Top 25 Favorite Final Smashes

Lately, I’ve been playing a lot of Smash Bros for the Wii U and I still get very excited when a Final Smash happens, so it makes sense to make a countdown of my favorite Final Smashes. This countdown consists of my favorite Final Smashes, not the best or the strongest, just ones I love to use and see. So let’s begin!

25. Luigi – Poltergust 5000 Luigi takes out the Poltergust 5000, sucks in close enemies and then shoots them with great launch. His Final Smash in Brawl was creative and unique, but this one really fits for him since it ties in with his spin-off game. Also it’s more effective and can guarantee KO’s.

24. Link/Toon Link – Triforce Slash   Trapping an opponent between two images of the Triforce, Link repeatedly slashes them with tons of damage and finishing with a powerful launch, enough to KO. Very strong and very mind blowing. Link is the Hero of Time for a reason.

23. Dr. Mario/Mario – Finale Mario shoots a massive stream of fire while Dr. Mario shoots out two large Megavitamins which drags opponents sideways. Both are visually appealing and cause great knock back. While I love Dr. Mario’s more, both are cool and fun to watch.

22. Shulk – Chain Attack   Summoning Dunban and Riki, Shulk and the gang perform a devastating chain of attacks on the poor sucked who got trapped. Shulk then ends it with a massive strike causing serious knock back. Definitely Shulk Time when he gets the Smash Ball. Only question is – where was Reyn?

21. Diddy Kong – Rocketbarrel Barrage   DK’s little pal puts on his Rocketbarrels and flies around, firing powerful shots from his Peanut Popguns. It’s fun to control and a blast to shoot explosive peanuts at your opponents.

20. Bowser Jr. – Shadow Mario Paint   Bowser Jr. transforms himself to the mischievous Shadow Mario he was known for in Super Mario Sunshine and then paints a giant X on the screen. If you happen to be in the X, you will be damaged, when the Final Smash is over, if you’re in the X, you will suffer a big launch. The Future King is a force to be reckon with.

19. Ness/Lucas – PK Starstorm Ness and Lucas’s Final Smash is slightly altered, but it’s still awesome. Summoning down strong meteorites from the sky in a fast stream, the user is able to change the direction in which they fall. It’s perfect to target opponents that are close to each other, push them off screen and KO them.

18. Jigglypuff – Puff Up  Many players don’t like this Final Smash and usually call it one of the worst Final Smashes, but I like it. Jigglypuff starts inflating into a gigantic bumper in which is very hard to jump over. It’s great to use when opponents are at one edge, so you can trap them and push them off the stage.

17. Fox/Falco/Wolf -Landmaster  The Final Smash from the Star Fox trio. While each has different attributes, all three is still awesome to use this huge machine on the stage. Shorting the cannon, doing barrel rolls and flying opponents off the screen, this Final Smash is very enjoyable.

16. Robin – Pair Up  Chrom does have a chance! When the Final Smash is activated, Chrom dashes across the screen and if he runs into an opponent, they are launched into the center of the air where Chrom and Robin will unleash multiple attacks. The two then unleash a powerful blow downwards, send the opponent(s) to the ground. Strong, awesome, and has Chrom, great Final Smash.

15. Captain Falcon – Blue Falcon Summoning the Blue Falcon, in which will hit opponents, a cutscene begins where opponents are on a race track showing Captain Falcon racing down and hitting them. When the Final Smash is complete, the opponent(s) will be launched away. You think Nintendo is all family friendly? Think again, this Final Smash enables you to do a hit and run on your opponents.

14. Villager – Dream Home This Final Smash is just hilarious and a bit messed up as well. When activated, Tom Nook, Timmy and Tommy begin to build a house around the trapped opponent(s) as the Villager cheers on, and when finished, the three Nooks and the Villager celebrate before it explodes. It’s charming and funny to see this, but also messed up because the Villager pays Tom Nook to do this. That’s cold, Villager!

13. Mr. Game and Watch – Octopus Transforming into a giant octopus, Mr. Game and Watch begins to wreak havoc. Being able to ram into opponents and use the tentacles to attack is so much fun. Might be slow to move, but slow and deadly wins the match.

12. Pac-Man – Super Pac-Man  Ah, another gaming icon transforming into a destructive giant. When the Final Smash is used, Pac-Man transforms into 8-but Super Pac-Man, in which he can move around the screen and chomp down his opponents. When chomped, they get damaged, launched and become floating eyes. Fun in the 80’s, still fun today.

