Tournament Mode For Smash Bros. Wii U

After many months of waiting and finally testing, I gotta say Tournment Online Mode is not good. There are two different types of tournaments in this mode, community and bracket. Community mode lets you set your own rules and bracket mode is the competitive one where you must follow a set of rules. These two modes are fine and all, but when you look more into them, there’s a couple of problems.

First of all, players can’t make 1v1 matches, there’s only free for all. This prevents players from making true competitive tournaments like the big tournaments held every year.

Second, Nintendo is the only one that can make the bracket tournaments, no one else can make one online or offline (which is also a big problem). In the bracket mode, the rules are 2 stocks and 3 minutes, which is a problem because matches could possibly lead timeouts and so the player who dealt the most damage will win instead of the player who has the least amount of damage at the end. The brackets start at only specific times and don’t automatically start when the bracket is filled up so you could possibly wait for an hour or so just to play. Also when playing in your bracket and if one of the players disconnects, it will count as a loss for both players and will be removed from the tournament. I’ve experienced this abut three times the first day I tried this out and it’s just annoying. So when a player decides to get salty and not accept their loss, they make you lose as well and when it’s free for all, that player made three others lose as well. Even when playing in Finals, if a player decides to disconnect, the tournament is just over and no winner is announced.

The last big problem in these modes is that the matches seem more Kathy than the ones on For Glory. And because of this problem, this gives players an excuse to disconnect and cause you both to lose. I loved the tournament modes in Melee and Brawl, but this one is a huge step back, it’s definitely not good. Very disappointing.


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