Stages I Want As DLC For Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS

Back in Nintendo’s Online Direct, many things were revealed about downloadable content and future updates. They released Ryu, Roy and Lucas as character DLC and they released Dreamland as a stage DLC. Both Peach’s Castle and Hyrule Castle from N64 will be future stage DLC. Since they announced this, I hope they announce more stages for DLC so while many people have compiled lists for characters they want DLC, I decided to do list on stages I would want as DLC. Let’s begin!
Honorable Mentions:

Summit from Brawl Since Ice Climbers were cut out, why not pay tribute to them with releasing this awesome stage?

Fountain of Dreams from Melee The most visually appealing stage from Melee. It has beautiful fighting music and is a complete fan favorite.

Mushroom Kingdom from Melee Since Mario Maker will be coming out in September, why not have this stage as DLC?

5. Pirate Ship from Brawl  I’m very surprised this didn’t make the cut. Wind Waker was re-released for the Wii U so this should have been in the game. Using inspiration from a Rainbow Cruise, but this time in water, the stage is a side scrolling joy.

4. Brinstar Depths from Melee  One of the most unique stages from the series. The stage gets turned clockwise and counterclockwise by Kraid. With no ledges to grab on, you have to make sure you make it back on stage correctly or you’ll end up in the lava blast zone. Since this stage is impossible to hold on to, it would make more battles more intense and fun.

3. Great Bay from Melee  Another stage I’m surprised didn’t make the cut. With the 3DS remake for Majora’s Mask, this stage based on Termina’s Great Bay from the game should have been included. Fighting outside of the Marine Research Lab with a special appearance by the Giant Turtle and Tingle. As the battle ensues, you get to see the Four Giants push back the falling moon. Was this not included because Tingle is an Assist Trophy? Even if that’s the case, it really shouldn’t matter.

2. Poke Floats from Melee  Another unique stage coming from Melee. Like Brinstar Depths, you have no ledges to hold onto, but what also makes this stage unique/hard is that’s a scrolling stage. You ride the sky in giant Pokemon floats as you struggle to survive the battle. Combining elements from Rainbow Cruise and Brinstar Depths, this stage really stood out. It’s my favorite stage from Melee.

1. Saffron City from 64  The most liked stage from the original Smash Bros. on the 64. Fighting on top of the city’s tall buildings and the Silph Co. building itself with Pokemon appearing out of the building door, this stage was the most hazardous from 64. With four Kanto Pokemon in the roster, it would be perfect nostalgia to have this stage as DLC. I would be ok if they kept the original Pokemon coming out of the building, but if they add more, I won’t be mad. This is my all time favorite Smash Bros. stage so I hope they release more stages as DLC and I hope this one makes the cut.

The Super Smash Bros franchise has many stages to fight on so it will makes sense if they only release a few of stages as DLC. While there hasn’t been any news on when Peach’s Castle and Hyrule Castle will be released, I hope they will release it soon so the chance of more stages will be released. I hope for the same with DLC fighters, I will be posting on a list of my wish list for fighter DLC soon. What stages do you want as DLC? Comment below.


10 Favorite Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS Memes

Memes are really a thing of beauty, taking a image and altering it or adding text really can make phenomenon in social media. When characters were announced in Super Smash Bros for the Wii U and 3DS, it didn’t stop fans to make their own memes. Sure, it’s been many months since the characters and the game itself came out, but it doesn’t mean the memes are still enjoyable to look at. Let’s took a look at my favorite ones.


She even points to herself that she can help you die. I’ll just ask the male Wii Fit Trainer to help me lose some weight.


 Haha, this one cracks me up, but also scares me. Never want to laugh when somebody is carrying an axe.

 When Greninja was first announced and Mewtwo wasn’t, I was actually happy, never cared for Mewtwo. And when I saw this meme, it made me laugh cause that’s how I felt when I first saw the reveal trailer.


 Aww man this is just cold insult to Michael J. Fox. Also pretty scary to question what would happen to Fox McCloud. Even MegaMan is surprised by what is said.


 Mixing Ike’s iconic phrase and an iconic show’s poster, genius. The meme uses the six Fire Emblem characters featured in the game and is beautifully photoshopped in. This meme is hilarious and is a great pop culture reference.


