10 Things I Love About Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS

I made a list about the things I don’t really like in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS, well now it’s time to discuss about the things I love about the game.

10. Online Mode

I might have stopped playing online and have made a list of stereotypes about For Glory, but doesn’t stop it from being a great online mode. Having a mode for competitive smash and one for the casual ones is a great idea. For Fun, you’ll be able to play with items and it won’t affect your record. Being a casual and also a competitive player, it’s great to have this option. For Glory is very competitive and cutthroat, your opponents go all out and try to make you feel small, I love it. Also need to mention how the connectivity has vastly improved. Very awesome!

9. Smash Tour

A fun, strategic Mario Party game included in Smash Bros. Using your Mii, you travel around the board while collecting fighters, stats boosts for your fighters and running into obstacles. The inclusion of the Miis as your avatar for the game (which will be discussed later) makes total sense. Being able to screw over your friends/opponents on the board or in a battle, gives great/bad memories of my time playing Mario Party. Adding this mode is great for casual and competitive players.

8. AI Difficulty

Man, the difficulty on the AI has vastly improved. Sure the difficulty in Master Core is completely ridiculous, but it’s always fun to rage, but not too much. In Brawl, they weren’t much of a problem, but in this one, they’re more challenging. I’ve been comboed, spiked and home run batted by the computers, ridiculous but still enjoyable. The harder AI really makes the battles more intense and fun at the same time. Makes me a better player.

7. Custom Moves

The reveal of custom moves in the 50 Fact Extravaganza was very exciting. Being able to change or improve the characters’ moves is a lot of fun and smart. These custom loves really makes the gameplay and battles more diverse and more strategic. Every time I unlocked new custom moves, I would go to the custom moves and try them out and see how I could use them in battles. Wish they could be easier to unlock, but oh well.

6. Mii Fighters

An idea that was considered for Brawl, and now makes it into the game. You’re given three different fighting styles for the Mii: Brawler, Swordsman and Gunner. You’re then able to customize their moves, stars and outfit. You’re able to dress them in a ridiculous fashion or in a complete costume. Being able to dress your Mii as a pirate or as Zero is a whole lot of fun. All three are cool and have great moves, but my favorite is the Gunner. I love the moves, the outfits and the Final Smash. It would be cool if they could add another Mii Fighter style like one who deals with magic (Wizard) or a Ninja. That would be pretty awesome.

5. New Stages and Omega Form

The new stages added are very unique and awesome. My favorites being Kalos Pokemon League, Yoshi’s Wooly World, Gamer and Jungle Hijinxs. The layout and the I game interactive elements in each new stage really makes the battles very interesting and different. The new added feature to the stages is the Omega Form, which what makes the stage flat, making it like Final Destination. This feature can be used in Regular, Special and 8 Player Smash, making each battle more intense. I love this feature, I battle on Omega Form in about every battle.

4. New and Buffed Moves

Every sequel to the series, all the characters’ moves are buffed and nerfed. In this installment, many moves were buffed, introduced or changed. Zelda’s Farore’s Wind has been greatly buffed, when used beside an opponent, they are launched up and if Zelda follows through, she will hit them and knock them back, and the knock back can also KO opponents near the edge of the stage. This move is appropriately called The Elevator, since Zelda is my main, I absolutely love this move, it can make KO’s surprising and satisfying. Other moves that were buffed, introduced or changed were King Dedede’s side B (now only throws Gordos) and Sheik’s down B (no longer transforms, now is the Bouncing Fish).

3. The Graphics

When the graphics for the game were first shown during Nintendo’s E3 live stream, I’m sure everybody who watched were blown away. The graphics for the 3DS were pretty impressive, but when it transitioned to the Wii U, just jaw dropping graphics. I know graphics don’t make the game good, but it was impossible not to mention them. The characters and stages all look very great. Ike, Link, Little Mac and Captain Falcon all look very hot. Zelda, Zero Suit Samus, Palutena and Marth all look very pretty as well. Nintendo has really made this into a very gorgeous visual appealing fighting game.

2. New Characters

New characters are added in every game and in this one, they’ve added many great ones. You think adding Sonic in Brawl was awesome, in this one, they added Pac-Man and Megaman, that’s right, all four iconic video game characters in one game. What makes each new character more great is their uniqueness, they all (except Dark Pit, Lucina and Dr. Mario) have original moves. Some of the characters added were very controversial and shocking (Villager and Wii Fit Trainer), but shows that Sakurai and his team are extremely creative. I never would think of adding Wii Fit Trainer or Villager as a fighter in Smash, and they fit very well. I can’t wait to see who will be added as DLC.

1. 8 Player Smash

Now 8 players can play! This is absolutely fucking fantastic! Every Smash player who heard this were all probably excited for this new mode. You know when you have a family gathering or a birthday, adults and everybody near your age and younger come over to celebrate, and video games are the great way to past time. Usually only four people could play, but Nintendo fixed this problem with this mode. The first time I played this, I was lost (couldn’t find myself sometimes) and I was having a shit ton of fun. Playing with family or friends really makes the battles more enjoyable, that is if neither of you get salty. Even playing with seven computers is a lot of fun. Hope this life comes to the next game, that is if Sakurai still wants to keep making this. Let’s hope!

Thank you Sakurai for not only making this game, but this series. This is my absolute favorite fighting game series. I laughed, I cried, I yelled, I enjoy every moment of the game. I may nitpick on the game, but it’s all out of love. When it all comes down to it, it only matters if the game is fun, and it is. The features I mentioned in this list, in my opinion really makes the game very enjoyable. What are your favorite features of the game? Comment below


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