Play-Doh Pokemon: Cubone

Here’s another Pokemon I made from Play-Doh. This time I made Cubone, the cute ground Pokemon. I tear up when I watch the Pokemon Origins episode that deals with The Pokemon Tower. It’s very touching and sad to see the Cubone cuddle up with his Marowak mother’s spirit. That’s when I decided to make him out of Play-Doh, and I also enjoy using him on my team when I play the Kanto games. So, here you go, Play-Doh Cubone.



10 Cutest Video Game Characters 

There have many video game character through the course of video game history. They gave us characters ranging from annoying, to sexy and then to cutest. This list is a rundown of what characters made me say “d’aww.”

Honorable Mentions:


 He’s  quite a cute little strong dragon.


In the video game world, he’s the Wall-E.


Always smiling with his bright eyes, you can’t help but love him.


He’s a wolf pup, could that be anymore cuter?


They have the appeal of the Minions from Despicable Me, don’t they? I want one!

10. Diddy Kong

He’s a monkey wearing a star shirt and a Nintendo cap, now that’s freaking genius. You know you want him to be hanging around with you. He’s like Abu, but for video games.

9. Sackboy

Those button eyes are just adorable. The way he smiles and glares, just makes you want to hug him.

8. Bomberman

He might not have an actual face, but those eyes are simply cute. Don’t underestimate that small body and ball hands, he’ll blow you up.

7. Aiai

While he might be another monkey wearing a shirt, he has an absolute baby face. You just wanna tug at those cinnamon roll shaped ears and then feed him banana flavored baby food.

6. Cheese

A regular Chao is rather cute by itself , but what makes Cheese stand out is that bow tie. That baby blue color and wings, you just wanna toss him up and down in the air.

5. Klonoa

Protagonist of an overlooked video game series. Wearing a blue hat with a Pac-Man design, blue shirt and shorts and red shoes, he looks like a neighborhood kid that always like to hang around with you. He may look innocent and good hearted, but he’s a cute hero who go to great lengths to make sure justice is served.

4. Pikachu

Just look at it, there’s a reason it’s the mascot for Pokemon. That cheerful face and cuddly body, you know you want Pokemon to be real just so you can have one.

3. Tails

Probably the only friend of Sonic that won your heart. Seeing him yawn in the games is absolutely adorable. With that simple yet charming design. You’re glad that did cute fox was your shadow in the early games.

2. Kirby

He is the representation of what a childhood is about, pure and innocent. He also plays drees up when he swallows certain characters, so deadly cute. This pink puffball might be a character you don’t want to mess with, but is one you can’t help but smile when you see him.

1. Yoshi

The most trustworthy sidekick you could ever have. With a wide range of colors, the friendly dinosaur species makes the cutest rainbow ever. I absolutely love his boots, makes him more adorable. If you ever played Yoshi’s Story, then you know what cuteness overload is all about. Yoshi is the icon of d’aww. 

These characters are just cute and unforgettable. What characters from video games do you find cute?

Play- Doh Pokemon: Bulbasaur

There two things I love that you should know. The first thing I love is Play-Doh and the other is Pokemon. They were two things I love playing with while I was growing up. It came to me that I should make Pokemon out of Play-Doh, I have made others in the past and will post them another time, but for now I’m gonna show Bulbasaur. A friend dared me to make it and so I did. He loved it. Hope you all do too

While I’m not taking requests per se, but wouldn’t mind suggestions. While I don’t have all the colors of the rainbows, I’ll try my best so you can enjoy seeing them.

Favorite 50 Songs From 2010-2014 (Part 1)

The first half of the 2010’s ended a couple of weeks ago. We might have 5 more years for this decade to end, but nothing wrong with picking out 50 favorite songs from the first half. Now with this list, I’m not saying these are the best songs out there, I’m saying these are the songs I loved and enjoyed listening the most. This is my first post so I’m not all that experience so take it easy on me. Here we go!

50. Zero Gravity by Kerli (2012)

Dance floor ready and just keeps your head in the sky. I was never into the whole goth music thing she began with, but my ears opened when she started the transition to dance floor diva. 

49. Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis feat. Wanz (2012)

I really think that in the year of 2012 this was the most original and daring hip-hop song. Whenever I go thrift shopping with my mom, guess what one of the songs is played during the drive?

48. Higher by Taio Cruz (Kylie Minogue Version) (2010)

No offense to Taio, but Kylie was the star of the song. She brought the sexiness and sassiness to it. I want another collaboration, they made a great, fun dance song and could definitely make more.

47. What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction (2011)

Has a very catchy melody. Great tween love song and if a guy is singing it to you, he is crush worthy. Fun and unbeat, good song to play at a school dance.

46. Closer by Tegan & Sara (2011)

They broke through into the U.S. Charts with an amusing pop song. The chorus is absolutely infectious and can’t help but sing with it. I just love this song. Way to go girls, keep them coming!

45. Fashion Party by Das Racist feat. Chairlift (2010)

I don’t remember how I heard this song and I don’t really care. Song is silky smooth. Haven’t heard this song? Go listen to it now, you’ll love it!

44. Tonight Is The Night by Outasight (2011)

I do remember how I heard this song: Pepsi’s Who’s Next campaign. When I heard it, I was singing along and just had to have the song. Going out tonight? Gotta have this song playing when getting ready and during the drive.

43. Break Free by Ariana Grande feat. Zedd (2014)

Not a fan of her, but this song is dance bliss and empowering. The production is fantastic and the vocals just take you in. 

42. Wonderland by Natalia Kills (2011)

With the fairy tale references, Natalia showed off as a strong, somewhat menacing princess herself. With lyrics like, “who needs true love, as long as you love me truly,” this song is asking for a real perfect ending and not a fake fairy tale ending.

41. Gonna Get Over You by Sara Bareilles (2011)

With self-reliance (I’ll be alright, just not tonight, but someday) this break-up song doesn’t sound depressing at all. The song puts you in a good mood, it’s empowering and positive. Just broke up and want to feel better? I bet if you listen to this just once, you’ll be upbeat and happy.

40. I’m In Love (I Wanna Do It) by Alex Gaudino feat. Maxine Ashley (2010)

Powerful vocals, I’m in love! (Ugh) Great club song for couples. Just wants you to shout out that you’re in love when you hear the song. Infectious!

39. C’mon by Ke$ha (2012)

What a perfect dance jam. It’s fun and has an extremely catchy chorus. Love the lyrics, especially “we been keeping it PG, but I wanna get a little frisky/come gimme some of that yum like a lollipop, let me set you free”

38. National Anthem by Lana Del Ray (2012)

The chorus is just absolutely amazing! The vocals just soar and has a graceful arrangement. Her songs might be similar but this one really stuck on me.

37. Hypocrates by Marina and The Diamonds (2012)

While I do love Primadonna and How To Be A Heartbreaker, when I heard this track, I couldn’t get enough of hearing it. Her vocals just sound so pleasant and the song has an amusing melody. Jut love this song

36. 212 by Azealia Banks (2011)

Damn girl! This song is all about attitude and Azealia has it. Don’t front her or she’ll just shut you down with a “I’m a ruin, you cunt.”

35. Adrenalize by In This Moment (2012)

This song just pumps blood through your veins. Maria’s vocals during the verses are just sexy and makes you feel dirty when listening to it. Now can you imagine having sex to this song? Would be epic!

34. Atmosphere by Cody Longo (2012)

Guy is gorgeous and has a gorgeous voice, I’m I love haha. Radio friendly and appealing. Just imagine sitting and looking into the sky on a clear day and something comes falling down, just perfect.

33. Sense by Amanda Mair (2012)

Wonderful voice and a pleasant chorus. There is something about this song that just grabs you, not sure, but just has a certain je ne said quit. Does that make sense?

32. King of Hearts by Cassie (2012)

When I heard there was gonna be a new song by Cassie, I was excited. This jam was different than most dance pop songs when it was released, it was better. Innovative, enticing and fresh, was my favorite dance song of 2012.

31. In The Morning by Wynter Gordon (2011)

Pretty song even though it does have a  sad vibe to it. Her vocals are impressive and pleasant. The production of the song is perfect and really makes the lyrics stand out.

