Top 50 Favorite Kylie Minogue Songs: Part One

Welcome to the 6th day of Kylie week! Kylie has given great fashion moments, live performances and albums, but when it all comes down to it, the songs are the most important of all. And while it may be Kylie’s 47th birthday coming up, it seems more proper to do this countdown with 50 songs than to use an odd number. This list however will only be from 50-26. Let’s get started.

50. Chasing Ghosts   Off of her Kylie + Garibay EP. This song is daring, fresh and very experimental. The reggae fused pop song is very catchy and just great to listen to.

49. In My Arms  Produced by Calvin Harris, the song is sublime and flows very well. Full of rich charm and synths, it’s a song that just captures your attention.

48. Stars  One of her inspirational songs off of X. It’s shimmering with purity and love, this underrated track should have been single. It’s amazing when Kylie sings truthfully.

47. Love, Love, Love (Brokenhearted)  An unreleased track from her Aphrodite era. The lyrics are well written and the melody is very beautiful. This track is cute and I love it to bits.

46. Sensitized  The sexiest song off of X. Kylie’s breathy vocals are seductive and alluring. The pop gem is catchy and unique from the other dance songs off the album.

45. Shocked  Maybe her most underrated classic. The DNA Mix (the one I love) has a rap in the bridge by Jazzi P and shockingly it fits very well. Infused with techno and dance pop, the song is a very danceable track.

44. White Diamond  An elegant gem. The song really touches the soul and just makes emotions take over. It takes the listener into Kylie’s journey through her fight with breast cancer, where you can understand that you need to reach out for help when you need it.

43. Limbo  A standout track from Impossible Princess. It’s quite amazing how a song dealing with powerlessness can be so aggressive, but groovy and fresh. The production is spectacular and perfect for a club.

42. The World Still Turns   Off of her Rhythm of Love album. It has a very nice melody and inspirational lyrics. The sax solo is great and fits very well in the song. It’s a great post breakup song to listen to.

41. Tears  Another great standout track from the Impossible Princess era. It’s quirky, but fits extremely well with the era. The bridge, my god, the bridge is absolutely fantastic, my favorite part of the song.

40. Come Into My World  The last single from Fever. The song is absolutely seductive, especially with the alluring refrain (come, come, come into my world). The song is so amazing, it awarded Kylie with her only Grammy.

39. Obsession  A Body Language track. This track is pretty avant grade pop infused with R&B. It’s an addicting song that will keep you singing to the fading refrain at the end of the song.

38. Timebomb  Fast paced club track that’s fresh and sassy. The addicting ‘wooh’ hook and catchy chorus really made the song absolutely striking. Should have been the summer song of 2012.

37. Did It Again  With the lyrics discussing the themes of self-consciousness and self-hatred, the song is a cunning look at celebrity without mentioning fame. Mixing pop rock and Middle eastern music, the track really stood out from the album and was a great choice for a single.

36. Got To Be Certain  A great classic. This cute cheesy song catchy and fun. It’s anthem about making up your mind before getting with a guy (listen to this song Taylor Swift). One of Kylie’s charming songs.

35. Too Much  A song off of her Aphrodite album. Another Calvin Harris produced track, the song has great lyrics and energetic beats. The sing along chorus is fun and addicting.

34. Jump  The most underrated track on Impossible Princess. A dreamy, moody track with perfect lyrics. Such a shame the she never performed this gem live.

33. I Don’t Know What It Is   A B-side to her 2 Hearts single. A blend of Britpop and New Wave, the song is an absolute delight. Should have been the single instead of 2 Hearts, more appealing.

32. Kiss Me Once  Such a surprise this wasn’t a single. A huge highlight from the album, it’s a radio friendly ballad with passionate vocals, well written lyrics and a powerful melody. Great song for a wedding.

31. On A Night Like This   A hot dance club track from Light Years. With bedroom eyed, seductive lyrics, this timeless song is perfect for clubs, nights outs and sexy dates.

30. Love Affair  A killer track from Fever with a sexy vibe. The medley and production is tight. Absolutely hypnotic!

29. Made of Glass  A B-side to Giving You Up. A pure, unique pop gem. The lyrics are absolutely extraordinary. An absolute crime this was only a B-side!

28. Where The Wild Roses Grow with Nick Cave One of the most unlikely duets ever. The murder ballad is very haunting and brilliantly creepy. This is my favorite Kylie duet.

27. Sexy Love  This disco pop song is absolutely great. Off of her Kiss Me Once album, this sweet and catchy song is extremely appealing. My favorite parts is the chorus and the addictive hook, I love it.

26. Slow  The lead single of Body Language. Kylie’s vocals are sensual and seductive, making the sultry electronic production even sexier. One of her strongest songs to date, the simple approach is an absolute triumph.

There’s half of the list. Come back tomorrow to see number one. 


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