.”

#4. Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

A song about self acceptance and have a stronger self esteem, accepting every flaw and loving it. Always seen an empowering song throughout all these years and still holds up. The lyric “words can’t bring me down” has really helped me, I’ve been told I was worthless, that the world would be better off without and I even said that to tell myself and I need to stop doing that and not let the words hurt me.

Most empowering lyric: “Words cant bring me down

#3. Skyscraper by Demi Lovato

This is the song I’ve linked to the sexual assaults and the physical abuse I’ve endured cause all these men treated me so bad and made me feel worthless but when I hear this song, I always realize that I’m still standing and those men are no longer in my life and I’m safe as long as I have my head up.

Most empowering lyric: “Yeah, it’s a long way down but I am closer to the clouds up here.”

#2. Extraordinary by Mandy Moore

Recovering from depression is a hard thing to do, insecurities are still there and you still feel blind to all the good. This song makes me feel good, that I can be all that can be and I will someday. You don’t need anyone to tell you this, you need to tell yourself the and you need to believe you can do it.

Most empowering lyric: “And now I’m ready, and now I’m ready, and now I’m ready to be, extraordinary.”

#1. A Dying Star by In This Moment

The song that saved my life and helped me turn it around. I cry every time I hear this song. I listen to the song many times during the day and I feel better each time. This song is my anthem and it really made me think of all my problems and how I need to resolve them.I wish I listened to this song sooner so everything that went down didn’t happen. Wanna give a nod to The Fighter for empowering me as well.

Most empowering lyric: “I can mend my wings.”

*I want this lyric tattooed on me

What songs have empowered you when you felt down? Comment below


My Top 10 Anticipated Video Games of 2016

Like 2015, there are going to be great games coming out this year. From indie games to iconic franchises, it’s going to be a great year for gaming. Here are my top 10 anticipated games of 2016.
Honorable Mentions:

Telltales: Walking Dead Season 3

Release Date: TBA


Release Date: October 

Fire Emblem Fates

Release Date:

Birthright/Conquest – February 19

Revelation – March 10

Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus

Release Date: TBA

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst 

Release Date: May 24

#10. Star Fox Zero  Been awhile since we’ve seen this animorphic fox and his team take the sky. Going back to 64 gameplay. I can’t wait to fly an Arwing and control Walkers. We’ve missed you, Fox!

Release Date: April 21

#9. The Last Guardian  Been so long since this was announced and stuck in development hell. So glad to see it reemerge and hopefully have a release this year.

Release Date: TBA 

#8. Telltales: Batman While not much has been shown or been told, just the thought of a Batman game in the way of Telltales is enough to be excited about.

Release Date: TBA

#7. Street Fighter V A whole new chapter in this iconic fighting video game franchise will be released very soon. With new characters, improved graphics and a well received beta gameplay, Street Fighter keeps getting better.

Release Date: February 16

#6. Mighty No. 9  A couple of spiritual successors are coming out this year. With Capcom basically sealing MegaMan away, this game will bring back the old fashion MegaMan gameplay and I can’t wait.

Release Date: February 9

#5. Allison Road  While it’s still upsetting about Kojima’s Silent Hills cancellation, Allison Road will be carrying the spirit, atmosphere and scares into the game. With this being said, this game might be the scariest of the year.

Release Date: October

#4. Cuphead  With indie games getting popular, it can be hard to stand out, but this game got my full attention with its gorgeous 2D action and 1930’s style artwork. I would love to see some DLC with some famous cartoon characters with the ink blot animation like Betty Boop, Felix the Housecat, Popeye, Steamboat Willie, wouldn’t that be cool?

Release Date: TBA 

#3. Shantae: Half Genie Hero With transformations back and being able to play as Risky and Shantae’s friends, it’s going to be a great fun experience to have different play styles. Pirate’s Curse was great, looks like this one might be better. Beautiful graphics and cuter character designs, can’t wait for the next chapter of Shantae.

Release Date: Winter 

#2. Pokken Tournament  When it comes to Pokemon spinoffs, this one might be the most anticipated. With the makers of Tekken as the developers, this Pokemon fighting game looks like the anime. With a nice roster of Pokemon, the possibility of DLC, exciting gameplay and hype , this might be the fighting video game of the year. Would love to see this at EVO or any major tournament.

Release Date: March 18

#1. The Legend of Zelda Wii U Of course LoZ will top the list of anticipated video games. Having a big open world, this will be the biggest Zelda game with long lasting gameplay. The graphics look absolutely beautiful and pleasant, Link’s outfit looks great and perfect for cosplay (just saying). When it comes to LoZ, you just have to be hype for it no matter what.

Release Date: TBA

So those are my anticipated games of 2016, what are yours? Are you gonna buy any of those games? Comment below.

Other Top Favorite Lists of 2015

I have other top lists, but due to the holidays and work I didn’t have much time to write descriptions for these top lists so I’m just gonna list them.

