Happy Birthday Kylie!!

Happy Birthday Kylie!!! If you were visiting my blog for the last week, you would have seen I been posting top favorite lists about her, from her fashion moments, to her music videos and live performances. She really is my all time favorite musical artist. With unforgettable fashion moments, spectacular live shows, outstanding albums and amazing songs, Kylie is a true pop icon. Music isn’t the only I love about her, it’s her strength as well. When she first started, she was seen only as a pop tart (The Singing Budgie) which isn’t the best thing to be called, but she didn’t let that bring her down. She kept making music, she mutated through the 90’s by writing her own songs and experimenting with different genres. And when it seemed like her career was over, she went back to her dance pop roots and made a spectacular comeback. The time she really showed her strength is of course when she bravely fought breast cancer. It’s still heartbreaking that a beautiful person like Kylie had an life threatening illness, but it’s an inspiration that she beat it. It’s now been 28 years since she’s been in the music business and she is still relevant, something critics said she couldn’t achieve. Kylie is one of the best pop stars out there, a fashion icon and an inspiration to so many people in the world. I love you Kylie and may you have a day full of laughter and love. Happy Birthday!



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