30. The Broken Ones by Dia Frampton (2011)

I’ve always been a fan of Dia since Meg & Dia and loved her on The Voice. This song has a great message and is done with beautiful vocals. I was able to relate to the lyrics and just didn’t feel in despair anymore. 

29. Dirty Talk by Wynter Gordon (2011)

Yes, another Wynter Gordon song this early. I love this song, it is all fun and bouncy. The production gets you in the groove and make you want to dance. The lyrics are naughty and kinda does make you want to get down and dirty.

28. Still Into You by Paramore (2013)

So catchy! The lyrics are just cheerful and sweet. It might give you memories about you and your special one, if you have one. Perfect couple song

27. Get Outta My Way by Kylie Minogue (2010)

This song just proves that Kylie is one of the best dance divas out there. There’s sassiness in there and just makes you want to give whatever this girl needs, dance. It’s catchy and irresistible. 

26. Dear Love by Tynisha Keli (2010)

Gotta say, this woman is underrated. Her voice is just lovely in this song.  The heartbreak she is singing just brings a tear to my my eye. The lyrics just speak to you and you feel great empathy towards her.

Those were half of my favorite 50 songs of the 2010’s. I’ll post 25-1 when I get the chance. What are some of your favorite songs from the first half of this decade?

Favorite 50 Songs From 2010-2014 (Part 2)

Alright everybody, I finally was able to finish off the final half of this list. Remember, I’m not saying these are the best songs, they’re just my favorite ones. Here we go!

25. Night Is Young by Nelly Furtado (2010)

Nice feel good pop song. It has a catchy chorus that can easily be sung along with. Gives out positive vibes and let’s you feel free.

24. She Bad Bad by Eve (2013)

It’s sadly been 11 years since Eve has released a full length album, but she’s back to reestablish herself as one of the best in the game. The hook is addictive and solid. Don’t let the pretty face fool you, she can lay it down raw and with power.

23. Dancing On My Own by Robyn (2010)

That baseline is just sick! This emotional dance track is extraordinary and just sparkles. Robyn’s warm but yearning vocals are as heartbroken as I was when I found out that she didn’t get the Grammy for this song.

22. Push Push by Kat DeLuna feat. Akon (2010)

Damn this is a catchy fun song! Akon brought a solid bridge contribution. With a thumping beat and a oh-oh-oh refrain, this track will bring the club down.

21. The Other Side by Jason Derulo (2013) 

Great pop/R&B song. Jason’s charisma just shines through in this track. With a solid production and seductive vocals, it’s no surprise that this song made it in the Billboard Top 20. What a great comeback!

20. Scarlet by In This Momen (2012)

A track from their Blood album, caught my ears the first time I heard it. Those epic vocals! Holy shit! So much rawness and power. Not only a standout track from their album, but from their whole catalog.

19. Rocket by Goldfrapp (2010)

Taking influence from 80’s music, many artists did this at the time, but this is one of the songs that blasted those attempts away. Accompanied with plenty of synths and a catchy chorus, this song was #1 on the year end of the dance club chart. Bravo!

18. Lemonade by Danity Kane feat. Tyga (2014)

An overlooked track from last year. It’s a hot track that just slays! Tyga brought a whole lot of swagger to the song with his contribution. Kiss off to the haters anthem. 

17. Team by Lorde (2013)

Sharp lyrics and an awesome beat. Lorde proves she isn’t a one hit wonder. The song promises unity with soothing vocals. Lorde is the leader of the team and we’re just followers, but we know she’s got out back.

16. XO by Beyoncé (2013)

While the audio sample in the beginning seems out of place, this song is still a triumphant power ballad. Beyoncé’s vocals are flawless and is this is the best song to show them off. Great sing along chorus and a standout Beyoncé song.

15. Good Morning by Ed Drewett (2012)

This was released for free on his website and I couldn’t  have been more thankful. This track is just great! His vocals are full of charm and optimism and comes off very appealing. Lay back and enjoy the wonderful tune.

14. Demonstrate by Jojo (2012) 

Such a sultry, sexy song! Jojo is grown up and shows a lot of maturity here. Full of confidence, she is able to move in and out of falsetto comfortably. Pure bump ‘n’ grind jam.

