Top 5 Songs That Make Me Cry

I’m a very emotional guy, I cry at movies, tv shows, video games and songs. I cry the most to songs, cause the lyrics are something I can relate my life to and they become a part of my life. There are so many out there that have made me cry, but these 5 are the ones that break me, that make me vulnerable and are important to me.

#5. How To Save A Life by The Fray

Struggling with depression, rejection, and abandonment, this song breaks my heart cause all the times I needed a friend to help me when I thought of suicide, I really had no one. I had my friend, Will, who I would talk to but there are times where he would fall asleep and I would still have thoughts of suicide. (I’m not saying he was a bad friend or anything, that’s just what happened) So the lyric in the song “I would have stayed up with you all night, had I know, how to save a life” just always makes me cry cause even though Will tried his hardest to talk me out of it, he would fall asleep unsuccessful and in the back of mind, I knew if I would’ve done it. The part “where did I go wrong? I lose a friend”, it would hurt him and he might blame himself and I would’ve hated that. So every time I would listen to the song, all those times would run through my mind, cause Will has told me he was afraid of losing people in his life, and I would’ve let him down.

#4. Misunderstood by Tynisha Keli

Like I’ve said, my whole life, I’ve lived with rejection, and it has drastically affected my mental health. Any social situation, I panicked inside and would become quiet and not social. The kids at school would only see me as the shy, weird kid and nothing more, never knowing what happened to me that caused me to be that way. I had no friends and always felt like I didn’t belong anywhere, I just wanted someone to talk to and be a friend to me. As a teen, I was gang raped and I still had no friends so every time I would cry, there was nobody, so the lyrics “whenever I cried, nobody was there to dry my eyes/Like it was my fault that I had nobody to tell me to hold on tight” breaks me, cause having nobody there for you is a terrible feeling. Nobody can see you vulnerable and crying for help, they can only see you when you have your guard up not knowing why you’re like that, so you live on misunderstood. Last year when I was raped again, the times I was depressed, I would text Will and he would try his best to make me smile or talk with me about why I was sad, there was no judgment, and though he might’ve not physically been there, he was still there when I was vulnerable and wanted to help and that’s what matters most. He understood me.

#3. Into The Light by In This Moment 

Before my depressing really became what it was, this song did indeed make me tear up, but once suicide went into my thoughts, i cry my eyes out to this song. Anytime I thought of suicide, this song would play in my mind and I would have an image of my family and Will surrounding me in bed, finding me dead and crying. I saw my mother breaking down, crying her eyes out and it would haunt me seeing that image and knowing that I would have hurt these people I love and care about, I would drop my blade and cry myself to sleep. I heard people say suicide is selfish cause your only thinking about your pain and not the pain you’d be giving to others, and I agree suicide is selfish, cause hurting others is devastating. To this day, when this song comes on, I would mostly change it cause seeing that image is heartbreaking.

#2. For Good from Wicked

Learning and changing from people that come into your life is one of the greatest gifts in life. So many walk and share their gift, but it’s sad when you see them walk away. Though you’ve changed, there’s a chance you may never see them again so you may never learn more from them. It’s depressing that these people were first strangers then became friends and there’s a chance they’ll become somebody you used to know. It’s nice to know you’ve known somebody so great and have become a better person, it’s just sad to say goodbye when you don’t want it to end. I may not have had any true friends but to the people who treated me like I was one, thank you, especially you Will. Before we were friends, I was “shy”, I would shut people out and you let me open my heart and I really appreciate it. I really hope I did something in return and I hope we can be friends again.

#1. The Time Has Come from Pokemon

I can’t make it through this song, I basically breakdown immediately. Songs about saying goodbye just breaks me cause saying goodbye to others hurts a lot. Just knowing the time you were friends comes to an end hurts since cause you don’t want it to end, you’re scared of losing them. I remember playing this alone in my room on my night of graduation, cause I knew it was going to be a true goodbye to everybody I went to school with, I may not have been friends with them, just knowing these people I got acquainted with are no longer going to be in my life hurt a lot, the memory of crying to that episode it played on (Pikachu’s Goodbye) when I was a kid played in my head. I was so clueless and unprepared on how that’s life goes. I never knew this song was going to play a big part in my life, I had to say goodbye to many I called friend, but what’s sad is that I didn’t get a goodbye from them, they just left me and it hurts my heart to this day. I never wanna say goodbye to a friend again.

Have any songs that make you cry? That you think are important in your life? Comment below and share your story on why.


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