Top 5 Favorite Music Videos

#5. I Bet by Ciara

#4. Downtown by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis feat. Eric Nally, Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee, and Grandmaster Caz

#3. High By The Beach by Lana Del Rey

#2. Black and White by Kylie Minogue feat. Shaggy

#1. Borders by M.I.A

Top 5 Favorite Albums

#5. Breathe In. Breathe Out by Hilary Duff  

#4. Honeymoon by Lana Del Rey  

#3. Kylie Christmas by Kylie Minogue 

#2. Froot by Marina and the Diamonds  

#1. The Desired Effect by Brandon Flowers  
Top 5 Favorite New TV Shows

#5. Clipped  

#4. Empire  

#3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt  

#2. Into The Badlands  

#1. Jessica Jones  

What are your favorite music videos, albums and TV shows of 2015? Comment below

Top 10 Favorite Songs of 2015

2015 was a great year for music, so many great surprises and fulfilling songs. These 15 songs were my favorite.

Honorable Mentions:

Everyday’s Like Christmas
by Kylie Minogue  So magical and heartwarming. Gives you bubbly cheer and deserves to be a Christmas classic.

by Nick Jonas  A funky dance jam that will get you in a club/party mood. Wish it was longer, but I still love you, Nick!

The Other Boys
by Nervo feat. Jake Shears, Kylie Minigue and Nile Rodgers   Gay anthem of 2015? This disco infused track is a dance floor riot. Kylie and Jake are perfect in the song. Want more collaborations by these 3 musical artists.

Love Me Like You Do
by Ellie Goulding  Ellie Goulding’s best song so far. So sultry and sensual. It’s a beautiful power ballad with Goulding’s dreamt vocals and Max Martin’s swelling synths.

by Lana Del Rey  Emotionally thrilling. Cinematic. Epic. Lana released a heart stopping ballad that’s more aspiring than anything any other artist has released this year.

#10. Inhale Exhale by Tynisha Keli  My girl came back and she completely slated this song. This soulful, elegantly produced pop/R&B ballad really tells the truth and relatable. Fused with lyrical wittiness and amazing instrumental, this is an aural masterpiece.

#9. I Bet by Ciara  Another strong comeback from one of my favorite artists. Showcasing an honest and open side of Ciara, it’s a new heartbreak anthem. Smooth and triumphant, Ciara released one of her best songs to date.

#8. Just Getting Started by Hawk Nelson  This fun hand clapping sing along song is so catchy. Lyrically, it’s about no limit in which what we can accomplish. It’s a theme anybody can use and be inspired by.

#7. Can’t Deny My Love by Brandon Flowers Amazing pop tune! It’s very unique and Flowers sounds amazing in it. It’s bold and one of the best songs Flowers has written and released.

#6. Gibberish by MAX feat. Hoodie Allen  With witty lyrics and smart production, MAX and Hoodie Allen released a wicked song. The distortion of the word ‘gibberish’ really makes the song sound very fresh and should’ve been a hit.

#5. I’m A Ruin by Marina and the Diamonds  My favorite song from Froot. Marina’s songwriting and vocals are absolutely in a league of their own. The chorus flows with energy and lovelorn, it’s sad and guilty showcasing how real Marina is.

#4. Bleeding Out by Wynter Gordon  A heartfelt pop ballad about love and loss sing by Wynter’s haunting vocals. Really touches your heart and makes you shed a tear. Saddest heartbreak song of 2015. Adele take notes.

#3. Confetti by Hilary Duff  So summery and glittery, it’s a fun dance pop song. The sample of Belinda Carlisle’s Heaven Is A Place On Earth really fits and makes the song special.

#2. Better When I’m Dancing by Meghan Trainor  A very breezy summery song that gets you in a dancing mood. So catchy, Meghan really made a surprising track that’s harmless and just pure fun.

#1. Black and White by Kylie Minogue So unconventional, it’s bizarre pop collaboration with Shaggy that is amazing. With a banging chorus and great chemistry, this song is addicting, bold and a bit strange, but it’s one of the best pop experiments of 2015.

What songs were your favorite? Comment below

Top 5 Favorite Movies of 2015

It’s also been a great year for movies. I very much enjoyed laughing, getting exciting and crying at these movies. These 5 movies were some of the best and favorite of mine.

#5. The DUFF

When it comes to teen movies, they’re usually bad, but this one was actually funny, relatable, quotable and amusing. Mae Whitman is so charming and gave a fantastic performance. I’ll be watching this movie years from now.

#4. Mad Max: Fury Road Remarkable film! Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy give wonderful performances. With thrilling action and eruption of craziness, this post-apocalyptic franchise is brought back to life flawlessly.

#3. Pitch Perfect 2  A comedy musical having a sequel and it’s actually great?! I was bit skeptical myself cause I absolutely love the first film, but this one gladly surprised me. Has a solid amount of humor, drama and musical numbers that entertain you. Aca-awesome!

#2. The Peanuts Movie  Beautifully animated film that respects Charles Schulz iconic work. Full of spirit, warmth and charm, this film is suitable for the whole family and keep them entertained. It’s a film that shows us the importance of being kind and noble, all embodied in Charlie Brown.