 Another meme using a pop culture reference. It is a completely messed up about the reference it is using, but it does fit because how The Villager is in the game. See next meme for what I mean.



This just makes the hairs on your neck stand up. Mario looks absolutely terrified and surprised about what is said. The second image with the closeup of The Villager is terrifying and very dark.


 I absolutely love puns so this meme won me over. It’s a dark, funny and very clever meme that really fits the image. This is my favorite meme for when Wii Fit Trainer was announced.


 This is just the stuff of nightmares! I was terrified when I first saw this meme, I can’t watch The Shining anymore without visualizing this. He’s nicknames Killager for a reason.


 I love this episode of SpongeBob so when I saw this meme, I laughed my ass off. It uses Villager smartly and the scene of SpongeBob as well. When it comes to Smash Bros memes, I say this was the best one. Using Spongebob for a meme is always the best. Very funny and clever. I just can’t stop laughing at this meme.

So there you go, my favorite memes dealing with Super Smash Bros for the Wii U and 3DS. What were your favorite ones?  Please share.

Top 25 Favorite Final Smashes

Lately, I’ve been playing a lot of Smash Bros for the Wii U and I still get very excited when a Final Smash happens, so it makes sense to make a countdown of my favorite Final Smashes. This countdown consists of my favorite Final Smashes, not the best or the strongest, just ones I love to use and see. So let’s begin!

25. Luigi – Poltergust 5000 Luigi takes out the Poltergust 5000, sucks in close enemies and then shoots them with great launch. His Final Smash in Brawl was creative and unique, but this one really fits for him since it ties in with his spin-off game. Also it’s more effective and can guarantee KO’s.

24. Link/Toon Link – Triforce Slash   Trapping an opponent between two images of the Triforce, Link repeatedly slashes them with tons of damage and finishing with a powerful launch, enough to KO. Very strong and very mind blowing. Link is the Hero of Time for a reason.

23. Dr. Mario/Mario – Finale Mario shoots a massive stream of fire while Dr. Mario shoots out two large Megavitamins which drags opponents sideways. Both are visually appealing and cause great knock back. While I love Dr. Mario’s more, both are cool and fun to watch.

22. Shulk – Chain Attack   Summoning Dunban and Riki, Shulk and the gang perform a devastating chain of attacks on the poor sucked who got trapped. Shulk then ends it with a massive strike causing serious knock back. Definitely Shulk Time when he gets the Smash Ball. Only question is – where was Reyn?

21. Diddy Kong – Rocketbarrel Barrage   DK’s little pal puts on his Rocketbarrels and flies around, firing powerful shots from his Peanut Popguns. It’s fun to control and a blast to shoot explosive peanuts at your opponents.

20. Bowser Jr. – Shadow Mario Paint   Bowser Jr. transforms himself to the mischievous Shadow Mario he was known for in Super Mario Sunshine and then paints a giant X on the screen. If you happen to be in the X, you will be damaged, when the Final Smash is over, if you’re in the X, you will suffer a big launch. The Future King is a force to be reckon with.

19. Ness/Lucas – PK Starstorm Ness and Lucas’s Final Smash is slightly altered, but it’s still awesome. Summoning down strong meteorites from the sky in a fast stream, the user is able to change the direction in which they fall. It’s perfect to target opponents that are close to each other, push them off screen and KO them.

18. Jigglypuff – Puff Up  Many players don’t like this Final Smash and usually call it one of the worst Final Smashes, but I like it. Jigglypuff starts inflating into a gigantic bumper in which is very hard to jump over. It’s great to use when opponents are at one edge, so you can trap them and push them off the stage.

17. Fox/Falco/Wolf -Landmaster  The Final Smash from the Star Fox trio. While each has different attributes, all three is still awesome to use this huge machine on the stage. Shorting the cannon, doing barrel rolls and flying opponents off the screen, this Final Smash is very enjoyable.

16. Robin – Pair Up  Chrom does have a chance! When the Final Smash is activated, Chrom dashes across the screen and if he runs into an opponent, they are launched into the center of the air where Chrom and Robin will unleash multiple attacks. The two then unleash a powerful blow downwards, send the opponent(s) to the ground. Strong, awesome, and has Chrom, great Final Smash.

