Top 50 Favorite Kylie Minogue Songs: Part 2

Welcome to the 7th day of Kylie week! It’s the last day of my top favorite Kylie lists. Yesterday I posted the first half of my favorite 50 Kylie songs. Now here’s the last half.

25. Carried Away  A B-side of Wow. This is such an amazing dance track. It’s a fast paced song with power edge that’s perfect for dance floors. A big shame this was only a B-side.

24. Put Yourself In My Place This ballad is very exquisite with Kylie’s emotional, sensual vocals. Kylie’s well known ballad is a fan favorite gem that’s timeless. Very beautiful.

23. Wow  Single off of X. The disco vibe and whooshing synths are great fun and infectious. I love this song, the lyrics are pretty cheesy, but it’s fun and very enjoyable.

22. Your Love A track off of Fever. A very pleasing and warm song that graces your ears. A great summer love dance song. Very questionable that this never been performed live.

21. Dangerous Game 

 A very beautiful ballad from her self-titled album. Her strong, mature vocals, well written lyrics and the unique take on love, Kylie has recorded a standout ballad. What I love the most is the outro being repeated thrice, end the song perfectly.

20. Breathe Her most known song from Impossible Princess. A song about holding emotions when stressed, it’s perfect to listen to when you need to relax. The sensual vibe makes it more beautiful and perfect.

19. I Should Be So Lucky Of course this was gonna make the list. The cheesy classic pop tune is iconic and a highlight in her career. This song just makes you happy. Love it!

18. Can’t Beat The Feeling  The closing track on Aphrodite. Beautiful song. Great dance vibe and lyrical content. The energy and melody is spectacular. Perfect song to end the album.

17. Confide In Me  One of Kylie’s best songs in her career. A song that sounds perfectly for a James Bond movie, this trip hop song is very unique and was a standout track from her self-titled album. 

16. Heartstrings  A bonus track on Japan’s exclusive edition of Aphrodite. Very hypnotic and cute, this just gives me goosebumps. The lyrical content, while it may repeat, really catches the feeling you get when you have a crush.

15. I Believe In You The first single of Ultimate Kylie. Perfect song for the radio and lay back to. The melody really flows beautifully. It’s an enchanting song that you’ll love when it ends.

14. All The Lovers  The lead single off of Aphrodite. One of Kylie’s best recent tracks. With an euphoric atmosphere, Kylie’s breathy sensual vocals and arms-in-the-air chorus, the song was a sure dance hit. A Kylie classic.

13. Tightrope A B-side of In Your Eyes. The song is just brilliant. It’s a thing of beauty that flows wonderfully. Not only should have been on the album, but also a single. A very angelic song.

12. Spinning Around  The comeback single! Such a fun song. This disco pop song is one of her best and is iconic. I always have this song on when I workout, I wanna look hot in gold hot pants. 😛

11. Get Outta My Way One of Aphrodite’s singles. This sassy number is irresistible to dance to. Right when La Roux and Lady Gaga released pop hits, Get Outta My Way is far superior and shows why Kylie is still the queen.

10. Hand On Your Heart  Ah this 1989 classic is just so lovable. It’s adorably cheesy, but still fantastic at the same time. The chorus is catchy, infectious and fun. I just absolutely this song.

9. Crystallize   A song from the Kiss Me Once era, this was the best song song released. Has sweet lyrics and a glorious production, the song just induces a smile on your face. Singing with uplifting vocals, this pop gem is aspiring than any other modern charity song.

8. Disco Down  An underrated track from Light Years. A modern disco song with a futuristic sound, Kylie sings about sad disco days. It’s one of the best songs from Light Years, should’ve been a single. Excellent dance song. Perfection!

7. Chocolate  A Body Language single. This silky, sexy tracks completely underrated. The lyrics are fantastically well written. It’s hard not to want sex when I listen to this song. My favorite part is the bridge, just brilliant.

6. Paper Dolls  Probably the cutest song I ever heard. Her vocals are perfect, the melody is divine, with a lush production and a refreshing theme of love, the song hooks you into loving it. To my future husband, this is gonna be our wedding song. Too damn cute and endearing.

5. Can’t Get You Out of My Head  Her most iconic song. This nu-disco track is her biggest hit. The la la la hook and synths are hypnotic and impossible to forget. It’s a timeless pop record that will never be forgotten.

4. Dreams The closing track of Impossible Princess. It’s a very thoughtful song about life. This alternative pop gem is one of Kylie’s extremely well written songs. The closing song is very powerful and dramatic that keeps your attention. One of her best.

3. Love At First Sight  Single off of Fever. This dance pop record is one of her best, absolutely appealing. It gives off a positive feel, perfect for the summer and school dances. Such a classic. The ending refrain is a true beauty.

2. Better The Devil You Know  This 1990 classic is just outstanding. The disco pop tune is one of her best songs recorded. It’s a timeless pop masterpiece that’s always a joy to listen to. A perfect gay anthem.

1. The One  Yes I can see the irony. I tried to put Better The Devil You Know as number one to avoid the irony, but The One is my absolute favorite. The song is just pop perfection. It’s one of her best in her career, the lyrics and the music composition shimmers gloriously. The chorus is enchanting and captivating that will keep you singing it. Love it! Just love this song!

So there you go, my favorite 50 Kylie Minogue songs. What are your favorite Kylie songs? Comment below and come back tomorrow for the last post of Kylie week.


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