13. Nobody Knows by Darin (2012)

Fantastically well written. Visalia are superb and the chorus just charges in and takes over. With a truly epic dance production and an excellent pop melody, this track is a total perfect rave anthem.

12. Trapeze by Dia Frampton (2011)

I love Dia so mucj! Her music just speaks to me. It’s a song written about a friend of her with a dark past and was able to overcome hardships and moves forward. I was able to connect to the lyrics and finally understood how to become my own person.

11. Kickstarts by Example (2010)

Bringing a committed club edge to this poppy song, this track is refreshing as the meaning of the song. The synth riffs makes you want to dance. This track is what made me a fan. Love him!

10. Call Your Girlfriend (2011)

Offering breakup advice to her new boyfriend, Robyn comes off as a graceful concerned “other woman.” The song produces a unique sound and an unordinary theme, but doesn’t mean it’s still an awesome song. Robyn’s dance ballads are just the best!

9. Blank Space by Taylor Swift (2014)

Never saw the day that I would actually love a Taylor Swift song. Her vocals are great and I do applaud her for asserting power instead of submitting to her misfortunes love life. A definite pop highlight of 2014.

8. Come With Me Now by Kongos (2011)

This might’ve found success in 2014 due to like every commercial, but I actually loved it back when I heard it in the Holy Motors trailer. When I heard the song, I was singing along and just needed the song. It’s infectious and absolutely feral with the chanted chorus. The accordion and the African influences takes you in and you’re glad that you came with them.

7. You’re Mine (Eternal) (2014)

One of Mariah’s underrated ballads. Absolutely beautiful and the song serves as a reminder that Mariah is the fiercest diva in the game. If you question this, try not to let your jaw drop by the phenomenal drawn out whistle at the end.

6. Body Part by Ciara (2013)

The smooth R&B beat in this jam is absolutely sultry, sexy and seductive:the trifecta! There’s no question, Ciara is definitely the next Janet with this bump ‘n’ grind song. I can’t keep my finger off the replay button.

5. World In Flames by In This Moment (2010)

One of the best ballads recorded by a metal band. While it doesn’t show that they are one in this song, doesn’t mean it still packs a mighty punch. Her raw vocal talent just gives goosebumps all around. The closing song on their A Star Crossed Wasteland album, this was the best song to do it. If you’re not affected deeply by the song, there’s is something wrong with you.

4. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri (2011)

The only best thing to come out of the Twilight franchise. Even though the song structure and the vocals are too, it works quite perfectly. The production is gorgeous and lush. With poetic lyrics, the song moves you to the dance floor with your significant other and brings your hearts together. 

3. I’m Down by Got A Girl (2013)

A cover of Beck’s song from his Song Reader music book. The music duo consists of actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead and music producer Dan the Automator. Dan’s production is rather infectious and really compliments Mary’s voice. It’s hard not to put the song repeat and I still struggle not to, but I’m not complaining.

2. Crysallize by Kylie Minogue (2014)

Coming from the Kiss Me Once era, this was the best song that was released. It’s a very strong Kylie song and should’ve been on the album and then released as an actual single. With sweet lyrics and a glorious production, the song just induces a smiles on your face. Singing with uplifting vocals, this pop gem is aspiring than any other modern charity song.

1. Waiting by Wynter Gordon (2012)

A standout track from her Human Condition: Doleo EP. She went back to the late 80’s/early 90’s and gave us an outstanding song that powers through with its sound and lyrics. It sounds like a song that would have fitted in a John Hughes movie and would have stood the the test of time. It’s flawless and inspirational. There’s a sense of euphoria and nostalgia to the song, and it’s just lovely. Wynter’s change of musical direction was awe inspiring. In such little time, she went from a great artist to a truly spectacular artist. I have enjoyed this song from the first time I heard it and will enjoy it for years to come.

So there you go, my favorite 50 songs from the first half of this decade. As you can see, I have somewhat wide of musical interests. This first half of the decade has brought us many, many songs and is impossible to hear every song. Now what are your favorite songs from 2010-2014? Any songs from my list you like too? Would love to hear your favorite!

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