Top 15 Favorite Kylie Fashion Moments

Second day of Kylie week! Today’s post will be on my favorite Kylie Fashion Moments. Kylie isn’t only a pop icon, but also a fashion icon. She has been dressed by many fashion designers and given us many amazing looks. Let’s countdown my 15 favorite fashion moments.

15. Light Years album cover  She’s wearing a skimpy blue dress. The dress really showcases her stunning legs. The sexy dress really makes the album eye catching.

14. Wow Music Video – White Tracksuit Wearing a glam white tracksuit and a white bobbed wig, Kylie really stand out in the futuristic club the video is filmed in. With that outfit, she looks like she would be Zenon’s older sister.

13. America’s Got Talent performing Get Outta My Way  She’s seen here wearing a David Koma black mini dress and gold Louboutin ankle boots. The dress is unique with the asymmetric look and the amazing zig-zag zipper design.

12. For You, For Me Tour Opening  Dressed in a silver corset designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. Also wearing Giuseppe Zanotti heels, jeweled cuff and a globe headpiece. Showing off her legs, Miss Minogue knows how to make an entrance to her U.S fans.

11. Aphrodite Les Folies Tour Opening A design by Dolce & Gabbana, Kylie wears a Greek inspired dress and encrusted gladiator heels. Kyle makes another outstanding outfit entrance. Fashion Goddess! 

10. Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Performance Dressed in an embellished hat and matching jacket designed by Richard Nicoll. Kylie not only rivaled the other artists on fashion, but who the real queen is.

9. Showgirl: Greatest Hit Tour Opening A blue showgirl costume designed by John Galliano. This blue costume has become one of her most iconic your costumes. She looks absolutely spectacular.

8. Body Language Album Cover Inspired by Brigitte Bardot, Kylie wears a black and white striped shirt and black leather pants. Kylie looks urban sexy chic. This is my favorite Kylie album cover.

7. Timebomb Music Video – Jacket The Moschino jacket she wears in this video is very eye catching. The big heart really makes the jacket stylishly fashionable. Once my girl friends saw it, they all wanted one.

6. Slow Music Video – Dress The transparent dress designed by Balenciaga is extremely sexy and head turning. It looks stunning as a pool side outfit and is perfect for her sexy music video.

5. 2000 EMA’s Wearing a silver dress and gold heels, Kylie looks stunning. She looks extremely sexy without looking trashy. The “slut cut” on the one side really makes the dress is head turning. 

4. Can’t Get You Out of My Head Music Video – White Jumpsuit  Of course this is gonna on this list! Designed by Fee Doran. The white jumpsuit has a plunging neckline became iconic the moment it was first seen. The outfit is subtly sexy and urban. Kylie is probably the only pop star who could wear this and make it not slutty.

3. Did It Again Music Video – Indie Kylie   In this video, there are 4 different Kylies, but Indie Kylie fashionably stood out. The whole red ensemble is very sassy and stylish. She looks flawless in the outfit and definitely needs a comeback.

2. Holy Motors Cannes Premiere  Designed by Dolce & Gabbana. What can I say about this? She looks absolutely beautiful. Stunning. Breathtaking. Flawless. The dress hugs her body in all the right places, showcasing her natural curves. Golden Goddess!

1. Spinning Around Music Video – Gold Hot Pants 

 It’s impossible not have this fashion moment as number one. These gold hot pants is the most iconic fashion moment in Kylie’s career. Only costing 50 pence, these hot pants became a national treasure. It showcased her incredible legs and her fantastic bum. The gold hot pants not only made an impact on her career, but also the fashion world. 

Kylie always gets people talking when it comes to fashion. What are your favorite Kylie fashion moments? Any fashion moments you can’t stop talking about? Comment below and come back tomorrow for another Kylie post.


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