Play-Doh Pokemon: Shroomish

I always thought Shroomish was a bit cute, always looking a little grumpy, and so plushy. I decided to make it out of Play-Doh today, and here are the results. Came out pretty good.


I haven’t done this for a while so it was fun doing it again. Expect more coming.


Play-Doh Pokemon: Squirtle

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Play-Doh Pokemon and so I did one today, I’ve decided to do the first Pokemon I’ve gotten, Squirtle. I absolutely love Squirtle, so cute and the best of the Kanto starters. I decided to make it as he was first shown in the anime, leader of th


Squirtle Squad.


I had a lot of fun making this and I absolutely love this creation. I wish I could this in good condition, but it would crack so I might have to get modeling clay or something and remake Squirtle. Anyways I hope you like the pic.

Play-Doh Pokemon: Horsea

Horsea is one of my favorite Pokemon, mostly cause sea horses are my favorite animals. Horseas are really cute and I love the type it evolves to (Kingdra). This creation was actually the first Play-Doh Pokemon I made, I had a lot of fun doing it. Of the Play-Doh Pokemon I made so far, this one is my favorite, looks the best and I just love Horsea.

Hope you like this creation, comment below if you do want to see more creations and if you want to suggest any Pokemon.

Play-Doh Pokemon: Magikarp

Here we go, another Pokemon made from Play-Doh, this time, it’s Magikarp. This weak red fish was a Pokemon most trainers most likely shrugged off when they first had it. I actually kept it until it evolved and boy was I surprised. It shows you that you shouldn’t judge a Pokemon for what it is now, otherwise you can’t see what it could become, because it could evolve into something quite awesome. “I swear when I evolve, I will kill you all!”


So there you go, another Play-Doh Pokemon. Whenever I have free time, I’ll try to make more, maybe ones from a different generation.

Play-Doh Pokemon: Cubone

Here’s another Pokemon I made from Play-Doh. This time I made Cubone, the cute ground Pokemon. I tear up when I watch the Pokemon Origins episode that deals with The Pokemon Tower. It’s very touching and sad to see the Cubone cuddle up with his Marowak mother’s spirit. That’s when I decided to make him out of Play-Doh, and I also enjoy using him on my team when I play the Kanto games. So, here you go, Play-Doh Cubone.


Play- Doh Pokemon: Bulbasaur

There two things I love that you should know. The first thing I love is Play-Doh and the other is Pokemon. They were two things I love playing with while I was growing up. It came to me that I should make Pokemon out of Play-Doh, I have made others in the past and will post them another time, but for now I’m gonna show Bulbasaur. A friend dared me to make it and so I did. He loved it. Hope you all do too

While I’m not taking requests per se, but wouldn’t mind suggestions. While I don’t have all the colors of the rainbows, I’ll try my best so you can enjoy seeing them.