15. Captain Falcon – Blue Falcon Summoning the Blue Falcon, in which will hit opponents, a cutscene begins where opponents are on a race track showing Captain Falcon racing down and hitting them. When the Final Smash is complete, the opponent(s) will be launched away. You think Nintendo is all family friendly? Think again, this Final Smash enables you to do a hit and run on your opponents.

14. Villager – Dream Home This Final Smash is just hilarious and a bit messed up as well. When activated, Tom Nook, Timmy and Tommy begin to build a house around the trapped opponent(s) as the Villager cheers on, and when finished, the three Nooks and the Villager celebrate before it explodes. It’s charming and funny to see this, but also messed up because the Villager pays Tom Nook to do this. That’s cold, Villager!

13. Mr. Game and Watch – Octopus Transforming into a giant octopus, Mr. Game and Watch begins to wreak havoc. Being able to ram into opponents and use the tentacles to attack is so much fun. Might be slow to move, but slow and deadly wins the match.

12. Pac-Man – Super Pac-Man  Ah, another gaming icon transforming into a destructive giant. When the Final Smash is used, Pac-Man transforms into 8-but Super Pac-Man, in which he can move around the screen and chomp down his opponents. When chomped, they get damaged, launched and become floating eyes. Fun in the 80’s, still fun today.

11. Olimar – End of Day
When activated, Olimar hops into his Hocotate Ship and flies up off the screen while opponents will be articles by Bulborbs and then Olimar crashes back on the stage with a powerful explosion. This Final Smash can cause massive damage and huge knock back making this very devastating. 

10. Palutena – Black Hole Laser  Watch this! The great Lady Palutena has a very cool flashy Final Smash. She creates a Black Hole in which her opponents are sucked in and then she goes off side and fires the Mega Laser, causing great damage and knock back. Even if you don’t get sucked into the black hole, you can still get hit by the laser so better watch out. This Final Smash is pretty overwhelming and cool. Make sure to do her pole twirling taunt afterwards.

9. Mewtwo – Psystrike Evolving into Mewtwo Y, a large energy sphere is thrown which will trap opponents, and those caught will be blasted away by a powerful mental shock blast. I actually never cared for Mewtwo, but gotta say his Final Smash is wickedly awesome. Mewtwo Strikes Back? Yeah, no shit.

8. Duck Hunt – NES Zapper Posse 8-bit Ducks fly towards the background when the Final Smash is activated. Those who are hit are taken to a cutscene that consists of the Wild Gunmen are having a duel with the thugs from Hogan’s Alley. The opponents are hit by bullets and cans which causes them to go flying off. The Final Smash is very visually appealing and has wonderful 8-bit nostalgia.

7. Samus – Zero Laser  Better watch out when Samus has the Smash Ball. When activated, she fires a huge beam of energy dealing a significant amount of damage. It’s very hard to dodge and difficult to survive. When trapped in the Final Smash, you’re pushed back and then blasted far away. Samus’s Zero Laser is impressive, visually awesome and downright devastating.

6. Ganondorf – Beast Ganon  Aw man, this Final Smash is just ferocious! When used, if you’re in the line of sight, you’re petrified as Ganondorf transforms into the demonic beast, Ganon. He then charges forward with huge power causing massive damage and knock back. It’s a Final Smash that’s a sight to behold and dodge. Ganondorf is really the King of Evil.

5. Marth/Lucina – Critical Hit  Both Marth’s and Lucina’s deadly Final Smash. They launch themselves sideways at a fast pace and unleashes a powerful slash that deals incredible high amount of knock back that will guarantee a OHKO. When Marth or Lucina has a Final Smash, I recommend running away or try to KO them quickly.

4. Ike – Great Aether  Some other characters have tried to duplicate this Final Smash, but Ike is the original and the most badass of them all. Swinging his sword forward and anybody who is hit is sent in the air where Ike unleashes slashes and kicks, then he knocks them downward with a powerful blow that will cause an explosion. This is why we like Ike.

3. Yoshi – Super Dragon  Sprouting wings enabling him to fly, Yoshi is able to breathe fire and shoot fireballs. The most fun transformation Final Smash in the game. Lasting about 20 seconds, you’re able to wreak all sorts of havoc on your opponents. Being able to experience flying Yoshi like in Super Mario World is just nostalgic and great.