#1. Inside Out  Pixar really hit it out of the park with this film. So inventive, gorgeously animated and emotionally moving. Defying the conventions of family movies, this film changes the way people think about the way people think. I watched this film about 30 times already and I cry every time. Best film of the year!

What movies did you enjoy watching this year? Comment below

Top 5 Favorite Video Games of 2015

It’s been a great year for video games and I really enjoyed many of the games released. These 5 games though are my favorite ones I’ve played this year.

#5. Mortal Kombat X  The best installment in the series so far. Beautiful graphics, but only if you don’t get grossed out by gore. Gore and the fatalities never bothered me so I was hyped for what the game was gonna show. The fatalities were stepped up and the variations of the fighters made the game play different. Best fighting game of the year.

#4. Splatoon  So I had this game off my hype list, but when I played it, I felt stupid for not being hyped to begin with, it’s sooo much fun. Cute characters, inventive gameplay and creative weapons, Nintendo made a shooter game in which kids and adults can easily pickup and play.

#3. Xenoblade Chronicles X  Love me some RPGs. Beautiful graphics, great combat system, amazing soundtrack, easy character creation and challenging quests, this game is a modern RPG masterpiece. If you don’t have a Wii U, this game will give you a reason on why you should buy one, it’s that good.

#2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Might be number 2, but gotta say that this is the best game of the year. The character progression, the open world, the enemy design,the customizations and the combat gameplay is just perfect. There’s so much to do and it’s so addicting, can play it for hours. The greatest open world game I ever played.

#1. Super Mario Maker The game that’s addictive and will give you nostalgia. Making a Mario level has always been something I wanted to do so I was absolutely hyped for this game. With so many ways to create a level, this game will keep you busy by creating and playing other people’s levels. It’s a game that will live as long as Mario himself.

What games were your favorite of 2015? Comment below.

Merry Christmas + Top 10 Favorite Christmas Movies

Merry Christmas!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and hope yogot what you wanted and gave someone a gift that made them smile. Every year on Christmas and the holiday season, my family and I watch Christmas movies to celebrate the holiday. Now we watch one everyday until Christmas so we watch 25 movies and well some aren’t as great as others but we still watch them to get in the holiday spirit. Throughout the years there are 10 movies that I absolutely love watchin during the holiday season and here they are.

#10. Arthur Christmas

With a fresh take on the premise of Santa Claus delivering presents, this funny animated film is a joy to watch. With a heartwarming plot line about delivering a missed Christmas present to a girl in order to save her Christmas, it was pretty hard not to shed a tear.

#9. Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas  This Christmas is sequel is fun and beautifully animated. Cut into five shorts with each having a different plot and theme, the movie teaches morals and ethics during the holiday season. It’s enjoyable entertainment for both children and adults.

#8. A Charlie Brown Christmas Might just be a special, but it’s a classic and very good. With the story reminding the viewers on the meaning of Christmas (the birth of Jesus), rather than caring about presents. The Peanuts gang makes light of Christmas stress and brings it home with the most honest recognition on what Christmas is all about.

#7. The Polar Express Visually stunning Christmas film that makes you feel like a kid again. It’s a wonderful story about the spirit of Christmas and the importance of believing. With amusing and touching musical moments, this film touches your heart and also fills it with joy.

#6. The Santa Clause 2  A vast improvement on the previous installment of the series. Very touching and enchanting, this sequel has a better story and more holiday cheer than the first one. All the characters, main and supporting develop and make the movie more touching and relatable.

#5. Christmas With The Kranks  Another Tim Allen Christmas movie. This one is funny and really takes an important look on family, friends and the community during the holiday season and how they can be affected when you do/don’t have holiday cheer. It shouldn’t be taken too serious, it’s still very enjoyable and touches the heart and because of that, I love watching this movie every Christmas season.

#4. Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas Wonderful animated film with great messages in each short. While the first is a little weak, the other two really touch your heart and really gives you a sense of holiday spirit. Perfect for families and really cemented itself as a holiday classic. 

#3. Jingle All The Way A great Christmas adventure full of laughs and mayhem, it ends with a heart warming moment. Mocking commercialism of toys and the shopping frenzy, this film makes light of the situation with humor. Speaking of humor, Sinbad was absolutely amazing and hilarious in the film.

#2. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation  The most beloved modern Christmas classic that is full of laughs and good cheer. There’s isn’t much more to say, but it’s timeless and stays fresh even after all these years. When it comes to watching Christmas movies, this film is one of the first ones I watch.

#1. A Diva’s Christmas Carol Love this movie! Using the Christmas Carol story as the format and using a fresh take on it, the movie has funny and musical moments that get you in a good mood. Also has heartwarming and sad moments that get you testy eyed. Vanessa Williams is perfectly casted and so is the rest of the cast. I watch this movie about 2-3 times around the holiday season and will watch it every year.

So there you go, my favorite Christmas movies that I watch every year. What are your favorite Christmas movies you watch during the holiday season? Comment below.