Random Super Smash Bros. Gamplay Video #4 – First Gameplay of Corrin and Bayonetta

I just download Corrin and Bayonetta and decided to just go in and fight blindly. Even though Bayonetta is the one most people (including myself) were more hyped about, I actually enjoy using Corrin more. With Bayonetta, you really need to practice alot with her since she is more combo oriented and I don’t use characters like her. With Corrin while he/she isn’t combo oriented, they do still need to be practiced for precision since of the tipper of their forward smash, side special, up smas, those attacks can KO pretty early if you hit the opponent at the precise moment. I’m definitely gonna do a whole lot of practicing with both characters, I very much enjoyed them. Here are the videos. I have to share the videos through my YouTube account.



I hope you enjoyed the Gameplay videos. What are your thoughts on Corrin and Bayonetta? Comment below.


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