Top Ten Songs That Have Helped Me Through Depression

A couple of days ago I posted about my story dealing with depression and music and art saved my life and helped me turn my life around. These ten songs are the ones I listen to every morning and I remind myself to be strong, love myself and start again and turn it all around. This list is ordered in how many times I listened to it not which one is better or helpful. Let’s begin!

Honorable Mentions:

Obsessions by Marina and the Diamonds

Human by Christina Perri

The Rest of My Life by Less Than Jake

You Stupid Bitch from Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Reborn by Wynter Gordon

#10. Get It Right by Glee Cast

Just the title of the song makes you open your eyes. Filled with so much despair and pain, it helped me fight to make things right. Someday all this pain will pay off and I’ll be ok.

Most empowering lyric: “But if I get stronger and wiser, I’ll get through this.”

#9. Shake It Out by Florence + the Machine

It’s about not being able to live your life with your inner demons haunting you and how you cut them loose and be free. So anthemic and a great song to sing out loud.

Most empowering lyric: “Why the hell did I let it happen to me?”

#8. Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston

“The Voice” giving us one of the most empowering song, a song about loving yourself and spreading that to younger generations and that needs to be done otherwise there would be more depression and suicide. Like the last lyric says, “find yourself in love”, and when I feel down, that’s what I’m doing.

Most empowering lyric: “Learning to love yourself, is the greatest love of all.”

#7. Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

Another anthemic song. A song about living for the future since nothing is written and everything happens for a reason. This song is special to me cause my friend, Will always told me that my future is mine and nothing is set in stone. Every time I hear it, I think of him and the words he told me.

Most empowering lyric: “Live your life with arms wide open.

#6Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson

Honestly I’m not a big fan of MJ but this song has really helped me. Changing yourself for the better is always something that should be done and this dong is the best one to listen to. Looking in the mirror and telling yourself to change and love yourself needs to be done. I’ve lost many friends and I lost the best one and when I did I knew I had to get better and change.

Most empowering lyric: “ Take a look at yourself and make that change.”

#5Through The Rain by Mariah Carey

Wanna give a nod to her other song Can’t Take That Away for also being an empowering song. But this one is the one that has helped me when I’ve been in the turmoil. The song has helped me find my inner strength again and encouraged me to go through the turbulent times in my life.

Most empowering lyric: “I live one more day and I make through the rain.”

#4. Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

A song about self acceptance and have a stronger self esteem, accepting every flaw and loving it. Always seen an empowering song throughout all these years and still holds up. The lyric “words can’t bring me down” has really helped me, I’ve been told I was worthless, that the world would be better off without and I even said that to tell myself and I need to stop doing that and not let the words hurt me.

Most empowering lyric: “Words cant bring me down

#3. Skyscraper by Demi Lovato

This is the song I’ve linked to the sexual assaults and the physical abuse I’ve endured cause all these men treated me so bad and made me feel worthless but when I hear this song, I always realize that I’m still standing and those men are no longer in my life and I’m safe as long as I have my head up.

Most empowering lyric: “Yeah, it’s a long way down but I am closer to the clouds up here.”

#2. Extraordinary by Mandy Moore

Recovering from depression is a hard thing to do, insecurities are still there and you still feel blind to all the good. This song makes me feel good, that I can be all that can be and I will someday. You don’t need anyone to tell you this, you need to tell yourself the and you need to believe you can do it.

Most empowering lyric: “And now I’m ready, and now I’m ready, and now I’m ready to be, extraordinary.”

#1. A Dying Star by In This Moment

The song that saved my life and helped me turn it around. I cry every time I hear this song. I listen to the song many times during the day and I feel better each time. This song is my anthem and it really made me think of all my problems and how I need to resolve them.I wish I listened to this song sooner so everything that went down didn’t happen. Wanna give a nod to The Fighter for empowering me as well.

Most empowering lyric: “I can mend my wings.”

*I want this lyric tattooed on me

What songs have empowered you when you felt down? Comment below


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