2. MegaMan – Mega Legends  The absolute coolest Final Smash. When activated, Mega Man shoots forward a Black Hole to trap his opponents, a cutscene is shown where you get to see the other four incarnations of Mega Man. They then shoot a powerful laser blast at the opponent(s) which will send them flying away. This was first seen at the Invitational Tournament at E3 which caused a whole lot of hype, probably as much as when he was revealed as a fighter. Every time I see this Final Smash, I still get hyped up.

1. Zelda/Sheik – Light Arrow  Zelda is my main so of course she’s gonna be on this list. Now she’s not number one because she’s my favorite character in the game, it’s cause her Final Smash is epic. Drawing out a large now with a strong Light Arrow, Zelda/Sheik will shoot it across the stage, hit and launch opponents who are in the way. Those who are hit will be humiliated because the match will be paused and a close up of each opponent hit will be shown. With great launching power, cinematography and a perfect tie-in to her involvement in Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, this Final Smash is all sorts of awesome. When I first saw I it, I automatically loved it and I still do, easily my absolute favorite.

There you go, my top 25 Final Smashes in the Super Smash Bros franchise. Some are strong, some are fun to use and some are visually appealing, the Final Smash was a perfect addition to the game series. Which are your favorite Final Smashes? Comment below. Expect more posts dealing with Super Smash Bros.

10 Things I Love About Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS

I made a list about the things I don’t really like in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS, well now it’s time to discuss about the things I love about the game.

10. Online Mode

I might have stopped playing online and have made a list of stereotypes about For Glory, but doesn’t stop it from being a great online mode. Having a mode for competitive smash and one for the casual ones is a great idea. For Fun, you’ll be able to play with items and it won’t affect your record. Being a casual and also a competitive player, it’s great to have this option. For Glory is very competitive and cutthroat, your opponents go all out and try to make you feel small, I love it. Also need to mention how the connectivity has vastly improved. Very awesome!

9. Smash Tour

A fun, strategic Mario Party game included in Smash Bros. Using your Mii, you travel around the board while collecting fighters, stats boosts for your fighters and running into obstacles. The inclusion of the Miis as your avatar for the game (which will be discussed later) makes total sense. Being able to screw over your friends/opponents on the board or in a battle, gives great/bad memories of my time playing Mario Party. Adding this mode is great for casual and competitive players.

8. AI Difficulty

Man, the difficulty on the AI has vastly improved. Sure the difficulty in Master Core is completely ridiculous, but it’s always fun to rage, but not too much. In Brawl, they weren’t much of a problem, but in this one, they’re more challenging. I’ve been comboed, spiked and home run batted by the computers, ridiculous but still enjoyable. The harder AI really makes the battles more intense and fun at the same time. Makes me a better player.

7. Custom Moves

The reveal of custom moves in the 50 Fact Extravaganza was very exciting. Being able to change or improve the characters’ moves is a lot of fun and smart. These custom loves really makes the gameplay and battles more diverse and more strategic. Every time I unlocked new custom moves, I would go to the custom moves and try them out and see how I could use them in battles. Wish they could be easier to unlock, but oh well.

6. Mii Fighters

An idea that was considered for Brawl, and now makes it into the game. You’re given three different fighting styles for the Mii: Brawler, Swordsman and Gunner. You’re then able to customize their moves, stars and outfit. You’re able to dress them in a ridiculous fashion or in a complete costume. Being able to dress your Mii as a pirate or as Zero is a whole lot of fun. All three are cool and have great moves, but my favorite is the Gunner. I love the moves, the outfits and the Final Smash. It would be cool if they could add another Mii Fighter style like one who deals with magic (Wizard) or a Ninja. That would be pretty awesome.

5. New Stages and Omega Form

The new stages added are very unique and awesome. My favorites being Kalos Pokemon League, Yoshi’s Wooly World, Gamer and Jungle Hijinxs. The layout and the I game interactive elements in each new stage really makes the battles very interesting and different. The new added feature to the stages is the Omega Form, which what makes the stage flat, making it like Final Destination. This feature can be used in Regular, Special and 8 Player Smash, making each battle more intense. I love this feature, I battle on Omega Form in about every battle.