11. Olimar – End of Day
When activated, Olimar hops into his Hocotate Ship and flies up off the screen while opponents will be articles by Bulborbs and then Olimar crashes back on the stage with a powerful explosion. This Final Smash can cause massive damage and huge knock back making this very devastating. 

10. Palutena – Black Hole Laser  Watch this! The great Lady Palutena has a very cool flashy Final Smash. She creates a Black Hole in which her opponents are sucked in and then she goes off side and fires the Mega Laser, causing great damage and knock back. Even if you don’t get sucked into the black hole, you can still get hit by the laser so better watch out. This Final Smash is pretty overwhelming and cool. Make sure to do her pole twirling taunt afterwards.

9. Mewtwo – Psystrike Evolving into Mewtwo Y, a large energy sphere is thrown which will trap opponents, and those caught will be blasted away by a powerful mental shock blast. I actually never cared for Mewtwo, but gotta say his Final Smash is wickedly awesome. Mewtwo Strikes Back? Yeah, no shit.

8. Duck Hunt – NES Zapper Posse 8-bit Ducks fly towards the background when the Final Smash is activated. Those who are hit are taken to a cutscene that consists of the Wild Gunmen are having a duel with the thugs from Hogan’s Alley. The opponents are hit by bullets and cans which causes them to go flying off. The Final Smash is very visually appealing and has wonderful 8-bit nostalgia.

7. Samus – Zero Laser  Better watch out when Samus has the Smash Ball. When activated, she fires a huge beam of energy dealing a significant amount of damage. It’s very hard to dodge and difficult to survive. When trapped in the Final Smash, you’re pushed back and then blasted far away. Samus’s Zero Laser is impressive, visually awesome and downright devastating.

6. Ganondorf – Beast Ganon  Aw man, this Final Smash is just ferocious! When used, if you’re in the line of sight, you’re petrified as Ganondorf transforms into the demonic beast, Ganon. He then charges forward with huge power causing massive damage and knock back. It’s a Final Smash that’s a sight to behold and dodge. Ganondorf is really the King of Evil.

5. Marth/Lucina – Critical Hit  Both Marth’s and Lucina’s deadly Final Smash. They launch themselves sideways at a fast pace and unleashes a powerful slash that deals incredible high amount of knock back that will guarantee a OHKO. When Marth or Lucina has a Final Smash, I recommend running away or try to KO them quickly.

4. Ike – Great Aether  Some other characters have tried to duplicate this Final Smash, but Ike is the original and the most badass of them all. Swinging his sword forward and anybody who is hit is sent in the air where Ike unleashes slashes and kicks, then he knocks them downward with a powerful blow that will cause an explosion. This is why we like Ike.

3. Yoshi – Super Dragon  Sprouting wings enabling him to fly, Yoshi is able to breathe fire and shoot fireballs. The most fun transformation Final Smash in the game. Lasting about 20 seconds, you’re able to wreak all sorts of havoc on your opponents. Being able to experience flying Yoshi like in Super Mario World is just nostalgic and great.

2. MegaMan – Mega Legends  The absolute coolest Final Smash. When activated, Mega Man shoots forward a Black Hole to trap his opponents, a cutscene is shown where you get to see the other four incarnations of Mega Man. They then shoot a powerful laser blast at the opponent(s) which will send them flying away. This was first seen at the Invitational Tournament at E3 which caused a whole lot of hype, probably as much as when he was revealed as a fighter. Every time I see this Final Smash, I still get hyped up.

1. Zelda/Sheik – Light Arrow  Zelda is my main so of course she’s gonna be on this list. Now she’s not number one because she’s my favorite character in the game, it’s cause her Final Smash is epic. Drawing out a large now with a strong Light Arrow, Zelda/Sheik will shoot it across the stage, hit and launch opponents who are in the way. Those who are hit will be humiliated because the match will be paused and a close up of each opponent hit will be shown. With great launching power, cinematography and a perfect tie-in to her involvement in Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, this Final Smash is all sorts of awesome. When I first saw I it, I automatically loved it and I still do, easily my absolute favorite.

There you go, my top 25 Final Smashes in the Super Smash Bros franchise. Some are strong, some are fun to use and some are visually appealing, the Final Smash was a perfect addition to the game series. Which are your favorite Final Smashes? Comment below. Expect more posts dealing with Super Smash Bros.


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