Stages I Want As DLC For Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS

Back in Nintendo’s Online Direct, many things were revealed about downloadable content and future updates. They released Ryu, Roy and Lucas as character DLC and they released Dreamland as a stage DLC. Both Peach’s Castle and Hyrule Castle from N64 will be future stage DLC. Since they announced this, I hope they announce more stages for DLC so while many people have compiled lists for characters they want DLC, I decided to do list on stages I would want as DLC. Let’s begin!
Honorable Mentions:

Summit from Brawl Since Ice Climbers were cut out, why not pay tribute to them with releasing this awesome stage?

Fountain of Dreams from Melee The most visually appealing stage from Melee. It has beautiful fighting music and is a complete fan favorite.

Mushroom Kingdom from Melee Since Mario Maker will be coming out in September, why not have this stage as DLC?

5. Pirate Ship from Brawl  I’m very surprised this didn’t make the cut. Wind Waker was re-released for the Wii U so this should have been in the game. Using inspiration from a Rainbow Cruise, but this time in water, the stage is a side scrolling joy.

4. Brinstar Depths from Melee  One of the most unique stages from the series. The stage gets turned clockwise and counterclockwise by Kraid. With no ledges to grab on, you have to make sure you make it back on stage correctly or you’ll end up in the lava blast zone. Since this stage is impossible to hold on to, it would make more battles more intense and fun.

3. Great Bay from Melee  Another stage I’m surprised didn’t make the cut. With the 3DS remake for Majora’s Mask, this stage based on Termina’s Great Bay from the game should have been included. Fighting outside of the Marine Research Lab with a special appearance by the Giant Turtle and Tingle. As the battle ensues, you get to see the Four Giants push back the falling moon. Was this not included because Tingle is an Assist Trophy? Even if that’s the case, it really shouldn’t matter.

2. Poke Floats from Melee  Another unique stage coming from Melee. Like Brinstar Depths, you have no ledges to hold onto, but what also makes this stage unique/hard is that’s a scrolling stage. You ride the sky in giant Pokemon floats as you struggle to survive the battle. Combining elements from Rainbow Cruise and Brinstar Depths, this stage really stood out. It’s my favorite stage from Melee.

1. Saffron City from 64  The most liked stage from the original Smash Bros. on the 64. Fighting on top of the city’s tall buildings and the Silph Co. building itself with Pokemon appearing out of the building door, this stage was the most hazardous from 64. With four Kanto Pokemon in the roster, it would be perfect nostalgia to have this stage as DLC. I would be ok if they kept the original Pokemon coming out of the building, but if they add more, I won’t be mad. This is my all time favorite Smash Bros. stage so I hope they release more stages as DLC and I hope this one makes the cut.

The Super Smash Bros franchise has many stages to fight on so it will makes sense if they only release a few of stages as DLC. While there hasn’t been any news on when Peach’s Castle and Hyrule Castle will be released, I hope they will release it soon so the chance of more stages will be released. I hope for the same with DLC fighters, I will be posting on a list of my wish list for fighter DLC soon. What stages do you want as DLC? Comment below.


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