Top 10 Characters I Don’t Want As DLC

Last week, the Smash Ballot ended and would no longer take votes for whatever fighter you want in Smash Bros 4. Not long ago, I posted a list on which characters I want in Smash, this post is about what characters I don’t want as DLC. 
Honorable Mentions:

Chrom Lucina got in, Chrom didn’t, get over it. He makes an appearance in Robin’s Final Smash, it wouldn’t make sense to add him in as a playable fighter.


  It’s best if he’s just an Assist Trophy. There’s not much that can be done for him to be a playable fighter. Also he hasn’t had any more character added in like Daisy or Wario.

Sceptile  Just because Ivysaur wasn’t brought back, doesn’t mean we need a Grass Pokemon representative. He could have a cool moveset, but a better Nintendo or even a third party character should have the spot.

Banjo & Kazooie  Phil Spencer may have basically gave his blessing to let Nintendo use them, but I myself don’t see them as a good fit. They would look sort of out of place and since Ice Climbers couldn’t be brought back, I’m sure they won’t be considered.

Bayonetta  I love Bayonetta, but she’s just too sexual to be in the game. Also she’s way too tall, and being taller than Bowser would look kinda ridiculous and out of place. If they were to shorten her, it would look more ridiculous since all her proportions won’t look right.

10. Shovel Knight Just having an alright video game shouldn’t automatically qualify as a reason to include a third party character as a fighter. Would be better as a Mii costume, just saying.

9. Snake  I feel like characters who were already in the game series before shouldn’t be added back, wouldn’t you rather have a brand new character than a returning one.

8. Wolf  Another character I don’t want returning especially since he’s an altered clone. Say what you want, but when it comes down to it, Wolf was just a clone, don’t need anymore of them in Smash 4.

7. Ice Climbers  The last fighter(s) I don’t want to return. When it was announced they won’t be returning, I was glad, from their inescapable chain grabbing and wobbling, Ice Climbers ruined the fun.

6. Shadow  

Like Waluigi, it’s best to keep him as an Assist Trophy. He will be similar to Sonic but would probably be an altered clone, no one wants that. He’s not douchey enough to be in the game, he might be a fan favorite, but come on, he’s not all that special.

5. Inkling 

In what way would this even work? The same reason I have for Shovel Knight is the same reason I have for this character.

4. Chibi Robo  He’s way too small and not all that popular. If he got in, it would be very questionable, he’s not that much of an interesting character to turn into a fighting character. He would look like a second rate R.O.B.

3. Ridley He’s way too big! People need to stop trying to make this happen. If he were to somehow make it in, I can already see him being broken.

2. Freddy Fazbear  Seeing that he is a character originating from a video game, it’s unfortunately possible he can be added. That being said, it would be stupid and will not make sense. No possible way of him having a moveset anyways.

1. Any character not originating from a video game  Mickey Mouse? Ummm what? Shrek? WTF? Goku? STFU! GTFO! Smash Bros. is a fighting game with characters crossing over from other video games and yet “fans” still want characters not originating from a video game. If any characters like that were to be added, Nintendo would have sold out and would be fucked.

What characters do you not want in the game? Comment below. Feel free to disagree with any characters I don’t want in the game.


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