Top 10 Favorite Crazy Ex Girlfriend Songs from Season 1

So the season 2 for Crazy Ex Girlfriend premieres tonight and I’m so excited. One day I couldn’t decide what to watch on Netflix and Crazy Ex Girlfriend kept showing up as a Top Pick so I decided to give it a chance and I fell in love with it. I watched season 1 like 5 times. I just finished rewatching again today and it made decide to do a list for my favorite songs from Season 1. Let’s begin!
Honorable Mentions:

JAP Battle 

Both girls aggressively and humorously tear each down. Great flow, funny lyrics and nice beat. I put O.G in 5.0 GPS is the best line in the song. 

I’m The Villain In My Own Story 

Very meta with great references of other pop culture media. Really shows off the true character of Rebecca. Very Disney and funny.

Feelin’ Kinda Naughty 

So crazy and creepy, but very hilarious. Love that it’s a synthpop song that can be mainstream.

Put Yourself First

A great parody song that undercuts the cliche of happiness and confidence through a makeover by exploring how much a female’s self worth is shaped by society’s male gaze. Wish it was longer.

Settle For Me 

So very classic Hollywood inspired by Astaire. Santino’s charm and soothing vocals are perfectly showcased in this song.

#10. The Sexy Getting Ready Song

A very well executed feminist protest song on the un-sexiness of making oneself “sexy”. The rapper interlude is the best part, so funny.

#9. I’m So Good At Yoga

I prefer the clean version than the explicit, but nonetheless, it’s a great song. A nice Bollywood style musical number with hilarious ego compliments. 

#8. Dream Ghosts 

Love the Motown and Dream girls homage. Very enjoyed the guest vocals of Amber Riley and Ricki Lake. All the quirks mentioned about being a female dream ghost were funny as well.

#7. Group Hang

The perfect description of going to Taco Bell. Does Shakira better than Shakira does herself. Very catchy and great jokes in the bastardization of Latin food.

#6. Heavy Boobs

Coming from a female point of view (well one with “gifted” assets) tackling a sexualized body part and deconstructing it. With hilarious lyrics about the cost of having huge breasts. It’s a song that was meant to go viral and spread the message of the desexualization of breasts.

#5. Sex With A Stranger

Love the Love, Sex, Magic and Partition inspiration. Very funny lyrics and funky beat that gets stuck in your head. Love the part about the STD testing window, random, but it fits and is knowledgeable.

#4. I Give Good Parent

Great example on how the explicit version is funnier. Yes, the saying was first used in Veronica Mars, but Rachel Bloom should be credited for cementing it in pop culture, plus who gives a shit about Veronica Mars? I want this saying on a shirt, would wear it proudly.

#3. Face Your Fears

Strangely inspiring! Paula’s vocals are spectacular and very soulful. I laugh everytime to all the “good” advice she sings, especially the burning building part. This needs to be sung in church.

#2. I’m A Good Person 

Another song that’s funnier when it’s explicit. The lyrics are fucking hilarious and perfect for your own mantras. I call this song one of my own theme songs. Absolutely perfect!

#1. Oh My God, I Think I Like You

Love this song so much! Been through this situation so many times, the lyrics really speak to me. I get a I Won’t Say (I’m In Love) vibe from it because it takes a very true and real element of the human condition and makes it a self realization on how you really feel. It’s a cute song and has humorous lyrics.

What are you favorite songs from Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season 1? You excited for Season 2? Comment below