20 Stereotypes Used In For Glory For Super Smash Bros for the Wii U and 3DS

I absolutely love Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS, really think that the series keeps getting better and better. The online mode has improved dramatically, with For Glory mode being the main draw. The mode is very popular with many players trying to prove they are best. That being said, many players don’t really prove they are the best with skill, mostly by just choosing the safe bet or just stereotypical gameplay. I enjoyed For Glory, but after the same fight again and again, I actually stopped playing online because it just got very boring with just nothing but stereotypical matches. I’ll count down the stereotypes in For Glory to give you an idea.

20. Bowser Jr. Kart Dash, Mecha-Koopa and Abandon Ship Attack

Bowser Jr.’s side B is dashing at the opponent, his down B is dropping a Mecha-Koopa on the ground in which it will walk across the stage and his up B is Bowser Jr. launching himself out of his Kart in which the Kart will explode. If you’re hit by the explosion, the player will follow up by a neutral air. Just try not to get hit by the explosion cause it will cause a lot of damage and can KO. 

19. Link Shooting Arrows

Link neutral B is him just shooting arrows. The player usually hangs out at the edge of the stage and shoots arrows. On occasion, he sometimes throws a bomb or boomerang, but mostly it’s him shooting arrows. Even in sudden death they do this and when it hits, you’re KO’d. Block and if you have a fighter that can reflect, reflect it or jump, the player will most likely try to shoot again so punish and you’ll be fine.

18. Pac-Man Throwing Down A Fire Hydrant

When Pac-Man is above you in the air, most likely he’s gonna throw down a fire hydrant on you. When he throws down the fire hydrant on you and it hits, the next move is usually him hitting the hydrant at you. Rinse and repeat. Reflect or just dodge, when he is in the air, try to juggle him.

17. Wario’s Bike

Wario’s side B is him getting on his bike and riding it on the stage. The player usually just rides the bike to one edge to the other and when he is done, he gets off of it and eats it. And on sudden death, if you get hit, you’re KO’d. Block and try to hit him off the bike.

16. Bowser’s Drop Kick and Ground Pound

Bowser’s side A is him doing a heavy drop kick and his down B is a ground pound. These two moves are usually what players use to get the KO on you. Even when you’re not near them they usually charge his forward smash just to try to hit you. And even with his ground pound, they try to hit you with it. Gets very routine. Block his drop kick and punish, but don’t block his ground pound cause your shield will break. Just get outta of the way and punish.

15. Pikachu’s Thunder Jolt

Pika-chuu. Pika-chuu. Pika-chuu. That’s what you will hear a lot when facing off against a Pikachu. It’s his neutral B attack in which the user uses this attack many times. The user tries to zone you with this attack to rack up your damage. With Pikachu always letting a cry with this attack, it can be quite annoying. Just block.

14. Charizard’s Flare Blitz

Charizard’s side B attack is him charging at the player covered in flames. When this hits, you get hit pretty far away. While the user does get 10% damage to them, it can get pretty boring to see this attack again and again. Block and try to punish or spot dodge so he can fly through and will probably offstage in which you can try to KO him.

13. Ness’s PK Fire and Thunder

Ness’s Side B is PK Fire and his up B is his PK Thunder attack. His PK Fire is an attack that traps you in a fire in which the user usually grabs you throws you and the does forward air attack. He also uses his PK Thunder attack to hit you in the air or to hit himself to launch at you. These two tactics is usually what you’re up against when facing off against a Ness player. Block or reflect, especially PK Fire since it can cause a lot of damage.

12. King Dedede Throwing Gordos

King Dedede’s side B is him throwing Gordos at the opponent. This is usually done away from the opponent in which the Gordos bounce forward against the opponent. If it hits, you get hit into the air. Good thing is that you can hit the Gordos back, but even if the user gets hit by the reflection, they usually just keep doing it. Hit them back, reflect or block.

11. Fox/Falco Shooting Lasers

Fox/Falco’s neutral B is then shooting lasers at you. When Fox uses it, they don’t just do damage while Falco kinda stuns them. Most players use Fox so they rack up ton of damage. This done at the edge of the stage and just spam B to get you heavily damaged. Block.

