10 Cutest Video Game Characters 

There have many video game character through the course of video game history. They gave us characters ranging from annoying, to sexy and then to cutest. This list is a rundown of what characters made me say “d’aww.”

Honorable Mentions:


 He’s  quite a cute little strong dragon.


In the video game world, he’s the Wall-E.


Always smiling with his bright eyes, you can’t help but love him.


He’s a wolf pup, could that be anymore cuter?


They have the appeal of the Minions from Despicable Me, don’t they? I want one!

10. Diddy Kong

He’s a monkey wearing a star shirt and a Nintendo cap, now that’s freaking genius. You know you want him to be hanging around with you. He’s like Abu, but for video games.

9. Sackboy

Those button eyes are just adorable. The way he smiles and glares, just makes you want to hug him.

8. Bomberman

He might not have an actual face, but those eyes are simply cute. Don’t underestimate that small body and ball hands, he’ll blow you up.

7. Aiai

While he might be another monkey wearing a shirt, he has an absolute baby face. You just wanna tug at those cinnamon roll shaped ears and then feed him banana flavored baby food.

6. Cheese

A regular Chao is rather cute by itself , but what makes Cheese stand out is that bow tie. That baby blue color and wings, you just wanna toss him up and down in the air.

5. Klonoa

Protagonist of an overlooked video game series. Wearing a blue hat with a Pac-Man design, blue shirt and shorts and red shoes, he looks like a neighborhood kid that always like to hang around with you. He may look innocent and good hearted, but he’s a cute hero who go to great lengths to make sure justice is served.

4. Pikachu

Just look at it, there’s a reason it’s the mascot for Pokemon. That cheerful face and cuddly body, you know you want Pokemon to be real just so you can have one.

3. Tails

Probably the only friend of Sonic that won your heart. Seeing him yawn in the games is absolutely adorable. With that simple yet charming design. You’re glad that did cute fox was your shadow in the early games.

2. Kirby

He is the representation of what a childhood is about, pure and innocent. He also plays drees up when he swallows certain characters, so deadly cute. This pink puffball might be a character you don’t want to mess with, but is one you can’t help but smile when you see him.

1. Yoshi

The most trustworthy sidekick you could ever have. With a wide range of colors, the friendly dinosaur species makes the cutest rainbow ever. I absolutely love his boots, makes him more adorable. If you ever played Yoshi’s Story, then you know what cuteness overload is all about. Yoshi is the icon of d’aww. 

These characters are just cute and unforgettable. What characters from video games do you find cute?


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