Pokemon Moon and Sun Wishlist


Last week it was announced Pokemon Moon and Sun will be the next installment for the Pokemon series and they will be released sometime in the holiday season. I was a bit disappointed by X and Y, as were others, so hopefully this one will be better, since it’s been two years since X and Y‘s release, this one better have more features and improvements. I’ve made a list on wishes that I personally would like to see.

Harder Difficulty

The last two releases were very easy, especially X and Y. What made the games easier was the EXP Share giving experience points to every Pokemon so all your Pokemon would be overlevled when facing Gym Leaders and Elite Four. I really hope they make Sun and Moon a bit tougher, in terms of Gym Leaders and Elite Four and get rid of the EXP Share new feature.

Different Type Starter Pokemon/Diverse Pokemon

Would love to start out with a Psychic, Fairy, Fighting or a Ghost than the same old Water, Grass, or Fire. If they keep with the original starter types, at least have their final evolutions have a different type that hasn’t been used before i.e Fire/Ground, Water/Dragon, Grass/Psychic. Also the rest of the Pokemon should be diverse, remember how limited the first two generations were with different type Pokemon and Diamond/Pearl only having two Fire Pokemon, that was unacceptable.

End Game/Pokemon World Championship

Usually after you beat the Elite Four, there really isn’t a strong or no end game. There’s usually a small quest but usually isn’t strong. The strongest/best endgame was the one in Gold/Silver/Crystal since you went to a previous region and had a proper endgame. (This would be explained in the next wish) if not included, it would be awesome if the game had a Pokemon World Championship in which face the strongest trainers (Elite Four member, gym leaders and Champions) and you actually become the world’s strongest trainer.

Two Regions

Only in Gold/Silver/Crystal and the remakes you are able to visit another region, but again they are connected. That doesn’t matter, it would be cool if you can visit another region in the past and face the gym leaders and Elite Four there, like by boat (Hoenn or Sinnoh) or even cooler, aircraft (Unova) I would prefer Unova because I think their gym leaders and the Elite Four were the best, plus would be cool to be picked up Skyla and be taken to Unova.

Strong Plot

The only Pokemon game that has the best plot is Pokemon White and Black because there was big reason to defeat Team Plasma. Other games just have you defeat the villainous team, beat the last gym leader and then face the Elite Four, what the problem is that sometimes the team’s motivation isn’t all remembered or forgotten (Team Flare’s). While in Pokemon White and Black, their motivation was well remembered and the best, it would be great if the team in Sun and Moon (if one is made) has a great motivation for their actions and we have a great climatic ending. It is called Sun/Moon, maybe trying to destroy them or something? We’ll see.

What features/improvements would you like to see in Pokemon Sun and Moon? Are you excited for the game? Comment below.