4. New and Buffed Moves

Every sequel to the series, all the characters’ moves are buffed and nerfed. In this installment, many moves were buffed, introduced or changed. Zelda’s Farore’s Wind has been greatly buffed, when used beside an opponent, they are launched up and if Zelda follows through, she will hit them and knock them back, and the knock back can also KO opponents near the edge of the stage. This move is appropriately called The Elevator, since Zelda is my main, I absolutely love this move, it can make KO’s surprising and satisfying. Other moves that were buffed, introduced or changed were King Dedede’s side B (now only throws Gordos) and Sheik’s down B (no longer transforms, now is the Bouncing Fish).

3. The Graphics

When the graphics for the game were first shown during Nintendo’s E3 live stream, I’m sure everybody who watched were blown away. The graphics for the 3DS were pretty impressive, but when it transitioned to the Wii U, just jaw dropping graphics. I know graphics don’t make the game good, but it was impossible not to mention them. The characters and stages all look very great. Ike, Link, Little Mac and Captain Falcon all look very hot. Zelda, Zero Suit Samus, Palutena and Marth all look very pretty as well. Nintendo has really made this into a very gorgeous visual appealing fighting game.

2. New Characters

New characters are added in every game and in this one, they’ve added many great ones. You think adding Sonic in Brawl was awesome, in this one, they added Pac-Man and Megaman, that’s right, all four iconic video game characters in one game. What makes each new character more great is their uniqueness, they all (except Dark Pit, Lucina and Dr. Mario) have original moves. Some of the characters added were very controversial and shocking (Villager and Wii Fit Trainer), but shows that Sakurai and his team are extremely creative. I never would think of adding Wii Fit Trainer or Villager as a fighter in Smash, and they fit very well. I can’t wait to see who will be added as DLC.

1. 8 Player Smash

Now 8 players can play! This is absolutely fucking fantastic! Every Smash player who heard this were all probably excited for this new mode. You know when you have a family gathering or a birthday, adults and everybody near your age and younger come over to celebrate, and video games are the great way to past time. Usually only four people could play, but Nintendo fixed this problem with this mode. The first time I played this, I was lost (couldn’t find myself sometimes) and I was having a shit ton of fun. Playing with family or friends really makes the battles more enjoyable, that is if neither of you get salty. Even playing with seven computers is a lot of fun. Hope this life comes to the next game, that is if Sakurai still wants to keep making this. Let’s hope!

Thank you Sakurai for not only making this game, but this series. This is my absolute favorite fighting game series. I laughed, I cried, I yelled, I enjoy every moment of the game. I may nitpick on the game, but it’s all out of love. When it all comes down to it, it only matters if the game is fun, and it is. The features I mentioned in this list, in my opinion really makes the game very enjoyable. What are your favorite features of the game? Comment below

Top 10 Things I Don’t Like In Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS

My last post was about stereotypes on For Glory for Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS, which was basically things I didn’t like about the online play. To continue this trend I decided to make a list of things I don’t really like in the game. I’m not bashing on the game, just pointing out flaws. I absolutely love this game, but there are things that just can be annoying. 

10. Peach’s Final Smash Not Changing

Peach is a character I enjoy to use and when I first saw her Final Smash in Brawl, I was very disappointed. All she does is put her opponents to sleep, that should be Jigglypuff’s job, but she actually has an effective Final Smash. So when I found out that Luigi, Kirby and King Dedede each have a different Final Smash in this game, I was hoping Peach’s would also change, but it didn’t, was even nerfed. Very disappointed.

9. New Assist Trophies

I really loved the idea of Assist Trophies in Brawl and was happy to see them return in this game, however, most of them are just disappointing. With the exception of a couple being effective, most of them don’t really help you. Skull Kid being the worst offender of this, he can make you invisible or change the controls and just makes you frustrated. Also hate the fact that they brought back the Nintendog and the Devil.

8. No Retry Input In Event Mode

The Event Mode can be really challenging and when times get tough, you just wanna retry but in this installment, you have to quit and then go back in. With challenging asking you to pass it in hard difficulty, it can be quite irritating that you have to quit than retry. What can be more irritating is when there’s a challenge in which you can choose your own character, custom or not, if you fail or quit, you have to go back in and choose that character again.