10. Opponent Uses The Character You Just Beat Them With

Whenever you beat your opponent, sometimes he or she will change their player to the character you just beat them with. This is done to try to beat you at your own main. It’s usually a salty move. Show them who’s the better player.

9. Zelda’s Farore’s Wind

Zelda’s up B is Farore’s Wind in which is a teleport attack. This attack was buffed from Brawl in which where she teleports can knock back an opponent if it hits. Because of the unpredictability of the attack, players usually use this attack to hit the opponents far and try to KO them with it. This attack gets used a lot by Zelda players. I’ve done this attack but only when I know it’s gonna KO. When she starts to teleport, block or move far away and then punish since it has a lot of end lag.

8. Jigglypuff Resting Failures

Jigglypuff’s down B is her deadly Rest attack, if very close and this attack is done, the opponent that was hit is launched. However, on For Glory mode, Jigglypuff players usually miss and are open to be hit since Jiggylpuff is asleep. I’ve fought many Jigglypuffs and only one has landed the Rest attack. It might be a powerful attack but only use it if you know it’s gonna hit. Block and then charge a smash attack to cause a lot of damage or KO.

7. Greninja’s Spike Failures

Greninja’s down A is a plummeting attack that can spike you down if he hits you in the air. Most Greninja’s use this as an edge guard and most fail at it. Due to this failure, the user would end up KOing themselves which can be quite funny, but when it comes down to it, not fun to see over and over again. Laugh your ass off.

6. Robin Rolling and Charging Thunder

Robin’s neutral B attack is his/her Thunder attack in which he/she can charge the attack for a strong attack. When facing off against a Robin, the user usually just stays at the edge and charge Thunder. And then when you approach them, they will roll away and charge Thunder some more. That’s the entire match basically. Read the roll and punish.

5. Villager Launching Lloids and Planting Trees

Villager’s side B attack is him/her launching a Lloid at your direction and the down B is them planting a tree. Players who use Villager will most of time launch a Lloid at you so they can zone you out and keep you away from them, in which they can then plant their tree. After they plant their tree, they will just crouch and wait for you to come to them so they can cut it down on you. After they do this, they repeat this process. Block the lloid or reflect, the same with the tree.

4. Shirtless Shulk Using Back Slash and Counter

When facing off against a Shulk, most likely the user is using the shirtless costume. Not sure why this is done, I just see this a lot. The user then uses a lot of Back Slash which is his side B attack and also his counter, his down B. When sudden death, they will use Counter to KO you, so I suggest grabbing them. Punish his side slash and counter but be careful not to do it early, best to throw him.

3. Marth/Lucina Using Counter

Marth and Lucina has the same move set and their down B is a Counter attack. This move is usually used more with Lucina players than Marth players. When approaching them, they use down B just to counter your attack. Use the exact advice I suggested when facing against Shulk.

2. Using Captain Falcon

The second most used character in For Glory is Captain Falcon. Users usually use his pink outfit or gold one, most likely cause it’s flashy. Players use this character because he has speed and power. Also cause they like to spam Falcon Punch and Falcon Kick. And when they KO you, expect a “Show Me Your Moves” taunt. Try to use moves that don’t have a lot of lag since Captain Falcon is fast. Block his Falcon Kick and punish. Grab him when he starts the Falcon Punch.

1. Using Little Mac

The most used character in For Glory is Little Mac. When playing online, you most likely will face off against a Little Mac. When I first started playing online, the first ten matches, eight of them were Little Macs. I get why they use him, he’s very strong and very fast. They also probably use him cause of his KO punch which can KO you if you get hit by it. Sometimes when facing off against an opponent and you beat their first character, they will change to Little Mac just to try to get a win. And when playing on teams, there are chances that your opponents will both use a Little Mac. Grab him a lot since he has a lot of moves with super armor and keep him offstage.

So there you go, in my opinion, the stereotypical game plays used For Glory in Smash Bros for the Wii U and 3DS. When playing For Glory, have you faced off against players who have done these stereotypical game plays? Are you sick and tired of it like I am? Are there any other stereotypes I missed?


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