Top 10 Characters I Want As DLC for SSB4 Wishlist

Back in April, Nintendo has put out an online ballot for DLC suggestions for Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS. This ballot is open until October 3rd. No character has not been announced yet to be downloaded from this ballot. There’s a wide variety of characters that should be considered for this. Now this list is just my wishlist, just characters I would love to see in the game. I’m only listing characters that were originally in video games, so no stupid shitty suggestions like Goku or Shrek. Let’s begin!

Honorable Mentions:
Bandana Waddle Dee from Return To Dreamland
This might just be a regular enemy in Dreamland but in the game Return to Dreamland, Nintendo made this common enemy into a very awesome character. Return To Dreamland has already made a move list for this character so why not have it in SSB?

Rundas from Metroid Prime  We need another Metroid representative that could actually fit in the game and he is the only other person who stood out. Since Ice Climbers are out, need a new character who specializes in ice attacks.

Impa from Hyrule Warriors  We also need a new Legend of Zelda representative. Impa’s design and fighting style in Hyrule Warriors was one of the best and she has a huge fan following now cause of it.

Bomberman from Bomberman  He’s kind of a gaming icon and it would be cool to have him. Since he specializes in bombs, it would be an interesting fighting style.

Alexandra Roivas from Eternal Darkness It might be an odd choice, but Sakurai and the team like to do that and it would be cool to see how creative they can be on a character from a horror game.

10. Tails or Knuckles from Sonic series  

 I couldn’t really choose between these two so just added them together as one slot. Both characters have different personalities and. Tails can easily be an aerial fighter and Knuckles can be a brute fighter. Wouldn’t it be nice to see the duo (Sonic and Tails) or the former rivals (Sonic and Knuckles) or even the whole trio in the game? Just don’t want the Sonic Boom design.
9. Captain Syrup  Wario’s archenemy/villain from Wario Land. She really stood out for being a strong and cunning pirate. Fans want Tetra, but I rather have another Wario representative. Also she would be the first female villain to be added in the roster, something completely new. Since pirates use bombs and cannons, that could be some of her special attacks and her Final Smash could be using The Sweet Stuff. She’s been in three games of the Wario Land series and each of them, she becomes a new character and is able to hold herself as a villain. 

8. Krystal from Star Fox series She has been wanted in the game since back in Melee so she should be highly considered. She’s a spear wielding character so she would have a very unique fighting style. She was included in the Lylat Cruise taunt conversations in Brawl so instead of teasing us with an Easter Egg, they should actually put her in the game. The game really needs a new Star Fox character, that isn’t a Fox clone.

7. Isaac from Golden Sun series  The main protagonist from Golden Sun who did appear as a Assist Trophy in Brawl but didn’t return. This magic wielding warrior has the ability to manipulate earth-based forces such as ground and plants through a sorcerous craft called Psynergy. There’s so much Sakurai and his team could to with Isaac, he has many powers that can really help him. Because only relying on powers, he would be like the male version of Zelda, so he would be a defensive player more than an offensive one. Judgment can easily be his Final Smash, but just not as catastrophic. Now Little Mac was promoted from Assist Trophy into playable fighter and now Isaac was removed as an Assist Trophy so let’s hope that he gets promoted into a DLC playable fighter. 

6. Rayman from Rayman series There was a leak that he has been announced for DLC, but was fake and while there maybe a trophy for him, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t still be considered. Making a comeback to the video game world with Rayman Legend and Origins, Rayman should definitely be considered. He is a very unique character and would bring much personality to the game. 

5. Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark  Rather have her in it than Banjo and Kazooie. The game needs a new badass female protagonist and Joanna is the only one I could think of who could rival Samus. She has agile movements and specializes in firearms so she could be like Zero Suit Samus and Snake combined. With Perfect Dark 64 having a strong cult behind it, Sakurai should at least consider her. She just shouldn’t be sexualized.

4. Dixie Kong from Donkey Kong Series  She has been in three Donkey Kong Country games and has very unique abilities. She’s just as nimble as Diddy, but would have more tricks up her sleeve than her boyfriend. She has bubblegum which can trap opponents, her electric guitar which can be her Final Smash and she has her animal friends to help her in battle. Due to her ponytail being able to help her glide in the air, she could be a very strong aerial fighter with combos like Diddy but slightly weaker. When it comes to the Donkey Kong Country series, along with Diddy and DK, she has appeared in three of them and had the most unique play style. Out of everybody else in the DK crew, she’s the most requested and the most unique. 

3. Shantae from Shantae series  Now I heard many rumors that she will be the best character to be added as DLC, and while I do hope these rumors come true, nothing is yet to be confirmed. This indie video game character has a huge fan following and can really be bring something to Smash Bros. While she may have hair that can attack like Dixie Kong, there’s more she can do. She’s able to use her magic and transform herself into animals. These magic powers can be easily turned into her special moves and even her Final Smash. This kind of move set would make her one of the most original characters in the roster. Let’s hope the rumors come true. 

2. King K Rool from Donkey Kong Country  Might be another Donkey Country series character, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Mario, Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Starfox, Metroid, Pokemon all had a villain in the game, but Donkey Kong still hasn’t had his villain in the game. He has been a villain in four different Donkey Kong games and in each one, there’s a different way to fight him in which he shows different moves, from the classic charging at you after throwing his crown, shooting barrels or boxing, he is meant for Smash Bros. Unlike Bowser and King Dedede, King K Rool is actually pretty fast for his size and can really cause heavy damage. My thought for his Final Smash is him summoning cannonballs down onto the stage like in Donkey Kong Country. 

1. Daisy from Mario Strikers Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, DK, Wario and Waluigi are all in the game, that’s right, all the playable characters from Mario Party 3 and yet Daisy isn’t at all. Many argue that Daisy will just be a Peach clone, but one thing that makes Daisy different from Peach is her tomboy appeal and that she can hold her own ground. One thing me and fans will argue is that she should have a move set based on one of the sports games she’s been in. I feel like her Mario Strikers would fit perfectly, since her special move can be her Final Smash. It can be a trapped Final Smash in which Koopas in soccer uniforms can run toward the background and those hit will be cut to a scene in which they are on a soccer field and Daisy does her special and knocks them into the goal, then it cuts back to the game and they are then launched away. I always loved Daisy, she’s my favorite and just want to see her in the game.

Voting is still open and will be closed on October 3rd. So vote who you want, please just only video game characters (will be making a list for characters who shouldn’t be considered as DLC). What characters have you voted for? Comment below.


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