7. Fox and Falco’s Voice Change

When Fox and Falco used their Final Smash and I heard them call out, I was quite shocked on their voice change. It turns out they used the voices from Star Fox 64, which really makes no sense. Fox’s sounds very juvenile and Falco doesn’t have that cockiness he had in Brawl. While this doesn’t affect gameplay at all, it’s a flaw that couldn’t be ignored.

6. Classic Mode

On Classic Mode, if you lose both stocks, you not only have to retry, the difficulty drops. It sounds weird complaining about difficulty dropping, but when trying to complete the mode to prove yourself and the difficulty drops, it’s quite annoying, especially when making it to the end and then having to start all over. I get that they are basically wanting you to do it all in one try, but it’s something I don’t personally like. Also need to mention how cheap Master Core is. This final boss make Tabuu look easy. The first form after the hands is the most cheapest especially when he lets out the scream, I’ve died by it when I had only four percent, what is that shit?! To this day, I’ve still haven’t beaten Classic on 9 difficulty. I’m able to actually beat the forms, but when I get to the fortress, that’s when all bullshit happens. From those monsters shooting lasers that rack up a lot of damage, the ones with the swords who can’t be destroyed and then dying by the acid, this inclusion to the final boss is just ridculous.

5. Getting Custom Moves

Introducing custom moves was a cool idea, but it’s very tough to get them all. I have the game for three months already and I still don’t have them all. I’ve done Classic with all characters and only 8 have all their custom moves, some only have three or four unlocked. I’ve been doing Crazy and Master Orders to try to get them but most times I get custom moves I already have.

4. Stage Creation

Adding the feature to make stages in Brawl was brilliant and was happy to see it return in this game and being able to create structures on the Wii U game pad is cool, however, that’s really it. Including a few objects to put in the stage instead of the wide range in Brawl was a huge mistake. I understand that they want you to use your creativity to make your own stages, but eliminating interactive stage elements really limits things.

3. Some 8 Player Stages

8 Player Smash is the best idea they have in this game, however, some of the default stages for this game is just not great. The Great Cave Offensive and Palutena’s Temple are the worst ones, way too huge and plenty of places to hide. The Gauer Plain isn’t great neither. Hate the fact that they included 75mm, very hated that stage. Every time I play 8 Player Smash, I go straight to the rules and change the stage select to Omega only.

2. Clones

Say what you want that Lucina, Dark Pit, and so on all play different, but when it comes down to it, they’re just clones. They might be slightly altered but their move set are the same. Giving Lucina Marth’s Final Smash isn’t helping and giving Dark Pit Zelda and Sheik’s Final Smash isn’t neither. I didn’t mind the clone veterans coming from Melee (Ganondorf and Falco) but now just gets old. Ganondorf is the only clone I can see that should have had a different move set. Come on, he has a speed and can shoot energy beams! Anyways when it comes Lucina, Dark Pit and Dr. Mario (ugh), they should have just been a color swap like Alph is to Olimar. 

1. No New Character For Donkey Kong, Zelda or Kirby Series

When new characters are introduced, most fans want a third party character, I usually want a new character to represent a series. In this game, the Mario, Kid Icarus, Fire Emblem and Pokemon series all got new characters to represent while the Donkey Kong, Zelda and Kirby didn’t. I understand why the Mario and Pokemon series would get new characters, but Fire Emblem and Kid Icarus? I don’t mind Lady Palutena, but Robin and Lucina is just surprising. It’s quite surprising that Zelda hasn’t gotten any new characters since Melee. Donkey Kong and Kirby got new characters in Brawl which is fine, but most fans wanted at least one more in this game. With Mario, Zelda and Kirby having their main villain in the game, very surprising King K Rool wasn’t included in this game. I’ve voted for him to be included as DLC on the Smash Ballot, here’s hoping he gets in.


More Characters With A Counter

Yay! More characters with a counter -_- Give scrubs more advantage by spamming it hoping to get a bullshit KO. There are 5 more characters that have a cuunter attack (Palutena, Lucina, Shulk, Greninja and Little Mac) bringing the total to 9. I always thought this was a bullshit thing in games, there is no skill to use this attack, and can decide the game with a simple hit. Anyone else find bullshit when you lose with a counter?

Hope you enjoyed my little rant. I’m not saying this is a bad game and I do highly recommend this game, just don’t hope for perfection. Any of these imperfections bug you? Do you have any that I have not mentioned? Comment below.