Random Super Smash Bros. 3 Gameplay Video #4 – Zelda OP

So I decided to play 8 player Smash since I haven’t played that mode in a pretty long time and of course I have to play with my main, Zelda. In my opinion, Zelda is great in teams, 4 player, and 8 player Smash, her special and smash attacks can catch players and do a lot of damage, plus the elevator is great for getting multiple KOs, as seen in this video. Take a look

As a joke, I’m saying that Zelda OP because of how I was able to get 5 KOs using The Elevator. Of course I know she isn’t, I understand  her flaws, but she has many great strengths and that’s why I love her. Anyways, my jaw dropped and was shocked that I got 5 KOs with The Elevator, but it hyped me up, so much that I was kinda off my game near the end, that’s how I got KO’d and got combined by Samus, but in therms I still got the win. 

Hope you enjoyed this video, I will be posting more Top 10’s and Smash videos soon, just been busy. 


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