My Ten Male Celebrity Crushes

Celebrity crushes, we all have one. We crush on celebrities cause of their physical appearance, sense of humor, intelligence, personality or whatever else. It’s great to have celebrity crushes cause fantasies are healthy and fun. These ten male celebrities I crush on are ones that get my attention and I have a heavy infatuation with them.

10. Thomas Lennon  One thing I love in a man is a sense of humor and this guy has it, he’s very hilarious. He has appeared in many movies in a cameo or supporting role and evertime I see him, I smile and laugh cause how cute he is. He’s very cute and lovable. Dad jokes seem to be his specialty and that’s just endearing. And come one, he looks pretty hot as Lieutenant Jim Dangle.

9. Colton Haynes  When you have your first dream guy, most likely he would look like Colton Haynes. He first began his career as a young model (no surprise there) then successfully transitioned into a TV star (getting his breakthrough on MTV’s Teen Wolf). With a handsome face and a hot bod, he’s a total heartthrob that you can’t help but have a crush on.

8. Ian Ziering  I first caught eye of this hunk when I watched Tyrannosaurus Azteca (a crappy Syfy film). What caught me were his blue eyes and ruggedly handsome face, I just had to look him up. I actually then watched Beverly Hills, 90210 just to see him when he was younger and to to experience how a real crush would be. At even in his 50’s, he is absolutely hot and eye catching.

7. John Mulaney  Man, this guy is absolutely cute. He’s very funny as well (big bonus points there). While his show, Mulaney wasn’t the best out there, I stuck around to see him and have a few laughs. Just seeing a picture of him, I can’t help but smile, it’s the good hearted appeal he has. Just look at him, how can you not have a crush on this guy.

6. Alexander Skarsgärd  This Swedish hunk is just absolutely hot. With beautiful hair and mysterious eyes, his sexiness is off the charts. When I first saw him in True Blood, I wasn’t prepared to be enthralled, just so sexy. And when he did the gay scene, I was overheated and had to take a cold shower. Eric Northman can sink his teeth in me.

5. Anthony Jeselnik  I love me some comedians, especially ones that go all out and don’t give no shits about controversy. I first saw him on The Roast of Donald Trump in which he performed a great hilarious set. I’ve been a huge fan ever since. I automatically developed a crush on him when I saw him and performed his first joke. Of all the men I’ve seen, he has the sexiest smirk.

4. Kellan Lutz  Aw man, this guy just gets me aroused. His golden hair and muscles are just beautiful. I first saw him in HBO’s The Comeback and had a crush on him ever since. Gotta talk about his Calvin Klein ad, the only word I have for it, is YUM! Those boxer briefs look incredible on him. My mouth still drools when I see one of those pics. Hollywood’s Adonis.

3. Alan Tudyk  Look at him, how can you not have a crush on him? From roles like Steve the Pirate (Dodgeball) to Sonny the Robot (I, Robot) to Wash (Firefly/Serenity) and Tucker (Tucker and Dale Vs Evil), the man has a wide range of acting roles. The first movie I saw him in was Dodgeball and had a crush on him ever since. Screw Jack Sparrow, Steve the Pirate is the one for me. Gotta say, I would have wanted a car wash from him, he looked pretty sexy. I enjoyed him very much in Firefly/Serenity, his character was very good hearted and was extremely like able. Definitely one of his best roles. From the ginger hair, pretty blue eyes and finally to his humor, I just love him.

2. Josh Hutcherson  First developed a crush on this handsome guy she I saw Bridge to Terabithia. He showed so much incredible acting talent that really intrigued me. Since I saw that film I’ve been a fan and I gotta say, he just keeps getting better. People always choose Gale over Peeta, but I don’t see the appeal of Liam Hemsworth (he dated Miley Cyrus, like really?). What makes Josh more crushable to me is his LGBT alliance and not believing in being limited by labels. That kind of view in his sexuality makes him more human and likable. I have a deep infatuation with this very talented actor, as well as a LGBT ally. Will be having a crush on Josh for a long time.

1. Ryan Phillippe My ultimate male celebrity crush. Was infatuated with Ryan when I saw Cruel Intentions at the age of 13, that’s when I realized I was attracted to guys. I just couldn’t stop thinking of how dreamy he is. Those golden curls, luscious lips and bad boy persona was too hot. The next movie I saw of his was 54, the Santa outfit, that’s when I had my first fantasy of him. I’ve enjoyed more of his films and he has become one of my favorite actors, not only cause how hot he is, but also cause he is a pretty diverse actor. He’s the man that sparked my sexual awakening towards men. I really think he looks better now than he was younger, he has aged beautifully. Ryan was my first male celebrity crush and will always be my ultimate one. 

There you go, my ten male celebrity crushes. Who are yours? Comment below


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