Top 10 Favorite Kylie Minogue Ballads

It’s Kylie week! In 7 days, it’s Kylie’s birthday. I decided to do 7 posts to celebrate Kylie and all things I love of her. Today’s post is on my favorite ballads she has done. Kylie is more known for dance-pop and her cheesy 80’s songs, however she has done many ballads and they are very great. From original ballads to reworking of a classic, Kylie has stand out to more than a dance artist. Let’s start Kylie week!
Honorable Mentions:

Made In Heaven (ballad version) – It maybe only a snippet, but still had to put it in. The snippet is beautiful and lovely. Should have been on The Abbey Road Sessions!

Finer Feelings – A very underrated single, most notable as a fan favorite. It’s a sensual song with a deep meaning when it comes to the true meaning of love.

Never Too Late (Abbey Road Version) – A beautifully reworked masterpiece. The 1988 hit has been turned into a sad, tender piano torch song.

If You Were With Me Now with Keith Washington – One of her first duets which is very underrated. The vocals between them are great.

Falling – A very smooth ballad. Might be a long song, but great nonetheless. With a great theme about telling you to overcome your past and that you’re able to fall in love again.

Hand On Your Heart (Abbey Road Version) – Jose Gonzalez may have done an acoustic version first, but when the original singer does one, the track is more striking. Kylie sings with a soft, vulnerable voice which makes it more tenderly bittersweet.

10. Love At First Sight (Abbey Road Version) – A rework of her 2002 hit. It’s done with a country influenced arrangement, the track is stripped down to a sensational level. The song is still very catchy and endearing. 

9. Flower – Kylie’s most vulnerable musical moment. The song has a lush production and gorgeous vocals. Flower is a dreamy ballad with lyrics dealing with motherhood and wanting to start a family. First debuted in her KylieX2008 tour, the song didn’t get to be released until The Abbey Road Sessions. It’s the most personal song I ever heard and that’s why it’s beautiful.

8. If You Don’t Love Me – A cover of the Prefab Sprout song. Simply beautiful. If you need convincing that Kylie can actually sing, listen to this song (also check out when she performed this on her Aphrodite Les Folies Tour). The high notes are wonderfully done.

7. I Believe In You (Ballad Version) – I’m talking about the one she recorded for the Kylie Show, not the Abbey Road version. There’s magic in this version, it’s the heavenly music and Kylie’s sweet vocals. I Believe In You is my mom’s favorite Kylie song and she absolutely loved it. 

6. White Diamond – An elegant gem this ballad is. There’s a haunting, mesmerizing feel to this song, but it’s not a bad thing. The song really touches the soul and just makes emotion take over. It really takes the listener into Kylie’s journey through breast cancer where you understand that you reach out for anyone when you need it.

5. Kiss Me Once – Such a surprise this wasn’t a single. The song is radio-friendly and just a huge standout. Her vocals are very passionate, the melody is powerful and the lyrics are well written. It’s a song I feel that could be used as a wedding song.

4. Where The Wild Roses Grow with Nick Cave – One of the most unlikely duets ever. The track is very haunting and brilliantly creepy. Nick and Kylie’s vocals really compliment each other. This duet is one of her most famous ones and my favorite one. 

3. Put Yourself In My Place – Maybe Kylie’s famous ballad. The ballad is very exquisite with emotional, soulful vocals and a sensual sound. It may not have been a huge hit like Confide In Me, but still remains as a fan favorite gem. There’s a reason why this ballad is her most performed, it’s timeless. 

2. Dangerous Game – Song from her self-titled album. Even though the song has a melancholy feel, the dominant strings really bring it out of the gloom. I really feel this ballad can rival a Mariah Carey ballad. Her strong, mature vocals and the theme of love, Kylie recorded a standout ballad. The thing I love the most is the outer being repeated thrice, just ends perfectly.
1. Paper Dolls – When I first heard this song, I just fell in love with it. The cutest song I ever heard, Taylor Swift can’t even do a song this cute. Her vocals are perfect and the melody is divine. It’s a perfect love song for a couple. With a lush production, enticing lyrics and refreshing look on romance blooming. Every time I listen to this song, I fall a little more in love with it (had to :P) To my future husband, this is gonna be our wedding song, too damn cute and endearing.

So there you go, my favorite Kylie ballads, what are yours? Check back tomorrow for another Kylie post. 


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