My Top 10 Anticipated Video Games of 2016

Like 2015, there are going to be great games coming out this year. From indie games to iconic franchises, it’s going to be a great year for gaming. Here are my top 10 anticipated games of 2016.
Honorable Mentions:

Telltales: Walking Dead Season 3

Release Date: TBA


Release Date: October 

Fire Emblem Fates

Release Date:

Birthright/Conquest – February 19

Revelation – March 10

Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus

Release Date: TBA

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst 

Release Date: May 24

#10. Star Fox Zero  Been awhile since we’ve seen this animorphic fox and his team take the sky. Going back to 64 gameplay. I can’t wait to fly an Arwing and control Walkers. We’ve missed you, Fox!

Release Date: April 21

#9. The Last Guardian  Been so long since this was announced and stuck in development hell. So glad to see it reemerge and hopefully have a release this year.

Release Date: TBA 

#8. Telltales: Batman While not much has been shown or been told, just the thought of a Batman game in the way of Telltales is enough to be excited about.

Release Date: TBA

#7. Street Fighter V A whole new chapter in this iconic fighting video game franchise will be released very soon. With new characters, improved graphics and a well received beta gameplay, Street Fighter keeps getting better.

Release Date: February 16

#6. Mighty No. 9  A couple of spiritual successors are coming out this year. With Capcom basically sealing MegaMan away, this game will bring back the old fashion MegaMan gameplay and I can’t wait.

Release Date: February 9

#5. Allison Road  While it’s still upsetting about Kojima’s Silent Hills cancellation, Allison Road will be carrying the spirit, atmosphere and scares into the game. With this being said, this game might be the scariest of the year.

Release Date: October

#4. Cuphead  With indie games getting popular, it can be hard to stand out, but this game got my full attention with its gorgeous 2D action and 1930’s style artwork. I would love to see some DLC with some famous cartoon characters with the ink blot animation like Betty Boop, Felix the Housecat, Popeye, Steamboat Willie, wouldn’t that be cool?

Release Date: TBA 

#3. Shantae: Half Genie Hero With transformations back and being able to play as Risky and Shantae’s friends, it’s going to be a great fun experience to have different play styles. Pirate’s Curse was great, looks like this one might be better. Beautiful graphics and cuter character designs, can’t wait for the next chapter of Shantae.

Release Date: Winter 

#2. Pokken Tournament  When it comes to Pokemon spinoffs, this one might be the most anticipated. With the makers of Tekken as the developers, this Pokemon fighting game looks like the anime. With a nice roster of Pokemon, the possibility of DLC, exciting gameplay and hype , this might be the fighting video game of the year. Would love to see this at EVO or any major tournament.

Release Date: March 18

#1. The Legend of Zelda Wii U Of course LoZ will top the list of anticipated video games. Having a big open world, this will be the biggest Zelda game with long lasting gameplay. The graphics look absolutely beautiful and pleasant, Link’s outfit looks great and perfect for cosplay (just saying). When it comes to LoZ, you just have to be hype for it no matter what.

Release Date: TBA

So those are my anticipated games of 2016, what are yours? Are you gonna buy any of those games? Comment below.


Pokken Tournament Release Date Announced

A few days ago, the release date for Pokken Tournament was announced, it’s being released on March 18th. There was other news regarding Pokken Tournament and it was about new fighters. Standard Mewtwo, Chandelure, Garchomp and Braixon were announced as new fighters.

It’s unknown if that’s all the fighters, or if more will be announced before the game is released, but the roster is now up to 16 fighters which is a nice amount. Here’s the full roster:














Pikachu Libre



Shadow Mewtwo  




And here are the Support Pokemon which come in pairs:

Emolga and Fennekin

Snivy and Lapras

Frogadier and Eevee

Mismagius and Ninetales

 Jirachi and Whimsicott
Croagunk and Sylveon

Farfetch’d and Electrode

Pachirisu and Magikarp

Of the 20 Pokemon I had on my woshlist, I posted last year, these 5 are the ones I want the most and think would make the game have variety.





There’s talk that there will be DLC so there will likely be more than 16 fighters in the game. I really hope there will be more, not a big fan of Pikachu and Mewtwo having a different variation. Also want more four legged Pokemon and no legged Pokemon, it will have more variety than just two legged Pokemon cause I’m sure it changes the play style of the Pokemon if they are two legged or four legged. Anyways, what do you think of the roster? Are you excited for March 18th? Are you gonna buy the game? Do you want DLC? What other Pokemon do you want added? Comment below

Random Super Smash Bros. 3 Gameplay Video #4 – Zelda OP

So I decided to play 8 player Smash since I haven’t played that mode in a pretty long time and of course I have to play with my main, Zelda. In my opinion, Zelda is great in teams, 4 player, and 8 player Smash, her special and smash attacks can catch players and do a lot of damage, plus the elevator is great for getting multiple KOs, as seen in this video. Take a look

As a joke, I’m saying that Zelda OP because of how I was able to get 5 KOs using The Elevator. Of course I know she isn’t, I understand  her flaws, but she has many great strengths and that’s why I love her. Anyways, my jaw dropped and was shocked that I got 5 KOs with The Elevator, but it hyped me up, so much that I was kinda off my game near the end, that’s how I got KO’d and got combined by Samus, but in therms I still got the win. 

Hope you enjoyed this video, I will be posting more Top 10’s and Smash videos soon, just been busy.